Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Funday at Disney California Adventure

Happy Sunday!  I hope your having a wonderful day, or maybe your having a lazy Sunday like me.  This weekend was full of lots of fun things.  Friday I attended a concert, on Saturday was a blogging workshop and today I am pooped out.  So besides doing a few errands, today I am staying in and watching TV.  Sunday is a good TV night for me....I have Mad Men, XOX Betsey Johnson and Retail Royalty.  Oh and catching up with Revenge, since I missed the finale last Sunday. So is your Sunday fabulous and fun?  Maybe your relaxing at home like me.

Today I wanted to share a video from my latest trip to Disney California Adventure.  It was my first time visiting the new Cars Land area and it was awesome.  I really loved the whole concept and felt like I was in the movie.  Its a short video taking you through my day and on the ride as well.  Hope you enjoy it and subscribed to my YouTube channel.  I will have many more videos coming this year, you don't want to miss out!!!  Thanks for watching, please rate, comment and subscribe.  If you like my video please share it with your peeps. ;)


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