Friday, March 2, 2012

American Idol Live!

So who's obsessed with American Idol? I wouldn't say I am obsessed, (yet) but I do enjoy watching the show. Now that the final 13 contestants have been selected, the fun begins.  Thursday I was invited by my blogger buddy Monique from Curves and Chaos, c/o of Ford to attend the live American Idol show.  It was the result show where the final 10 and 3 wild card contestants were announced.  Although I lived in LA my entire life, it was my first time going to any type of TV show in Hollywood.  It was a new and fun experience being part of the audience.  The whole process is very organized, structured and strict!  We got in trouble for chewing gum! LOL  American Idol is live for the east coast, doesn't air for about an hour after on the west coast. No cell phones or cameras were allowed, so no pictures, tweets or FB post were made during the show. Guess the producers don't want the audience to leak out any info.   We had good seats too, so we go a good view of the judges and contestants, as well as Ryan Seacreast.   Everyone actually looks better in person.  Jennifer Lopez is really beautiful and so small, not tall and very thin.  Oooh also got a close up look at JLo's new man, Casper the back up dancer dude.  Umm I have to say is Jenny you can do lots better.  Dude is not so cute and also small, he was walking around inside the studio with shades on and with attitude.  I personally was not impressed!!  Who knows he may have "other" things to offer her.   Ryan oh Ryan, he is also very good looking, I never thought he was cute.  But when you see him in person he is cute...and yes very short.  You think he looks short on TV,  he looks even shorter and skinny in person.  Overall came to the conclusion, I would probably never been on TV or movies.  Seems like everyone is very short and very, very thin.  Even Steven Tyler from Aerosmith was really small.  OK Randy is larger in size and height, but really getting a closer look at him hes not that big.  Well overall it was a fun experience and enjoyed the show.  Now I have my list of lots of other shows I want to go watch live.  Don't know why I haven't taken advantage of going since I do live so close to La La Land (aka Hollywood).

~Sheer Top: Avenue ~ Slim-Fit Pants: H&M+ ~ Patent Loafers: Adrienne Vitadini ~ Leopard Print Bag: R & Em (gifted)

Here's my outfit from my American Idol experience, wore my pair of color slim-fit pants from HM+ line.  Trying out the bright color pants trend. The pants are nice and comfortable, but had to size up. Most the items from HM+ I had to size up, the fit is off.  Hoping the sizing and styles improve from the HM+ plus line.  So what do you think, can I pull off this trend?  Have you tried it too?


  1. OMG! How exciting! I've been wanting to go to a few television tapings in L.A.! Lookin' fab as always! I would totally try that trend!

  2. I don't know what's happened but my boyfriend and I are obsessed with American Idol this year. It is my first time back in since Jennifer Hudson & Fantasia's series. We were literally just wondering last night if Ryan was the smallest man in the world.

    You looked amazing, I saw shots of the crowd - is it a huge crowd? It looked really big? x.

  3. You can totally pull off this trend. I'm gonna buy my first pair of "bright" color pants soon. Love this new trend.


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