Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favorites: Leopard Print

I am convinced that leopard print is never going away.  Season after season we see new looks and inspiration with leopard print.  Whether it's in clothing, shoes or accessories like jewelry or hand bags, leopard print is here to stay.  I especially love how you see leopard print all year long, every season I see new ways to wear it.  Its no longer considered a tacky print that only Peggy Bundy would wear.  Just don't do leopard print head to toe.....that's all I ask!

Here are some of my favorite leopard print looks:

Chic on the Cheap: Love how she paired the leopard print sweater with denim

DIY Fatshion: The red top pops, which doesn't makes the leopard skirt stand out, making it look subtle.

Wendy's Lookbook: OK this print is more cheetah than leopard but I love how she mixed it with the stripes.

Do you love leopard print or are you so over it?

*pictures borrowed from the bloggers sites. thank you ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Want It Wednesday: Macbook

This is what I want right now!!  A new shiny 13-inch Macbook Air.   My old windows laptop died, I've been using a iMac (older model).   I use to be a PC only girl, but have been converted to mac over the last few years (thanks to the BF).  I have an iphone and ipad, now just need a macbook for my collection.  I read an article recently stating that Apple users tend to be more you agree?  I do, so what kind of fashion blogger would I be with out a macbook. ;-)  Plus there is way more stylish accessories for macs than other laptops.  Hello have you see the DVF tech accessories....LOVE!  Well my birthday is coming up in May, so if I'm a good girl maybe I'll get it! :)  Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sassy City Chicks Ticket Giveaway

Finally spring has arrived and I am so excited for the warmer weather.   Warmer weather also means new wardrobe for the season....perfect time to go shopping.  If your in the Los Angeles area Sassy City Chic Fashion Bash is a must.  Every spring and fall Sassy City Chicks come into town and bring you deep discounts, up to 80% off on designer clothes, handbags and accessories. The event is sponsored by Pixi and POP Beauty which will be showcasing their newest products for sale - there will be no shortage to be found at great prices.

If the shopping frenzy begins to overwhelm, don’t fret! Guests are invited to join Qream Liqueur in the Sassy Sips Lounge, where they will be providing complimentary and creamy refreshments throughout the night. Sips of the original chilled strawberry and peach flavors will be offered to each and every guest - and once you have your signature cocktail in hand, enjoy a delightful array of free mini-treatments from some of LA’s hottest salons at the Spa Lounge. It’s a non- stop night of fun…go ahead and indulge yourself!

This season also debuts an ALL NEW Sassy Tote Bag, in hot pink! This reusable treat is valued at over $30 and filled with hot items from our gift bags sponsors. 

Are you convinced yet?  You have to be there for all the fun.  Sassy City Chicks wants to invite 25 Cid Style File readers to attend for FREE!!  

Be one of the FIRST 25 fashionistas to enter code STYLEFILE at checkout and you’ll get a FREE Sassy Tote Ticket! Includes admission, swag bag, open bar, & more. CLICK HERE TO ENTER & Choose Sassy Tote Ticket

The details:

WHO: Sassy City Chicks Los Angeles Fall Fashion Bash

WHAT: Designer clothing at discounted prices, complimentary cocktails, free
            spa services, and fabulous girly swag!

WHEN: Thursday, April 26, 2012, 5:00-10:00 PM

WHERE: The Petersen Automotive Museum,
6060 Wilshire Blvd (at Fairfax)
Los Angeles CA 90036

 Hurry go get your ticket NOW before they run out!  I'll see you there! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is by far one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood.  I have followed her career ever since the movie ET, she was so adorable.    Being the same age as Drew, I can relate to her growing up.  She had her bad girl moments in her teens, but has definitely out grow those awkward years.  Drew is now a beautiful powerful woman in Hollywood.   Drew is genuine, authentic and confident in who she is.   You can still see a bit of her rebellious side in her fashion.  She wears what she loves and always looks great.  A free spirit with a bit of a hippie side, (the kinda girl you want to be).  Her laid back and casual look is her way of being a fashion rebel.  She doesn't seem to conform to any fashion rules or trends.  She has a "bad girl" look with a sweetheart face. Her look is always effortless, cool and fun. Drew Barrymore is definitely one of my fashion inspirations.  Like Drew, I am girl who loves and lives in jeans, these looks are some I want to recreate.

