Sunday, February 17, 2013

Did Someone Say Sample Sale?

If you been a reader of this blog you know by now that I am bargain shopper.  I love a good fashion bargain, who doesn't right!  Well I will do almost anything if its a great deal.  So when I heard about the TOMS warehouse sale, I had to see what all the buzz was about.  Not that I am huge TOMS fan, didn't even own a pair.  But my nieces love them, and I know they are very popular.  So guess what, off I went to Corona, CA which is about 30 min drive away.   The TOMS sale was a 3 day event (Friday-Sunday).  After reading the buzz on twitter and Facebook I decided to go the first day, when sale started at 10am.  Whoa was I late for the the the time I arrived close to 10am, the line was around the building.  No parking to be found and cars lined up for about a mile, no joke.  This sale was major and people were lining up since the night before, from reports on twitter.  My BF couldn't handle it so we left and didn't even get out of the car. :(  

Yeah I know all that for nothing, but I had been monitoring the tweets and FB comments.  People showing instagram pics of their hauls and reporting of the long waits...some up to 7 hours.  Say What!!  Yeah no dice was I gonna wait that long for TOMS.  So the bargain shopper in me still was curious about the deals.  So after reading tweets of people who said they went to sale towards end of day and only waited about 2 hours, I made my way again.  We went on the last day (Sunday) about 2 hours before closing and we made it!! We got in after 2 hour wait, and another 1 hour inside sale and another line to pay.  Was it all worth it you ask? Umm yeah I think so, sale was 60-75% off retail and they had tons of shoes.  By the time I got in, the selection was a bit picked over and my size was very limited.  Only bad thing was staff rushing people to get in line to pay.  As soon as I got in, some dude started yelling to get your shoes and get in line to pay.  I didn't listen of course....LOL  After it was all said and done I came out with 10 pairs of Toms and paid $199 for all.  Only ended up with 2 pairs for my self, and a few for my nieces, baby nephew and the BF.  So will I do this again, umm probably.  Hey I love my new TOMS they are so comfy and cute!  But next time I will be more prepared and totally have a game plan. 

Here is an outfit with my new TOMS.  Also enjoy a video of my experience at the TOMS warehouse sale. 
Sweater from Macy's (love this color combo btw) ~ Jeggings from Lane Bryant ~ Cami from Avenue
This is a usual weekend outfit, just causal and easy for running around town.
The TOMS I waited 2 hours in line to buy...I really love the colors and have been converted to a TOMS fan!

This is the video, you can witness the madness and see if your up to this kind of sale.

Are you a fan of TOMS? Whats the craziest thing you have done for a bargain? Let me hear it, love reading your comments.


  1. Yup I was there and got that pair too! I ended up getting 14 pairs for $360 but a few pairs were for friends, also I bought wedges and cardonas, which sucked that they weren't the $20 pairs but they were still fantastic for the price!

  2. For some reason...I just can't get into Toms. LOL. I don't know why!


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