Wednesday, May 29, 2013

VIP All Access at The Reyli Concert

So remember the post about the Northgate Gonzalez rewards program, if you didn't read it, you can see details here.  Thanks to the Northgate rewards program I was able to experience a concert with the VIP treatment.  I was given an all access pass, and met the singer Reyli after the concert.  It was actually a really cool experience, getting to see the behind the scenes at a concert.  We had access to all the areas back stage, even the catering which was provided by Northgate Market.  The spread was amazing with all the typical Mexican party foods.  My favorite was the aguas frescas (fresh fruit water) and horchata (rice water).  There was also lots of press backstage taking pictures and interviewing the artist.  The band practicing, lots of people coming and going, there is tons of buzz back stage.  It was exciting I will admit, but nothing beats the energy of the actual concert.  Every one attending had earned tickets from the rewards program. It's a great rewards program where customers get rewarded for shopping all the products they already buy and love from Unilever.  Northgate is planning many other rewards through out the year, so if your in Southern California check out this local chain.  Its easy to sign up and with the app its easy to track your points too. 

You can get more details about the Northgate Gonzalez rewards program on the website or like them on Facebook.

Here are my pictures from the concert, some back stage shots and with my blogger buddies.  It's always fun to attend concerts and enjoy live music.  What was the last concert you attended?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beauty Tips Helping You Combat #ALLERGYFACE

This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of Latina Bloggers Connect and the makers of ZYRTEC®

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, weather starts to warm up, flowers bloom and seasonal allergies arrive.  OK so the allergies part is not my favorite, it's actually totally annoying.  Well thanks to ZYRTEC, who partnered with Carmen Ordonez of you can avoid the dreaded #ALLERGYFACE that comes along with allergies.  You know what I'm talking about, the watery eyes, red running nose and even puffy face.  How's a girl suppose to look cute with your face looking a mess.  I actually suffer from really bad seasonal allergies and know these symptoms all too well. Sometimes my allergies get so bad I won't leave the house.  Living in California, we have lots of environmental issues that cause allergy flare up from smog, pollution and high pollen counts.  Whatever the cause of your allergies maybe, they shouldn't hold you back from enjoying life.  ZYRTEC and Carmen have a few tips to not only help you feel better, but also look better during allergy season.

Watch the video below for Carmen's personal beauty tips on how to beat the dreaded ALLERGYFACE.

Here are a few of my own tips for when my allergies are out of control. 

1. Take a Antihistamine like ZYRTEC, why suffer when you don’t have to. At the first sign of a flare up I take the recommended dosage and let it do its magic. 
2. When your eyes get too red and watery, even concealer won't do the trick. Time to wear those big sunglasses, the bigger the better. They hide your eyes and part of the face, while still looking chic. 


3. Along with your big sunglasses, try a bold lip. Deflect the attention from your watery eyes and/or red nose. Let everyone notice your lips and hang on your every word. Nothing looks sexier than a bold lip.


If all these tips still don't do the trick, then just stay in doors.  My allergies get worse once I go outside and take in all the elements.  The allergies usually go away within a day or two, but make sure to take a ZYRTEC to help reduce any symptoms and follow the ALLERGYFACE tips to look your best.   For more great tips and future videos follow ZYRTEC on Facebook here.   

What are your tips or tricks to combat ALLERGYFACE? 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans, I love them!