What do you think of Drew's looks?  Who are your celebrity style inspirations. 

*Photo sources here & here

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Arrivals: Betsey Johnson

Don't know about you but I'm excited spring time is finally here. So many cute clothes to buy and wear.  Especially from my fave desinger Betsey Johnson.   Today I got an email from Betsey Johnson, announcing the new spring styles at lower price points.  Betsey had mention while I was at Magic in Las Vegas, she will have a new lower priced line. She called it her "cheap" line....LOL  Oh Betsey your too cute!  Although this collection is lower priced than her other stuff, by no means would I consider it "cheap".   It is more accessible and price point are around $48 - $160, which is way cheaper than her other collections starting around $150.  I'm excited that Betsey is making her clothing more accessible, now if we can get them in plus size...all my fashion dreams will come true! ;P

Some of my favorites from the collection: 

What do you think, are you loving any of these pieces? Are the prices "cheap" enough for you?  To see the enitre collection you click here.  Most items are available on the Betsey Johnson website and select stores nation wide. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Want It Wednesday: Retro Shades

Is it officially spring yet? Actually it is!! WOOHOO! Spring is one of my favorite seasons...the weather is great, flowers start to bloom and my b-day is soon approaching.  Another great thing about spring is all the sunshine we get.  Now with daylight savings time we are getting longer days and more sunlight.   Time for a new pair of sunglasses.  I think my spring wardrobe calls for a big funky retro pair of sunnies.  I'm digging the butterfly and cat eye styles. 

Here are some of faves this season.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Favorties: Stripes

So I use to do a feature called Trends & Friends. It actually was pretty popular and got lots of good feed back.  I would feature a trend and show how my friends (bloggers) would wear it.  It was really fun, but lots of work to go around to all the blogs and ask people if I could use their pics.  Really got to the point where it took my a entire week finding the trend and all day to post it.  Then I decide to have people submit their own pictures if they wanted to be featured.  That didn't work out so well only 3 entries...LOL now I want to just feature looks from bloggers I am Friday Favorites

Love them, they look chic and don't care what size you are you can rock stripes.

These are my favorites looks this week...stripes with a pop of color.

Neferrth from Mode Plus

Weesha from Weeshas World

Kiah from Rez to the City

 What do you think of these looks? Do you do stripes?

*pictures borrowed from the bloggers sites. thank you ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3 years and still blogging...

Wow can't believe today marks the 3 year anniversary of my blog.  I almost forgot and missed it....what a bad blogger. I seriously didn't think this little old blog would have turned in anything serious or important.  I had no clue what I was doing or what direction it was going 3 years ago.  I do know now that this little old blog of mine has brought me joy, happiness, confidence and friendships.  In my eyes this blog has grown and evolved greatly.  By no means is am I a blog superstar or the cool/popular blog on the block.  Which is OK by me,  I am enjoying this blog journey and will continue doing it until it no longer is fun.  I've always had a love of fashion, but never pursued a career in it, for lack of confidence and support.  This blog has given me an inside view of the fashion community.  So for now its me and the blog doing what we love.  Hope you continue to read and support the blog.  I am truly grateful and appreciative of all the support from friends, family and readers.  Without you there would be reason to continue blogging....Thank you, Gracias and Merci!

For a little blast from the past go back and take a look at the post from the 1st year...its kinda funny! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Want It Wednesday: Polka Dots

Trying something new here.  "Want It Wednesday"

Seems there is a ton of trends for spring and summer.  How is a girl suppose to only choose one!  Well I'll just have to try them all, one trend at a time.   Like Polka Dots! Polka Dots are not new by any means, this trend has been around a long time.  This year I'm seeing new ways to show your dots and loving it.  

