Friday, June 28, 2013

Eat Del Taco, Buy More Shoes

*This is a sponsored post for Del Taco

Previously I had posted about Del Taco's new "Buck and Under" menu.  Although this technically is not a "food blog" I still like to eat!  Sometimes I'm looking for less expensive meals to eat, which will leave more money to shop for clothes and shoes.   A girl can't live without her shoes, sometimes a meal or two may be sacrificed.  Del Taco is one of my fave place to eat when I am low on funds due to shopping.  I know it's sad to admit but I've done it before, spent more money on shoes and clothes with very little left for food.   Hey don't judge me, if your a fashion lover you have probably done this too!!! ;)

Along with the new menus, Del Taco now has Shredded Pork Carnitas menu too.  If your not familiar with Carnitas, it's slow-braised pork that is simmered in small batch kettles as found in the cooking methods of a traditional Mexican kitchen.  This girl loves meat, and Carnitas are just too good!  

Del Taco returns it's popular Shredded Pork Carnitas menu this summer, for a limited time beginning June 26. Tender, slow braised and full of flavor, carnitas products include Carnitas Taco al Carbon, Carnitas Combo Burrito and – new this summer – Carnitas Loaded Fries.  I am excited to try the Carnitas menu, espcially the Loaded Fries!!!   So head over to Del Taco and try out this new menu.  

If you head over to the Del Taco Facebook page you can get some coupons for free food!  Come on it's free food, so that means more money to shop!!  Also if you sign up to Del Taco Raving Fan E-Club you can get some other good freebies!!  

Click Here for Coupon

Carnitas or Shoes? Tough choice, but with Del Taco prices we can have both! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maximizing You Maxi Dress

It's a hot one today, summer is in full effect. Sometimes it can be more difficult to come up with outfits for summer than for fall/winter.  In the colder months its easy, throw on a sweater, some jeans with boots, maybe a scarf and your done. Summer time can be more challenging, not only do I want to be cool, but also want to look cute.  The past few years I found the best way to accomplish the cool, cute and stylish look for summer is with a maxi dress.  When maxi dresses first became popular a few years ago, I was hesitant to try them.  Would a long maxi dress look good on a plus size girl? Well the answer is YES!  Yes you can wear a maxi dress even if your curvy or plus size.  Never say never to fashion until you try it on. That's the rule I learned from blogging. If you see a style or trend you like, try it on before you rule it out.  Not everything will look good on everybody, but you'd be surprised what styles can work for you.   GO TRY IT ON!  That's how I learned maxi dress can work for me and now I love to wear them.    

Last weekend for the Sally Hansen Nail Art Party I wore a new maxi dress.   I found this dress at Ross for like $8.00, talk about a bargain.  Its not a fancy dress, but I liked the color and print. It fits me well and the flowiness of the dress kept me cool and comfortable through out the day.  This maxi dress could also be dressed up a bit more with some heels or wedges, and different accessories.  I prefer not to wear strapless dresses, but this maxi is a strapless tube top style. I wore a light crop cardigan to cover up and not have to wear a strapless bra (i hate them).  This maxi dress could work for many occasions and very versatile for day and night. 

How I wore the maxi dress for a casual afternoon of manicures with the girls. 

Tube-top maxi dress from Ross only paid about $8!
Crop cardigan from Target and Sandals from Dolce Vita
Earrings/Necklace from G-Stage (local shop), Watch Betsey Johnson also from Ross,  Swarovski Wrap bracelet gifted. 

 Are you now convinced a maxi dress can work for you?
What type of outfits are your favorite to wear during summer?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Warby Parker: Meridian Collection Exclusive

It's summer time and whats the must have accessories for the season?  Sunglasses! At least for me it is, I can't live with out my sunglasses.  Especially since I need prescription sunglasses for driving. Since I need to wear glasses for driving, might as well make them cool glasses.  Warby Parker has you covered on the cool part.  Warby Parker is an online retailer for prescription eye wear.  They have plenty of modern frames to choose from at ridiculously affordable prices.  The best thing about Warby Parker is they care about the customer and give back to the community. Warby Parker has a buy one give one program, you know like that one shoe company. For every pair sold they distribute a pair and partnered  with the organization VisionSpring. 

Today Warby Parker launches its new collection called Meridian and you get the first look here on Cid Style File.  The Meridian Collection has a rebel vibe, the look of a renegade traveler into a wearable adventure. Each of the three new frames feature dramatic details with just the perfect amount of metallic shade. The collection is named after the geographical mark that pilots use to determine their longitudinal degree.  Here is the Meridian Collection! 

