Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trendy Thursday: Bright Color Sandals under $60

Haven't done a Trendy Thursday post in a few weeks.  Just been busy, but want to keep this going and bring you more great trends every week.  Well now that the weather has warmed up and suns is shining, its time to reveal those toes.  Make sure you a get a pedi, before you go out in your sandals. No one needs to see crusty toes and cracked heels...LOL   OK I'm only joking, but really I'm not.  One trend that is hot for spring is lots of bright colors.  I see it in clothes, shoes, handbags and even in jewelry.  Although I am a lover of fashion and try to dress stylish, some trends I just can't get into.  I've never been a wear bright colors kinda gal, even as a kid I resisted.  Not sure why I don't wear bright colors, just don't feel comfortable in brights.  I am not oppose to wearing a little bit of bright colors, just can't do a whole dress or other clothing.   So whats this all about you ask, OK I am getting there.  One way I have found to add color to my look and still maintain my comfort level is with shoes.  Since its spring time is perfect to add that pop of color in a sandal. You will be on trend and comfortable. Lately I've seen the cutest colorful sandals and can't wait to wear them.  Imagine a cute neutral color dress with a pop of bright sandals.  Yeah I can handle that and rock it out.  Can you?   If you love color, especially brights then go on with your bad colorful self.   If not then just add some color in your footwear.  I think its more eye catching to see a colorful shoe than a whole outfit.  I have received more attention from a shoe than an entire outfit.  Must be a woman thing, we love shoes.  

Here are few sandals I have seen lately while shopping.  All very cute and very affordable (under $60).  You all know I love fashion, but love it even more when I get a good deal.  So just had to buy a couple for my self.  Hey couldn't resit a good fashion bargain.  

Masiero Teal Blue sandals from TJ Maxx $59.99.  Highest of group but they are leather and totally cute with the cut out shapes.
Both these pair are from Ross.  Yellow sandals have cute studs all over and were only $12.99.  Orange patent are from Nine West and only $25.99. 
If your not ready to fully commit to bright sandals, try these neutral color with bright accents.  Report sandals $12.99 at Ross.
Another pair of neutral color sandals with pop of brightness.  These are so cute for the beach or going on vacation. Only $12.99 from Chinese Laundry also found at Ross.

Looking for something a little less casual, try these wedge sandals with bright pink accent. Only $24.99 by SBICCA and would look great with a maxi dress or jeans. Also found at Ross.
This is the pair I got for my self.  I loved the color, so bright but totally cute.  Only $19.99 from Old Navy, but had a coupon and combined with other things were way less. Already have a outfit in mind for these, OOTD coming soon.
Finally another pair I picked up, while taking my niece shopping. She loves this store called Foreign Exchange, turns out they have cute shoes.  Only paid $16 for these and love the yellow and tan color combo.
Now you know, if your afraid to wear really bright colors like me.  You can just add a touch or pop of color in a sandal or shoe.  Now go on and find a pair of  your own bright color sandals.  I want to see what you score!  Let me hear your thoughts, comments or feedback.  
Is this a trend you are loving or skipping this spring?


  1. I want them all!! Love the ones in the third picture. Ok. I'm going to go check out Comfort and Style Coexist 'cause the shoes in that picture are awesome.
    Helena de PinkGuayoyo

  2. Ooh, what a timely post! I should have stopped here first as I just spent an hour combing through a couple of shoe and clothing websites for a pair of summer sandals. LOVE the great colors!

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  4. I love the great tips you give out !

  5. Fantastic finds for LA SPRING and SUMMER!! <3

  6. I am all over color this Spring, time to change up from my typical 'New York Black' everything wardrobe!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

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