I have been a fan and shopper of Old Navy for many years. I usually would shop in store, and get lucky with a few items. Some of the XXL clothes in store would fit me, mostly the tops and very few dresses. I know Old Navy carries plus size online, and can only be purchased via the website. I really don't mind shopping online, but not when it's the only option you get from a retailer. I don't always want to wait 5-7 days for a dress to arrive, or what if the dress fits weird. It can be frustrating when you’re plus size and usually need to try on clothes to find the right fit. Don't even get me started on jeans. Seems like most woman have issues finding good fitting jeans in trendy styles. Now imagine finding the same type of jeans in plus size. Mission Impossible! I never shopped for jeans at Old Navy, since the largest size they carried in store was like a 16 or 18, if you were lucky to find those sizes. So all this time shopping at Old Navy, I never bought a pair of jeans or any type of pants. I basically didn't even bother, until last week. I decided to try on a pair of jeans, since I was on the hunt for a new pair of boyfriend jeans. My old pair is a bit too big now, since I lost 20lbs. I haven't discussed any weight loss on the blog, but currently I'm on Weight Watchers. Anyway back to my new fave pair of jeans. Old Navy has a good sale on all jeans; I grabbed a pair of boyfriend jeans in size 18 and tried them on. To my surprise and sheer joy they fit! WOOHOO! Not only did they fit me but also the cut was flattering and I felt good wearing them. A few other plus size bloggers had raved about Old Navy jeans, but didn't bother trying them out, since I had to order online. Well now I can fit into most of the ON jeans found in store, when I am lucky to find a size 18. I really love the cut and wash on this pair, which are only $25. They have several washes and cuts to choose from. They have a little bit of distress as well and some stretch but don't sag in the butt. I ended up buying a pair of printed skinny jeans as well from Old Navy. I am really loving Old Navy jeans, and been wearing them all week. Seriously wore them like 3 times since I bought them just a week ago. I don't know about you all but I tend to wear jeans a few times before washing them. Don't judge me! Is that like totally weird? I have heard of dudes not ever washing their jeans because they don't want them to fade or lose shape. Now I'm rambling, so just wanted to share my new found love of Old Navy jeans. Here is an outfit I wore last Friday to a concert. My whole outfit was planned around the boyfriend jeans. See, told you I love these jeans!

~ Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy ~ Studded Top: 89th & Madison ~ Boots: H&M ~ Silver Clutch: H&M ~

Do you have issues finding jeans? What is your favorite brand of jeans?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Funday at Disney California Adventure

Happy Sunday!  I hope your having a wonderful day, or maybe your having a lazy Sunday like me.  This weekend was full of lots of fun things.  Friday I attended a concert, on Saturday was a blogging workshop and today I am pooped out.  So besides doing a few errands, today I am staying in and watching TV.  Sunday is a good TV night for me....I have Mad Men, XOX Betsey Johnson and Retail Royalty.  Oh and catching up with Revenge, since I missed the finale last Sunday. So is your Sunday fabulous and fun?  Maybe your relaxing at home like me.

Today I wanted to share a video from my latest trip to Disney California Adventure.  It was my first time visiting the new Cars Land area and it was awesome.  I really loved the whole concept and felt like I was in the movie.  Its a short video taking you through my day and on the ride as well.  Hope you enjoy it and subscribed to my YouTube channel.  I will have many more videos coming this year, you don't want to miss out!!!  Thanks for watching, please rate, comment and subscribe.  If you like my video please share it with your peeps. ;)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Get Rewarded for Shopping at Northgate Gonzalez Market

How many of you use those reward cards from grocery stores.  I do and sometimes wonder if I am really saving money or getting anything out if.  Until I heard about Northgate Gonzalez Market rewards program.  Northgate Gonzalez is a local grocery chain in Southern California catering to the Latino population.  My mother has been shopping at Northgate for years, they have a large selection of all her favorite Mexican products, along with all the American faves too. Its a one stop shop with a meat department, deli and bakery where they also make fresh tortillas daily. Recently Northgate Gonazlez has partner with Unilever to launch a innovated promotion to reward customers.  It's simple, when a customer purchases Unilever products they will be tracked.  Every time a purchase at Northgate is made, the checker will ask for the cell phone number, which keeps track of the rewards and points.  Northgate also has an app for iPhone and Andorid to help shoppers keep track of their purchase totals.  

One of the first rewards is a free concert to see multi-platinum Latin artist Reyli.  During a 5 week period from April 2- May 5, 2013, customers who spent $100 in participating Unilever products, earned 2 tickets to see Reyli on May 17, 2013 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.  That sounds really cool to me, most people purchase those products any way, so why not get rewarded for doing so. They have a whole host of events coming up throughout the year, so this easy-to-use rewards program will just keep paying off!   

