Friday, May 17, 2013

Get Rewarded for Shopping at Northgate Gonzalez Market

How many of you use those reward cards from grocery stores.  I do and sometimes wonder if I am really saving money or getting anything out if.  Until I heard about Northgate Gonzalez Market rewards program.  Northgate Gonzalez is a local grocery chain in Southern California catering to the Latino population.  My mother has been shopping at Northgate for years, they have a large selection of all her favorite Mexican products, along with all the American faves too. Its a one stop shop with a meat department, deli and bakery where they also make fresh tortillas daily. Recently Northgate Gonazlez has partner with Unilever to launch a innovated promotion to reward customers.  It's simple, when a customer purchases Unilever products they will be tracked.  Every time a purchase at Northgate is made, the checker will ask for the cell phone number, which keeps track of the rewards and points.  Northgate also has an app for iPhone and Andorid to help shoppers keep track of their purchase totals.  

One of the first rewards is a free concert to see multi-platinum Latin artist Reyli.  During a 5 week period from April 2- May 5, 2013, customers who spent $100 in participating Unilever products, earned 2 tickets to see Reyli on May 17, 2013 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.  That sounds really cool to me, most people purchase those products any way, so why not get rewarded for doing so. They have a whole host of events coming up throughout the year, so this easy-to-use rewards program will just keep paying off!   

I'm going to the Reyli concert tonight courtesy of Northgate, which is exclusive to customers.  The tickets could not be be bought  and only available to shoppers who earned them via the rewards program.   If your local to So Cal, go check out Northgate Gonzalez Market, and find out more about the rewards program.  Insider tip, go to the deli and buy some carnitas, they are so good!

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