Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Got My Walking Boots, Do You?

Gosh feels like its been a century since my last post.  What can I say except I've been busy, good busy from working, to traveling to just enjoying life.  Well enough excuses, lets get down to blog business!  

For the past month I have seriously been living in a pair of boots from Naturalizer.  These boots were literally made for walking...LOL  So Naturalizer isn't my usual brand I go to for cute, stylish shoes but you know what they are great!  They have this cute little quiz on their website which tells you what your Inner "Izer" is and helps you find the right shoe for you style.  I took the quiz and found out I'm a Synthesizer = "You're a little bit rock and a little bit roll. You turn it up every chance you get. Whether it's the latest trend in boots or a fabulous bold new accessory, your style is hip and always your own."  Its a fun little quiz and you know what, its totally right.  It takes you to a section of shoes that fits your "Izer" personality and I quickly fell in love with these Onset boots.  Just what my wardrobe needed. Comfy, cute and stylish boots for every outfit and occasion. The boots have this N5 technology (extra cushioning, breathable lining, balanced heel to toe, flexible soles and light weight material).   Which is what we all want in our shoes, right? Well I do, fashionable shoes are great, but in my book, if they are not comfortable to wear, the style doesn't matter.  Naturalizer gives both the style you want and the comfort you need.

The boots have been with me everywhere, from work, to weekend shopping, to concerts and even on my trip to NYC.  Seriously comfy and I can walk in them all day long.  I wore them with jeans, leggings, slacks, dresses and tights.  I hope they last me a long time because right now the Onset boots are my FAVE!  

Go over to Naturalizer and take the "Izer" quiz here, you may be surprised to see what they have to offer.  Not only are the shoes comfy, but definitely have some very on trend and fashionable shoes for every style.

Let me know what "Izer" you are and share you fave shoes from Naturalizer.

*This post is my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was provided the boots to review, courtesy of Naturalizer. 


  1. I used to have a pair of short boots that my DH called my McCoy boots (star trek reference) until I blew the heel. Yours are cuter. ;D

    1. Thanks Moe, these boots have taken a beating, as you can tell from pic. I have serious worn them so much, they really do go with everything and so comfy!

  2. Love these boots, just ordered a pair to treat myself.

  3. Love these boots, just ordered a pair to treat myself.


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