Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Want It Wednesday: Beach Cruiser

Have I ever told you spring is my favorite season and time of year.  I love spring time, not just because my birthday is in spring, but mostly for the weather.  Living in So Cal we have great weather in spring.  The fashion for spring time is also more fun and fab.  This week here in Long Beach the weather has been absolutely perfect...sun shining and warmer days have me excited.  I am especially eager to go for a lovely bike ride along the beach.  I live close enough to the beach where I can go ride everyday.  Sadly about 2 years ago, some losers stole my beach cruiser.  I didn't really get to ride it as much before it was stolen. 

Last time I ever rode my cruiser in March 2010, before it got stolen. :(

Now I want a new bike badly to enjoy the awesome weather and go for a ride along the beach. Dreaming of a beautiful beach cruiser like this...

Add a cute basket, a sun hat, fun sunglasses and I am ready to ride!

Hope your enjoying spring.  What your favorite activity to do in the spring time?  Leave me your comments and feedback, they are always greatly appreciated.  Thank you! :)


  1. i just bought a cruiser bike in february... it's an electra brand one. i LOVE it!

  2. California Bikes This cruiser also has a forward pedaling desigen, meaning the pedals are shifted four inches forward to allow for better leg extension and more open and comfortable seating position.

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  4. My favorite activity is cycling in spring time. I've few friends who join me for the fun ride. Sorry to hear your beach cruiser was stolen, I heard beach cruiser bike is not attractive to thief for unattractive look.

  5. Casual riding bicycles are specially suitable for laid back riding and the Oceanside is not any exception, with a low-profile steel cruiser frame and a cruiser handlebar that combine to set you in an upright riding position. Cruiser bikes are renowned for being seen on the beach, and have a design and style all their very own.

  6. There are a few distinct features which mark a beach cruiser women's bicycle. We'll talk about those here.
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