Exley’s charm lies in its shape: 
a flattering take on the teardrop, 
rimmed with a just-right metallic 
shade that offsets both the fairest 
and most sunburned of tones.
Exley in Jet Silver
Exley in Polished Gold 

Raskin with its larger lens and 
wider frame, the Raskin is 
a sharp companion for 
on-the-road affairs.
Raskin in Jet Silver
Raskin in Polished Gold 

Flannery both mavericks and traditionalists 
will appreciate the classic, polished 
Flannery—a medium-fit pair perfect 
for playing hooky or completing 
more stately activities.
Flannery in Jet Silver
Flannery in Polished Gold

So what do you think of The Meridian Collection?  I can totally picture wearing these on a summer day, driving down Pacific Coast Hwy in a sweet convertible. Ah eternal summer moment! It's so James Dean! ;)

Non prescription glasses are only $95 and prescription glasses are $150.  In case your not sure how these will look on you, they have a Home Try On program. Yup you get to try before you buy!  Get more info and details on this collection and more Warby Parker glasses here

Great deal for cool, quality glasses if you ask me! 

*This is not a sponsored post, I am not being compensated in any way. Just helping Warby Parker introduce the new collection. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Girl Time with Sally Hansen Nail Party #IHeartMyNailArt

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

I think most woman enjoy spending "girl time" and what better way to do so than with a manicure. I was given the opportunity to host a nail party from Sally Hansen and invited some ladies for a little pampering. I was given a budget to shop for Sally Hansen nail polishes at Walgreens. I went to my local Walgreens and found they did not carry all the varieties of polishes I needed. So calling around to local stores I found a Walgreens who did carry the new collection of Sugar Coat and Fuzzy Coat polishes. The sales lady was very nice and actually set aside some polishes for me to ensure they did not sell out. When I arrived to the store, she had the polishes waiting for me at the beauty counter. I was happy to find out the Sally Hansen polishes were BOGO 50% off. I was able to buy much more than I expected, and also was given an extra $1.00 off coupon they had in store from Sally Hansen. It was a great shopping experience and the sales lady made it easy for me to use my Balance Rewards Card and told I also had $5.00 worth of rewards. It was a win, win for me on this day!

I had to share my Sally Hansen find on Instagram 
Once arriving home with over 20 polishes for the nail party, I began to research some nail art ideas on the internet. There was so much to choose from and found many other great nail blogs to get inspiration from.  I made an inspiration board with pictures of nail art using Sally Hansen products to help my guest get their creative juices flowing. 

Do you see a nail art design you like?
I was excited for the nail party and to see all the great nail art my guest would come up with.  Along with all the nail polishes and other supplies, I also bought some yummy treats for everyone.  You can't have a party with out yummy food and drinks! 

There was plenty of colors and textures to choose from.
The treats were yummy, and the ladies enjoyed it all. 
Once all the ladies arrived, they decided to eat first and then work on the manicures.  Can't work on an empty stomach! 

Everyone a was excited to try out the new textured polishes; Sugar Coat and Fuzzy Coat from Sally Hansen. 
The sister trying to decide on colors and helping each other with ideas. 
Before beginning the manicures, all the ladies prepped their nails by filing, pushing back cuticles and adding a base coat. 

Some ladies were great about polishing their own nails, while other needed a little help.  We all helped each other in one way or another, even if it was just selecting a color and deciding on a design. 

All the ladies seem to be enjoying the process of creating the nail art. I also mentioned to them about the Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt contest online.  I hope they all went home and entered!

By the end of the day all the ladies ended up with some fancy nail art.  I was excited to give them a little gift to take home as well.  All the ladies took home a cute Sally Hansen nail file and the polish they used.  

Everyone had great ideas and designs it was tough picking a favorite one, but some nail art stood out more.  

The finished nails from all the ladies. 
These are some my fave nail art from the nail party. 

Ying/Yang inspired using black and white sugar coat polish. 
Cotton Candy inspired nails using white sugar coat and 2 solid color polishes with one accent nail. 
Most creative: Monster U movie inspired nails using fuzzy coat, gem crush and sold color polishes.

Lastly my own nails, which were in major need of a manicure. This nail party was so fun and I enjoyed hosting all my friends. 
The before nails were ugly and battered from having gel manicures done. 
My nails after, looked much better. I used a blue solid color and fuzzy coat on top for a textured look.

We ended the night with some cake for my sister the birthday girl. My friend and I surprised her with a big cake and we all sang happy birthday to her.

You can see more pictures and details from my shopping and party in my Google+ album

Visit Sally Hansen for more nail art inspiration and enter the #IHeartMyNailArt Contest. 

