Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Comfort and Style Coexist

Organza Shawl Sandals from Clarks
When it comes to shoes, I am like most woman....obsessed and have way too many pairs.  In the last several years I have noticed a trend for crazy high heels, which are great looking.  Not so great in the comfort department.  Most woman want stylish, chic and hot looking shoes. When you think of comfort, it sometimes translates as "ugly shoes".  After an awful shoe accident over a year at work, where I sprained my ankle and couldn't walk.  I swore off any high heel shoes period.  I was destined to only wear flat shoes or comfortable (aka "ugly") shoes.  As  much as I love shoes, I love being able to walk on my own and not be in pain even more.  I have recovered from that accident and slowly regaining my confidence with heels.  I am still cautious with the height of the heel and comfort of the shoe is priority.  Sadly it had been difficult to find cute, stylish and comfortable shoes.  Until I got these babies from Clarks c/o Very.com.

They come in black too!

These Clarks shoes are so cute and very comfy.  I was actually surprised by the comfort because no matter what, shoes with a heel over 2.5-3 inches are not comfortable (for me anyhow).  These sandals are about 3 inches which is as high as I can go now.  The leather is soft and the inside is padded, making them comfortable for long hours of wear.  I did a little research and found an array of great styles from Clarks.  I had known about Clarks for many years, but never really thought they had many stylish options.  Until now, OMG the website is quite surprising, so many cute styles that look very modern and on trend.  I totally need to add like 10 more pairs to my shoe collection.

Here are some of my favorite styles from Clarks Spring/Summer Collection:

1. Orsino Cafe from Clarks

2. Organza Wrap by Clarks
3. Anna Sequin from Clarks
4. Celeste Ski from Clarks
5. Sequin Flash from Clarks
6. Trilby Hat from Clarks
7. Henderson Sky from Clarks
8. Theme Tune from Clarks
9. Scent Trail from Clarks
10. Dollar Craze from Clarks

Ok so are you convinced yet?  LOL 

I totally am, convinced you can find cute, fashionable and yet very comfortable shoes...with out having to sacrifice style.  I know there are other brands out there, so do you know any? Leave me a comment if you know of other brands that offer fashionable and comfortable heels.  So let me know what you think of my selections.   Which one is your favorite?


  1. Wow these are not only comfortable looking but also have a lot of sass and style!

  2. I love the yellow ones at the end! They are so bright and cheerful, they make me happy. :)

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