I'm going to the Reyli concert tonight courtesy of Northgate, which is exclusive to customers.  The tickets could not be be bought  and only available to shoppers who earned them via the rewards program.   If your local to So Cal, go check out Northgate Gonzalez Market, and find out more about the rewards program.  Insider tip, go to the deli and buy some carnitas, they are so good!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trendy Thursday: White Shoes, Not Just For Brides

When was the last time you wore white shoes?  I was thinking about this and really had to go way, way back.  It was back when I 15 yrs old for my Quincenera.  WOW that was ages ago.  Ever since then no white shoes have touched my feet.  Well this year seems like white shoes are everywhere.  I have seen many white shoes all over the place and not just on the runways.  I noticed quite a few ladies wearing white at the Lucky FABB conference.  Even Drew Barrymore wore white pumps. during the conference.  Today I saw the most amazing shoe posted on Facebook via PopSugar.  The shoe is totally hot with the cuff and gold hard wear at the ankle.  As I investigate more about this shoe, it turns out is a Gucci shoe.  Duh, no wonder its totally fabulous at $850!!   So not only can I not afford the price, but that heel is killer.  White shoes are not just for the bride or cute little flower girl.  This spring and summer white shoes are one of the hottest trends.  A white shoe can be totally chic, sexy and unexpected. You don't have to wear a sky high heels either, try a cute white flat or sandal.  But make sure you get a pedicure with a bright color polish.  Nothing worse than a hot shoe with gross toes, yeah picture below says it all.

gucci ursula sandal
Ursula Ankle Strap, Gucci $850
trouve kaia wedge
Trouve Kaia Wedge via Nordstrom
risa sandal
Tildon Risa Sandal via Nordstrom

Nano T-Bar Clog via Topshop
ankle strap zara
Leather Ankle Strap via Zara

people wedge zara
Wedge Court Shoe via Zara

turth or dare material girl
Truth or Dare by Material Girl via Macy's
aria michael kors
Michael Kors Aria Flat via Nordstom
Are you running out this weekend to get a pair of white shoes?  Or are you waiting till the next wedding?  Let me hear your comments, thoughts and feedback.  I love to read what you have to say.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Celebrate Mothers Day with Betsey Johnson

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mommas out there.  I will be celebrating with my momma early in the day. Not sure what will do yet, but I am sure some eating and shopping will be involved. Then in the evening I'm rushing home to watch my other most favorite fashionable momma...Betsey Johnson!   If you haven't heard yet, Betsey & Lulu (her daughter) have their own reality show on Style Network.  I was able to get a peek at the show during Lucky FABB conference and it was so fun to watch. 
XOX Betsey Johnson premieres Sunday May 12, 2013 on the Style Network at 8/7c.

I am excited for this show and getting a inside look at Betsey's life.  She is my favorite designer after all.  I've had the pleasure of meeting her a couple times and she is always so sweet and fun.  If your a fan of Betsey and fashion then you need to watch her show!  I am totally not getting paid to say this either, I just LOVE Betsey Johnson!!! :)

Here is a sneak peek at her show:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trendy Thursday: The Great Gatsby Style by Tiffany and Co

So I'm sure you may have heard of the new Great Gatsby movie with Leonardo DeCaprio and Carey Mulligan.  I loved reading the novel in school and watching the original movie with Robert Redford.  I am very excited to see the new version. Today on my browser I noticed an add pop up from Tiffany and Co. for the new Jazz Age Glamour collection.  This collection was created exclusively for The Great Gatsby and was actually used in the movie.   Nearly fell off my chair when I went to the website to see the entire collection.  It is amazingly gorgeous and exquisite.  I really fell in love with all of it, and need a little something to add to my Tiffany collection.  OK I only have two items from Tiffany but I love them!  This movie is already getting lots of buzz and will definitely have an impact on fashion.  The 20's art deco decade is one of the greatest in history.  I am already seeing many art deco influences in fashion and this Tiffany collection is one of the most breath taking in style and price.  Yeah after looking at all the pieces online, no way I can add one to my collection.  A girl can dream right? I have to wait for a lesser priced inspired piece to make its way to me.  Until then you can see the entire collection at and drool for yourself.  A few items do start at around $250 and go all the way up to about $875, 000....yeah I know crazy right.  Here's a peek at the collection, I am dying to see it in person.

photo source
 OK are you like totally drooling over everything now!  Didn't I say you would.  I am actually kinda obsessed with this headband, the huge 5 caret ring and the hand ornament.  I decided that's what I'm wearing on my wedding day.  ;)

Savoy Headpiece (platinum, diamonds & pearls) $200,000
Diamond Flower Ring 5.25 carets in platinum $875,000
Daisy Hand Ornament $75,000

I'm also including this video from Tiffany about the collaboration with Baz Lurhmann and costume designer Cathrine Martin, its amazing. 