Get your own polishes to create nail art at Walgreens. They have some great deals on Sally Hansen products. 

  • 6/2-6/29 Complete Salon Manicure $2/10
  • 6/2-6/29: Mix n' Match BOGO 50% off on Insta-Dri, Fuzzy Coat, Sugar Coat, and Nail Art Pens and Xtreme Polishes

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girls Day Out with Gevalia Coffee

Coffee seems to be my drink of choice lately.  You will rarely see me drinking beer or wine.  You can count on me drinking coffee daily.  When I was given the opportunity to sample some coffee, and share it with friends, my answer was 100% yes. Gevalia Coffee and Safeway sent me a gift card to host a little gathering with friends to enjoy some of their coffee.

I invited my girlfriends, mom and sister to come over for an after noon of Gevalia Coffee and sweet treats.  I chose a Sunday afternoon for the gathering, so we can have a relaxing and fun ending to the weekend.  Early Sunday morning I woke up and headed to Vons to buy the Gevalia Coffee and treats.

It was tough deciding on what type of coffee to choose, Gevalia has several varieties.   I ended up with the house and vanilla blends.  The treats were a mix of brownies, chocolate croissants and some pudding bunt cakes. Also included some cheese, crackers, hummus and chips.  Not everyone has sweet tooth like I do, and wanted to give my guest some variety.

I had the coffee maker ready to go, for when my guest arrived just click the on button and get the coffee brewing.

The table was set with all the desserts, along with the cups and plates for the treats.  I even had a bottle of coffee liqueur for those who wanted an extra kick to their coffee. ;)

Once every one arrived, I gave them a little explanation of Gevalia Coffee and the different types of blends to choose from.  The vanilla blend seem to be the most popular and favorite among the ladies.  I had to brew a second pot of Gevalia vanilla blend for those who requested a second cup.

We all sat down with our coffee and treats for the rest of the after noon to chat.  Lots of laughs were had as we talked about family, work and the latest shows we like to watch.  Me being the fashion blogger, I had to bring up latest trends in clothes, shoes and make up.  Most of my friends were most interested in talking nail polish colors for the summer.  Seems we all like to have our nails done and shared some secrets to make our manicures last longer.  

By the end of the evening everyone was ready to head home and get ready for the week.  It was a fun afternoon with the girls, and no alcohol was needed.   I remember back in my college days this gathering would not have included coffee.  How times have changed, but what hasn't changed is the good times I spend with family and friends.  Even though we are older now, we still enjoy getting together and having some laughs over coffee.  My nieces even joined in and liked the coffee.  It was nice to show them you don't need to go out "drinking" to have a fun time.  Some times all you need is good coffee and great friends. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Devious Maids: New Lifetime Series

*This is a sponsored post for Lifetime. 

Adding a new show to my Sunday night TV line up.  Lifetime has a new show called Devious Maids, with a cast full of Latina actors.  I was excited to hear about this show, not only because of all the Latina actresses who are the main characters, but also because of Susan Lucci.  At first when you hear the name and the premise of the show its seems like your typical stereotype of a Latina, being a maid.  I was weary in the beginning due to this fact, but always want to give a show a chance before dismissing it.  Yes the main characters are all maids, but what is so special about the show is the main characters are maids. OK let me explain, when have you seen a show where the maid is the main character...Umm probably never.  Usually the maid is a bit role or supporting character, not in Devious Maids. Although in theory the characters do submit to the stereotype of the Latina being a maid for the rich "white man".  These ladies are more than your typical maid, and the characters come off as smart and strong Latinas. 

After watching the first episode thanks to a screening copy from Lifetime, I am hooked. The show is set in Beverly Hills and first scene starts off with murder. That's all your getting from me!  

I don't know about you, but I love a good drama with suspense, murder, sex and a little comedy thrown in.  Each maid has a story and is ambitious looking for more to life than just being a maid.  Haven't we all had a job we didn't love and probably hated, but it was a means to get us to our goal.  This is what Devious Maids reminds me of, each character is looking for more to life and working as a maid to help them get there one day.  I will be watching each week to see the characters stories unfold. 

