Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans, I love them!

I have been a fan and shopper of Old Navy for many years. I usually would shop in store, and get lucky with a few items. Some of the XXL clothes in store would fit me, mostly the tops and very few dresses. I know Old Navy carries plus size online, and can only be purchased via the website. I really don't mind shopping online, but not when it's the only option you get from a retailer. I don't always want to wait 5-7 days for a dress to arrive, or what if the dress fits weird. It can be frustrating when you’re plus size and usually need to try on clothes to find the right fit. Don't even get me started on jeans. Seems like most woman have issues finding good fitting jeans in trendy styles. Now imagine finding the same type of jeans in plus size. Mission Impossible! I never shopped for jeans at Old Navy, since the largest size they carried in store was like a 16 or 18, if you were lucky to find those sizes. So all this time shopping at Old Navy, I never bought a pair of jeans or any type of pants. I basically didn't even bother, until last week. I decided to try on a pair of jeans, since I was on the hunt for a new pair of boyfriend jeans. My old pair is a bit too big now, since I lost 20lbs. I haven't discussed any weight loss on the blog, but currently I'm on Weight Watchers. Anyway back to my new fave pair of jeans. Old Navy has a good sale on all jeans; I grabbed a pair of boyfriend jeans in size 18 and tried them on. To my surprise and sheer joy they fit! WOOHOO! Not only did they fit me but also the cut was flattering and I felt good wearing them. A few other plus size bloggers had raved about Old Navy jeans, but didn't bother trying them out, since I had to order online. Well now I can fit into most of the ON jeans found in store, when I am lucky to find a size 18. I really love the cut and wash on this pair, which are only $25. They have several washes and cuts to choose from. They have a little bit of distress as well and some stretch but don't sag in the butt. I ended up buying a pair of printed skinny jeans as well from Old Navy. I am really loving Old Navy jeans, and been wearing them all week. Seriously wore them like 3 times since I bought them just a week ago. I don't know about you all but I tend to wear jeans a few times before washing them. Don't judge me! Is that like totally weird? I have heard of dudes not ever washing their jeans because they don't want them to fade or lose shape. Now I'm rambling, so just wanted to share my new found love of Old Navy jeans. Here is an outfit I wore last Friday to a concert. My whole outfit was planned around the boyfriend jeans. See, told you I love these jeans!

~ Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy ~ Studded Top: 89th & Madison ~ Boots: H&M ~ Silver Clutch: H&M ~

Do you have issues finding jeans? What is your favorite brand of jeans?


  1. My favourite brand of jeans is Josefina pure cashmere throws!


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