Sunday, May 5, 2013

Celebrating At The Happiest Place On Earth!

Last week I celebrated my 30-something birthday. We don't need to get into details about the number.  I still get carded when I order drinks so that's all that matters.  I decided to be young at heart and celebrate by going to Disney California Adventure.  It's been many years since I was last there.  Since moving to Anaheim, CA we deiced to get annual passes to Disneyland, so we plan on going lots to both parks.  I woke up very excited and giddy like I was 8 years old again.  So off I went with my boo to California Adventure for the day.  The weather was perfect, I felt good and was so ready to get on all the rides.  Until I got to the entranced and discovered I forgotten my annual pass....BOO!  I almost cried, but decided to ask at customer service desk before having a melt down. Luckily they will look-up your annual pass with your ID.  The lady checked my info and gave me a temporary pass to enter, along with a Happy Birthday button with my name to wear.  I had no idea Disney did that, totally made my day.  Every where I went people wished me happy birthday.  I felt so special, it was a very nice gesture.  When we arrived the first ride we rode was Soaring Over California.  The lines were short and waited only about 15 mins.  I was also most excited to visit Cars Land, after hearing many good reviews from everyone.  If your a fan of the movie Cars, you will LOVE Cars Land.  It's an exact replica of Radiator Springs.  The rides are also really great, the racers were my favorite.  OK so as you can tell it was an awesome birthday and one of the best I had since turning 30.  Oh I can't forget to tell you about the Pixar Parade.  Just as we were leaving we noticed the rope barriers set up.  I asked what it was for and was told the Pixar Parade would start soon.  I had to stay and watch the parade.  Some of my favorite movies are Disney/Pixar movies.  It was the cutest and most fun parade.   Overall it was an awesome fun day.  I was feeling very happy and blessed to celebrate my birthday doing many of favorite things with my favorite person.

Here are some pictures of my birthday from Disney California Adventure. 
My outfit, boyfriend jeans, black lace top, yellow skull scarf and polka dot vans.
I'm the birthday girl, loved my happy bday button. Thanks Disney!
Paradise Pier, great back drop for a beautiful OC day.
Welcome to Cars Land.
Here it is, waiting to ride.
Radiator Springs Racers.  We had fun, can you tell? :)
Me and My Boo, *Heart*
Pixar Parade, all your favorite character in one place.  It was awesome!

Have you ever visited Disneyland for your birthday?  Whats your favorite ride? I love to read your comments and thoughts.  Thanks for visiting. 

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