The show is from the creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry and executive producer Eva Longoria so you know its going to be juicy.  The cast includes Ana Ortiz, who played the sister in Ugly Betty.  Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sanchez, Judy Reyes and Edy Ganem all play the maids.  Did I also mention Susan Lucci....she is back on TV and looking great. Lucci played one of my all time favorite soap opera characters on All My Children.  It's good to see here back on the screen, along with a cast full of talented Latinas.  Like the saying goes don't judge a book by its cover, and you shouldn't judge this show by its name.  If you love drama, mayhem and intrigue then give Devious Maids a chance. Don’t miss the premiere of Devious Maids Sunday, June 23 at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Outfits with Naya Sandals

*This is a sponsored post, product was provided to review*

Summer time is finally here, OK not officially until June 21st, but whose counting. I basically live in sandals during the summer and warmer months.  We luckily have many of those warm sunny days here in OC.   My friends at Naya shoes sent me a pair of sandals from the 2013 collection to review.  I was introduced to Naya shoes about 2 years ago, when I was part of their blogger contest.  In case you don't know about Naya shoes, I'll give you a little bit of info.  Naya shoes is part of the Brown Shoes Co. and uses environmentally preferred materials whenever possible for all their shoes.  All of shoes are designed to be not only the softest and fashion forward but also to reduce environmental impact.  I love a company who cares about the planet as much as they care about the customers.  

The sandals I received called the Helena, are a simple design with a strap across toes, a buckle closure and small heel. The leather is soft with a cushioned sole and so comfy.  I wanted a pair of neutral color sandals that could be worn with almost any outfit and make it a no brain'er to style.  These sandals are hit in my wardrobe. Worn them several times already and every time get many compliments and people asking me about them.  My niece even hinted she wanted them, she knows her tia has style!   
I've been a busy blogger lately and sadly haven't take pictures of my outfits when I wore the Helena sandals. Bad, Bad Blogger...I know, whats wrong with me.  I was able to recreate the outfits worn with some Beautysets to show you.  

This outfit I wore one weekend to go shopping with the BF.  We went to our local outlet mall and spent most of the day walking around and checking out all the stores.  The Naya sandals were perfect for walking since they leather moved with me and the cushioning supported every step.  I paired the sandals with some boyfriend jeans, floral top, added a tote, my favorite sunnies, and simple hoops.  Off I went shopping and lunch date with my boo. 
Beautysets - Weekend Shopping Trip
Weekend Shopping Trip with Essie, Forever21, Betsey Johnson, Naya Sandals

This outfit I wore to hang out and have coffee with my girlfriends.  Sometimes you need a little girl time to chat, gossip and laugh.  I wore a eyelet dress from Old Navy, with a denim vest, since it was wee bit cool. Paired with the Naya sandals and some fun colorful accessories   Voila! Cute, comfy and no fuss outfit to have coffee with the chicas.
Beautysets - Coffee with the girls

Coffee with the girls with Urban Outfitters, Julie Vos, Betsey JohnsonNaya Sandals

If your looking for some cute, comfy sandals who are also environmentally friendly, check out Naya shoes. You won't be disappointed and your feet will thank you too! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Grand Opening Lassio Salon Hosted by Elle Magazine & Wella Professionals

Blogging can be a full time gig and sometimes you need a little help.  I love blogging and all perks that come with it, but can't always attend all the events and review the products received.  That's where contributors come in, and now I officially have a blog contributor.  Her name is Celeste Cid, and yes she is related.  Celeste is my niece who just completed her first year of college and is home for the summer from St. Johns University.  During the summer she will contribute to Cid Style File, giving you a younger and fresh look at fashion and beauty here on the blog. I like to introduce you to Celeste and new Cid Style File Jr. edition!  

It has always been fascinating for me to hear and read about all of the fun things that my tia (aunt) gets to experience for her blog.   When she offered me the chance to attend an event in her name, I jumped at the chance! The event I attended on May 30, 2013 was the grand opening of Lassio Salon in Monrovia,  California hosted by Elle Magazine and Wella Professionals

Lassio Salon offers a complete range of services including cut, color, and styling. The salon itself was open and inviting, something you would not expect by simply observing it from the outside. With a classy and relaxing atmosphere, it is definitely a place any girl would love to get her hair done. Each of the guests were given complementary hair consultations from the helpful and friendly stylists. The stylist who consulted with me, Jess, taught me a cool and creative new way to braid my hair. My mom, who I brought along with me, got some tips for managing frizz. We were also given complimentary swag bags, which came with Wella shampoo ,conditioner, and smoothing treatment, as well as a copy of the June issue of Elle magazine. 

Although prices for services at Lassio are moderate to high, I totally enjoyed the vibe from this salon. Talking to the stylists and asking questions, I found them to be friendly and courteous. After trying out the Wella products, I was extremely happy with the results, (Hello smooth and shiny!).

By: Celeste Cid

Disclosure: Cid Style File was invited to attend this event, no compensation was received.  We did received product samples and all opinions are our own.  For best results you should always try it out for yourself.

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