Here are some of my current favorites.

Downtown Blouse from Domino Dollhouse    
Petite aqua spot tea dress from Dorothy Perkins
Betsey Johnson Polka Dot Anchor Tote

Something else bugged pants from Madewell
Le Pavilion Kate Spade Iphone Case
Polka Dot Jeans from HSN
Polka Dot Bangle from

Will you being rocking this trend for spring/summer?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Comfort and Style Coexist

Organza Shawl Sandals from Clarks
When it comes to shoes, I am like most woman....obsessed and have way too many pairs.  In the last several years I have noticed a trend for crazy high heels, which are great looking.  Not so great in the comfort department.  Most woman want stylish, chic and hot looking shoes. When you think of comfort, it sometimes translates as "ugly shoes".  After an awful shoe accident over a year at work, where I sprained my ankle and couldn't walk.  I swore off any high heel shoes period.  I was destined to only wear flat shoes or comfortable (aka "ugly") shoes.  As  much as I love shoes, I love being able to walk on my own and not be in pain even more.  I have recovered from that accident and slowly regaining my confidence with heels.  I am still cautious with the height of the heel and comfort of the shoe is priority.  Sadly it had been difficult to find cute, stylish and comfortable shoes.  Until I got these babies from Clarks c/o

They come in black too!

These Clarks shoes are so cute and very comfy.  I was actually surprised by the comfort because no matter what, shoes with a heel over 2.5-3 inches are not comfortable (for me anyhow).  These sandals are about 3 inches which is as high as I can go now.  The leather is soft and the inside is padded, making them comfortable for long hours of wear.  I did a little research and found an array of great styles from Clarks.  I had known about Clarks for many years, but never really thought they had many stylish options.  Until now, OMG the website is quite surprising, so many cute styles that look very modern and on trend.  I totally need to add like 10 more pairs to my shoe collection.

Here are some of my favorite styles from Clarks Spring/Summer Collection:

1. Orsino Cafe from Clarks

2. Organza Wrap by Clarks
3. Anna Sequin from Clarks
4. Celeste Ski from Clarks
5. Sequin Flash from Clarks
6. Trilby Hat from Clarks
7. Henderson Sky from Clarks
8. Theme Tune from Clarks
9. Scent Trail from Clarks
10. Dollar Craze from Clarks

Ok so are you convinced yet?  LOL 

I totally am, convinced you can find cute, fashionable and yet very comfortable shoes...with out having to sacrifice style.  I know there are other brands out there, so do you know any? Leave me a comment if you know of other brands that offer fashionable and comfortable heels.  So let me know what you think of my selections.   Which one is your favorite?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Forward with Color Blocking

Color blocking trend seems to be going strong.  Especially now that spring time is just around the corner.  Time to bring out all your brights.  A while back I was in a online contest for a UK retailer  I didn't win, but they sent me some stuff from their new US website to review.  I chose this color block top and tan sandals.  The cool thing about is now they have a US website where they offer lots of stylish items for both woman and men.  Everything is displayed in US dollars, so no need to figure out the exchange rate.  Shipping is quick and they have tons of options to choose from.  Best of all has a plus size section!!! The quality is good, prices are affordable and offer modern styles for ALL sizes.  Only thing is the sizing is still UK sizes, so make sure you really read those size charts carefully.  For the most part the sizing is some what true to size.  Really depends on the fabric and style, but over all I am happy with and what they offer.  Check them out and new thread to your spring wardrobe.

Color Block Top c/o
Wide Leg Jeans from Avenue

Clarks Wedge Sandals c/o
Flower print bag Jason Wu for Target Collection

Are you ready to Spring Forward? What trend are you loving for the season?

 *This is my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was given items to review, courtesy of
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