Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunglasses A Summer Essential (Get Them Free!)

Summer is almost over, but somethings I still can't go without this season.  Sunglasses are a must for me all summer long.  In fact all year long, I can't drive with out them.  So having prescription sunglasses is essential for me for those bright sunny days.  Not only do I want a good pair of prescription sunglasses, I want them to be stylish and affordable.  Firmoo is the place to go for all your eyeglass needs.  Firmoo offers a wide variety of prescription glasses and sunglasses at amazing affordable prices.   The process is easy and simple, you simply fill out a form with the style you want and enter your prescription online, within about a week you have a new pair of glasses.

Firmoo sent me a pair of prescription sunglasses to review.  I choose these full frame wrap around sunglasses.   The fit is perfect for my face, the oversize frame is big enough with out making me look ridiculous....LOL  The tint is a dark smokey shade and prescription is matched exactly to my needs. The sunglasses came with 2 cases, one hard case and one soft case, along with a cleaning cloth and repair kit.  Overall I am very pleased and satisfied with the Firmoo glasses I received.  

Firmoo wants to offer all my readers a chance to get their own pair of FREE glasses too.  All you have to do is pay for shipping.  Go to for all the details. Its easy, fast and free!  Let me know which glasses you choose and share you pictures on the Facebook page.

 What you waiting for, go get your free pair at Firmoo now!

*This post is my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was provided a review sample from

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vegas Road Trip

Last weekend I took a road trip to Vegas. I was due for a trip and took my new ride (Prius) for a spin. Me and my boo spent the weekend in Vegas, which was not one of my best trips.  If it wasn't for the fact I was there for the JLo and Enrique Iglesias concert (thanks to State Farm), this trip was sucky.  First of all it took me 6 hrs to get to Vegas from LA. Normally my drive is no more than 4 hrs, but thanks to 2 accidents for adding those 2 dreadful hours.  The weather was cray-cray in Vegas, besides the obvious heat, there was rain, thunder and lighting....So no pool time for me.  Seriously as soon I made my way pool side a storm hit vegas and I was done!  I was only Vegas for no more than 48 hrs and didn't get to shop either!  WTF!!  Thats my favorite past time while in Vegas...Shopping.  

Oh well the silver lining was the concert, it was a blast.  Totally impressed by JLo and Enrique, both were great performers and kept the crowd on their feet all night long.  Well I am back to blogging more regularly (fingers crossed) so look out for more fun things to come. Thanks for hanging in with me.  :)

Here is what I wore in Vegas for the concert.  Found this chevron strip dress at ROSS.  Yes, I got it at Ross!!  LOL

~ Chevron Dress: Ross ~ Leggings: Bali ~ Wedge Booties: Lane Bryant~

Here's a few snap shots from concert, taken with my iPhone so excuse the quality...Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Embracing My Latino Roots With Music

Fashion and Music always seem to be synonymous with each other, one always influencing the other.  Music has always been a part of my life, since I was baby there was never a shortage of Mexican music being played.  From the time we woke up until we went to bed, music was always in the background.  My father loved music and he always made sure we loved it too.  Between my father blasting the record player and my mother sewing on her machine, I think it was impossible for me not to love both fashion and music.  Although I didn't grow up to be a fashion designer or musician, they both have strong influence in my life.  I became a blogger instead....LOL

I remember a point in my life where Spanish and Latino music was rarely heard on the radio or on TV.  I always listened to it at home because of my Latino heritage, but when I heard it on the radio as well, it was heavenly.  Over past decade Latin artist has made major impacts in both music and fashion industry.  Artist Jennifer Lopez have influenced both genres.  JLo is not only an award-winning singer, but has a very successful fashion line.  It's so refreshing to see Latinas like JLo being a major player in an industry traditionally dominated by men.  She is a triple threat no doubt, singer, actress, and fashion designer.  Definitely a great role model for Latina women.

Another great Latino artist is Enrique Iglesias, who took the music world by storm.  Guess it helped that is dad, Julio Iglesias was already a major Spanish singer world wide.  I love that both these artist have made major impacts both in English and Spanish music worlds.  Being bilingual I get to enjoy both these artist music in both languages. Some how I do love some songs more in Spanish, they have more soul and meaning to me.   I am even more excited to experience both these artist very soon in Las Vegas.   I have never been to a concert in Las Vegas and having Enrique and JLo be the first makes it more special.  

Like State Farm Latino to Win
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Thanks to State Farm Latino on Satruday I get to experience an epic concert with 2 great Latino artist.  What could be better, Las Vegas, Enrique and JLo!  WooHoo for me!

You to can get a chance to experience all this awesomeness go "Like" the State Farm Latino Facebook page and enter the Sweepstakes for Grand Prize trip to Miami to attend the concert and get to meet both JLo and Enrique.  Woohoo!  So what you waiting for....go shake your booty over to Facebook and enter, contest ends August 20, 2012!!   

Look out for my post about the concert next week, who knows I may run into JLo or Enrique at the blackjack table!  :) 

*State Farm has provided me with 2 tickets to the concert.  This post expresses my personal thoughts and opinions. 
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