Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Arrivals: Betsey Johnson

Don't know about you but I'm excited spring time is finally here. So many cute clothes to buy and wear.  Especially from my fave desinger Betsey Johnson.   Today I got an email from Betsey Johnson, announcing the new spring styles at lower price points.  Betsey had mention while I was at Magic in Las Vegas, she will have a new lower priced line. She called it her "cheap" line....LOL  Oh Betsey your too cute!  Although this collection is lower priced than her other stuff, by no means would I consider it "cheap".   It is more accessible and price point are around $48 - $160, which is way cheaper than her other collections starting around $150.  I'm excited that Betsey is making her clothing more accessible, now if we can get them in plus size...all my fashion dreams will come true! ;P

Some of my favorites from the collection: 

What do you think, are you loving any of these pieces? Are the prices "cheap" enough for you?  To see the enitre collection you click here.  Most items are available on the Betsey Johnson website and select stores nation wide. 


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