Are you planning to watch The Great Gatsby movie this weekend? 
Which piece is your favorite from the Tiffany collection.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Celebrating At The Happiest Place On Earth!

Last week I celebrated my 30-something birthday. We don't need to get into details about the number.  I still get carded when I order drinks so that's all that matters.  I decided to be young at heart and celebrate by going to Disney California Adventure.  It's been many years since I was last there.  Since moving to Anaheim, CA we deiced to get annual passes to Disneyland, so we plan on going lots to both parks.  I woke up very excited and giddy like I was 8 years old again.  So off I went with my boo to California Adventure for the day.  The weather was perfect, I felt good and was so ready to get on all the rides.  Until I got to the entranced and discovered I forgotten my annual pass....BOO!  I almost cried, but decided to ask at customer service desk before having a melt down. Luckily they will look-up your annual pass with your ID.  The lady checked my info and gave me a temporary pass to enter, along with a Happy Birthday button with my name to wear.  I had no idea Disney did that, totally made my day.  Every where I went people wished me happy birthday.  I felt so special, it was a very nice gesture.  When we arrived the first ride we rode was Soaring Over California.  The lines were short and waited only about 15 mins.  I was also most excited to visit Cars Land, after hearing many good reviews from everyone.  If your a fan of the movie Cars, you will LOVE Cars Land.  It's an exact replica of Radiator Springs.  The rides are also really great, the racers were my favorite.  OK so as you can tell it was an awesome birthday and one of the best I had since turning 30.  Oh I can't forget to tell you about the Pixar Parade.  Just as we were leaving we noticed the rope barriers set up.  I asked what it was for and was told the Pixar Parade would start soon.  I had to stay and watch the parade.  Some of my favorite movies are Disney/Pixar movies.  It was the cutest and most fun parade.   Overall it was an awesome fun day.  I was feeling very happy and blessed to celebrate my birthday doing many of favorite things with my favorite person.

Here are some pictures of my birthday from Disney California Adventure. 
My outfit, boyfriend jeans, black lace top, yellow skull scarf and polka dot vans.
I'm the birthday girl, loved my happy bday button. Thanks Disney!
Paradise Pier, great back drop for a beautiful OC day.
Welcome to Cars Land.
Here it is, waiting to ride.
Radiator Springs Racers.  We had fun, can you tell? :)
Me and My Boo, *Heart*
Pixar Parade, all your favorite character in one place.  It was awesome!

Have you ever visited Disneyland for your birthday?  Whats your favorite ride? I love to read your comments and thoughts.  Thanks for visiting. 

For more pictures, updates and exclusive content follow Cid Style File on twitter, facebook and instagram.  

 *all pictures take by CSF and/or

Friday, May 3, 2013

Del Taco: 2 New Menus & Free Food

OK so I bet your thinking, whats with the food post on this fashion blog. Well I was contacted about sharing with you the Del Taco New Buck & Under and New Tastes Menu. I don't know about you guys but I am a fan of Del Taco. Those crunchy tacos are irresistible and I prefer them over that other taco place. Come on who doesn't love a place where you can get a taco, a burger and fries along with a yummy shake. That's a win, win situation in my book!! So yeah back to why I am posting about Del Taco, they have a new menu called Buck & Under. Everything on this menu is a buck ($1.00) or less. It has a good selection with all the favorites and a few new items as well. The New Tastes Menu has some new items such as; Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Taco, a Chili Cheese Fry Burrito and a Fiery 6 Layer Burrito. As if the new menu wasn't exciting enough Del Taco wants to give YOU free food. Yup you heard it right, starting May 8, 2013 you can try a new item from the Buck & Under menu for free. So every Wednesday beginning May 8th until May 29th from 3 - 9pm you will be treated to some yummy Del Taco. Below is the new menu so you can take a look and see what they have to offer. 

So far I have tried the Chipotle Beef Taco and Real Strawberry Lemonade. Both were yummers, satisfying and made me a happy girl, especially when I only had $3 to spend on lunch. I will definitely go back to try some more...for free on May 8th. 

