Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AdoraOm for your Curves

Exercising and working out, let’s be honest is not many peoples favorite activity. As a plus size woman its difficult enough finding regular clothes, can you imagine trying to find workout wear. It’s not a fun or easy task. Not many, if any retailers or designers make good workout/active wear for plus sizes. Wearing the right clothes can make a difference in your attitude, so why not make that difference in active wear as well. I know many women who are plus size and are very active. Surprisingly the market for plus size active wear is very small and very few choices are available. Having the right clothes when you’re being active is important. Lucky for us there is a new brand AdoraOm answering those needs. 

AdoraOm VIP Luncheon in Los Angeles
I was invited a couple weekends ago to a luncheon and introduced to AdoraOm, a new active wear line for woman size 14-24. I was given a preview of the line before it launched and was impressed with the quality and style. We got to see and try on the clothes, which consist of pants, several types of tops and jackets. All items are made of quality fabric that helps smooth and flatter a woman’s curves. I tried on some items and was instantly impressed with the quality,  and the fabric is great as well. It has lots of stretch, very soft and makes you feel comfortable, but also holds you in very well. Nobody wants their wobbly bits, jiggling around when you’re working out. The AdoraOm fabric does a great job of holding it all in, giving you smooth lines and making your butt look fab! As soon as I put on my active wear, I was ready for a Zumba lesson (my work out of choice). The other ladies who also attended the luncheon were  also amped and ready to kick butt in their workouts. I was happy to speak one to one with the creators and founders of AdoraOm, giving them feedback and opinions about their products. The AdoraOm team consists of 3 ladies who were not only very nice, but seemed to be dedicated and caring about the issues plus size woman have when trying to find good quality plus size active wear. 
Sneak peek of AdoraOm active wear before it launched

The AdoraOm line is now available online and price ranges from $12-$119. Some of you may be thinking the prices are too high. They are a bit higher than some other plus size active wear you can find in stores, but the quality is worth price. The AdoraOm collection is proudly made in America and I believe you will be very satisfied and happy with this line. If you’re interested in AdoraOm active wear they have a free shipping promo with purchase of $99 or more. Please take a look at the website for more info and details.

Loved the style and fit, I'm ready to get my fitness on
The AdoraOm collection comes in a variety of fashionable colors and styles.  The pants come in varied lengths for the short and tall woman.  Workout pants are also reversible, giving you double the wear.  The above picture shows me wearing the "make my day" tee and the "all about me" pants.  If your looking for quality, comfortable and fashionable workout wear take a look at AdoraOm, you are gonna love what you see.

P.S. AdoraOm is also working on a sports bra, but don't tell any one I told you! ;)

*This post is my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was given clothing samples to review, and invited to a VIP luncheon.


  1. I love good active wear, and your right.... sometimes paying the extra dollars brings you a better product. Looking good girlfriend.

  2. Very cool! Totally loving this style and reminding me that spinning class is the perfect place to sport this. :)

  3. As a fluffy gal, I need to go check these products out! God knows I need them!!

  4. It's so nice to find good quality clothing that also looks good on us gorditas. :)

    Looking good, chica!

  5. This is informative. Great to know! I didn't know about this line before. Thanks Cid.

  6. Thank you for being a VIP at our luncheon Veronica! We appreciate your support and are so happy to hear that you love the line. We are working so hard to get AdoraOm out there to all the active full figured fashionistas:) You look absolutely amazing in the picture and I can't wait to see you rockin your outfit at Zumba class.

  7. Thank you Veronica for this wonderful posting in your blog today and all your continued support with our brand. Jodi

  8. Looking good, Cid! I agree with you about price v. quality. If it's going to cost more, but not get worn between the thighs after a few months which is what happens to me, then it's a good investment. Plus the design and colors are great. V. Lululemon!

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