Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Hope you all have a wonderful start to 2013!  Its a new year and time for resolutions, but honestly I'm not great about making and keeping new years resolutions for my self.  On the other hand I do want to make some resolutions for the blog.  Last year was not my best blogging year, it started off well, but I had some personal tragedies and changes that made it very difficult to blog.  Its a new year so I want to start off with fresh slate.  If you haven't noticed yet the blog is getting a face lift.  New header for now, just adding a little more me in the mix.  More changes will be made as the month goes on.

Also want to have more giveaways, I know how much we all love free stuff!!  Since CSF will be 4 yrs old this spring, I hope to have some fun stuff for you all, so please make sure you check us out often.  Along with giveaways, CSF will be adding more than just style/fashion, it will remain the main focus but I want to add other topics such as food & travel.  I tried keeping a separate blog where I could write about non-fashiony stuff but honestly its just too much for me to keep up 2 blogs.  So if you all don't mind, expect to see more things covered here on CSF for 2013, all with a touch of style of course! More post on weekly basis as well, and just more fun content overall.  If you ever have an idea or would like me to feature a certain thing or topic, shoot me an email: info@veronicacid.com or you can tweet me @CidStylefile or on the Facebook page here and lastly I have been on instagram lots more so you can find me there too!

Cheers to a New Year and making 2013 even better and greater than last year.  

To help make it happen, I decided Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire" is gonna be my new theme song! 

Have you made any resolutions for 2013? Whats your theme song for this year? Let me hear it and leave your comments.


  1. Cid, we both have to do more writing! :) I got your back if you have mine!

    BTW, totally love that song!

    1. Ah thanks Nik, yeah its time to shine! Girl you know I got your back, lets me be bestest blogging buddies....LOL

  2. Happy New Year, Veronica! I love your new header and I really hope all your troubles from 2012 stay in 2012. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings for us and I hope to make it back out to Cali to see you again this year!

    1. Thanks Ana, it was great meeting you at LuckyFABB. I had fun and hope to do it again. If you do come back to Cali, make sure to let me know. Happy New Year to you! :)


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