Ok so wait I have even more good stuff to tell you all. Del Taco wants to give one of my readers a gift card to go try some of the new menu items. I will make it super duper easy to enter. Leave me a comment telling what item you love from Del Taco and/or what item you are looking forward to trying from the new menu. Easy right?

RULES: A winner will be selected randomly using, please make sure you leave a valid email address.  If you do not leave a email in your comment your entry will be void.  Giveaway ends midnight May 10, 2013.  US residents only, sorry Del Taco is only available in 18 states. Good Luck!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trendy Thursday: Selling Your Clothes Online

How many times have you reorganized and cleaned out your closet to find tons of clothes that are still in great condition and perhaps still have price tags.  Yup I'm totally guilty of this, and most likely I won't wear again.  So what’s a girl to do, donate it all to a charity?  Yes, that is an option, but what about selling it and getting some of your money back.  A new trend has popped up within the last couple years, specialty sites made for you to sell your clothing and earn good money.  With a bad economy the past few years, many people are turning to these sites to sell and/or trade their clothing, shoes and handbags.  It’s easy, fun and anyone can do it.  So if you haven’t yet cleaned out your closets, go get started and ready to make loads of cash!  So where to start you ask, no worries I will guide you with a list of some of the web’s most popular sites. 

Poshmark – One of the web’s most popular sites to sell your clothes.  Poshmark is app based so if you don’t have a smart phone, mainly an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then this may not work for you. Poshmark is community based which makes it popular.  Once you sign up, create your cover shot for your closet and start adding items. They also have virtual Poshmark shopping parties to buy and sell with your friends online.  Poshmark parties are quite popular with fashion bloggers.  They will send you prepaid packaging once your item sells. Commission is higher than most at 20% of item price, but has a buyer guarantee.  They will only release payment to seller until you the buyer receives item. No funny business going on here. 

poshmark, selling online, fashion apps, style, fashion, mobile apps, resell
Tradesy – Is another online site to sell your gently used items using the website or mobile app.  You sign up creating an account with your email or with your Facebook account. Process seems simple and easy enough. You do the work, by taking pictures and adding the item info and description.  Get paid via papal when your item sells, with a 9% commission on every sale. Tradesy will deduct commission from the sale, in addition to the PayPal commission.  Tradesy will send you a pre-paid envelope with tracking once your items sells and you don’t have to worry about packaging, Which is a plus when selling online.
online resale, tradsey, mobile app, fashion apps,
Copious - Like the sites listed before Copious is an online market place with a mobile app. You can sell clothing, shoes, handbags and other items.  Other sites only allow clothing and related items.   Works similar to other sites, seller takes pictures and post items.  Copious will take 3.5% commission and market place fee is 6%, which can be added to price of item if seller wishes.  You the seller are responsible to package and send items with a set time frame. If you do not comply with shipping guidelines Copious cancels your sale. 
copious, moblie fashion app, resell, fashion
ThredUP –It’s like a consignment store, but on your mobile phone. You can sell not only your own clothes, shoes and accessories but your kids as well. Order a free “Clean Out” bag and fill it up with all your unwanted items and ship back to ThredUP.  They will inspect and select the items and pay you up front for those accepted. You can also shop using their mobile app, which is free.  Let them do the work of taking pictures and listing items, all you do is clean out your closet and ship it away.
selling clothes, fashion app, thredup, mobile app, spring clean
Threadflip – A social market place to sell unwanted fashion item, use website or mobile app.  A large community gives your items lots of exposure and makes them more sell-able.  Like the other sites Threadflip sends you the packaging materials and postage.  Not need to worry about acquiring shipping materials.  With a 15% commission fee, seems like an easy way to make a buck.  If you just don’t have the time, patient or know-how, you can opt to use their “white glove” service.  You send a box of your items, they select and professionally photograph the items to sell. Once your items sell they send you a check at end of month.
threadflip, apps, fashion, resell, spring cleaning
So there you have it, no more excuses and reasons not to clean out your closets. Now is the time to get rid of what you don’t want and make some cash. After all you’re going to need cash fill up your empty closet.  Happy Selling!
Have you used any of these sites to sell or buy items? Please share in the comments.  I really want to hear about your experience. 

*All pictures from goggle images.  No compensated received for this post.  Just sharing info and giving readers the latest trends. :)
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