Monday, March 18, 2013

POSH LA Fashion Show

I had a busy weekend and it really wore me out.  Its been a long since I partied and was out and about for the entire weekend.   It started off on Saturday with the BF's sisters birthday dinner, immediately followed by a friends 80's themed birthday party and ended with Posh plus size fashion show on Sunday. Phew!  Serious wore me out, old age is catching up with me I suppose.   So for now I am leaving with some pictures from the fashion show.  I will follow up with a write up about the designers.  For now enjoy some shots of me and my blogger/stylist/fashion buddies.   It was truly refreshing and fantastic to attend a fashion show where literally everything that walked down the runway would fit me!  Do you know how rare it is for a plus size/curvy girl so say that....It was magical! 

First POSH LA Plus Size Fashion Show.  More coming soon!
Me, with Chenese Lewis and Nik Smith from XOXO NikStar
My blogger besties, Monique from Curves & Chaos & XOXO Nikstar
Nik, Stylist Reah Norman and Moi
Ivory from Ivory Jinelle
Sommer Green, POSH fashion show producer.

I'm kinda back to work this week and will try update soon with pictures of the actual runway.  In case your wondering about my outfit, I found this dress at Ross!!  I loved the black/white stripes with a touch of color and added some booties and off to the fashion show.   Thanks for reading, as always I love to read your comments and feedback.  :)


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