Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is by far one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood.  I have followed her career ever since the movie ET, she was so adorable.    Being the same age as Drew, I can relate to her growing up.  She had her bad girl moments in her teens, but has definitely out grow those awkward years.  Drew is now a beautiful powerful woman in Hollywood.   Drew is genuine, authentic and confident in who she is.   You can still see a bit of her rebellious side in her fashion.  She wears what she loves and always looks great.  A free spirit with a bit of a hippie side, (the kinda girl you want to be).  Her laid back and casual look is her way of being a fashion rebel.  She doesn't seem to conform to any fashion rules or trends.  She has a "bad girl" look with a sweetheart face. Her look is always effortless, cool and fun. Drew Barrymore is definitely one of my fashion inspirations.  Like Drew, I am girl who loves and lives in jeans, these looks are some I want to recreate.

What do you think of Drew's looks?  Who are your celebrity style inspirations. 

*Photo sources here & here


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