Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How To Detect A Fashion Blogger

How can you tell if someone is a fashion blogger?  Sometimes its not as easy to detect the fashion bloggers.  If you see someone taking pictures out in public areas, most likely they are bloggers.  If you see them doing one or all of these poses, then you know for sure they are fashion bloggers.   It's actually funny to see bloggers do these poses.  Like where did we learn to pose like this? I say we because I am guilty of doing these poses as well.  If you read fashion blogs, you will notice the majority of blogger do these poses in their pictures. I didn't really notice or pay attention to the poses, until reviewing the pictures.  Sometimes I feel silly taking pictures, but as soon as the camera comes out the poses follow.  It's an automatic reaction now, especially if the outfit is cute and blog worthy.  
Here are some of the more commonly used picture poses.
The Outfit ~Boyfriend Jeans: Lane Bryant ~ Sweater: Old Navy ~ Vest: The Gap ~ Sandals: Foreign Exchange ~ Bag: H&M

The Side Pose:  Oh you talking to me?  Looking to the side giving a little attitude. OK I will let you take my picture. 

The Tilted Head: Why does the head always tilt? I'm not sure but its just natural reaction all fashion bloggers have.  Some always tilt left and other tilt right, its a mandatory fashion blogger pose.  If you don't tilt your head then your doing something wrong.

The Leg Cross: This pose was taken from the red carpet.  All the celebs are doing it. Some fashion bloggers are now the new celebs.  So we have to cross our legs too!

The Bended Knee: This pose is all an illusion, to make you look slimmer or taller.  Or maybe it's just to make you look like a fashion blogger.  Who really knows!

Next time your out shopping, having dinner or just walking your dog, see if you can detect the fashion blogger.  I bet there is one living in your neighborhood, and you probably didn't know it.

If your the fashion blogger, which pose if you favorite? I know we all have a favorite pose  My faves are the leg cross and tilted head, I stick to the classics. 

**P.S. This post is not making fun of any fashion blogger, and it's just general observation.  The only person I am mocking and laughing at, is my self! ;)


  1. this is too cute. You look great.
    :)made me smile...and the tilted head made me giggle.
    love the sandals!

  2. Lmao! That's hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. :)

  3. LOL girl! The pose I always see on line (but not in person yet) is the raised arm pose--similar to that deoderant commercial; like "I'm just checking to see how I smell..."

  4. haha hilarious!! I'll have to see if I can point out the fashion bloggers at the next con.

  5. Lol! You are so right!! You can often find food bloggers if you watch too, or just bloggers if you are out to eat as they always take pictures of their food :)

  6. Hahaha this made me laught! This doesn't just go for fashion bloggers though, I'm guilty of doing some of these any time someone whips out a camera.

  7. LMFAO! Great post! I always do the "leg cross" I find it to be somewhat slimming in photographs. It would be cool if you did a blog post on posing or getting that perfect OOTD pic. I'm new at this so I haven't quite perfected that aspect of blogging yet.

  8. I love the animated gif, great post.

  9. This is so funny! Totally had me chuckling through the whole post! Also great animated pics. I too have a habit of posing when the camera is pointed my way, although I'm not a fashion blogger (yet) ;-)

  10. Hahahaha! 100% right! I feel so silly whenever I'm standing in public getting my photo taken (usually by my husband), but I'll be damned if I don't strike a pose!

  11. Never done this in public, but my iPhone gets a work out when the mood strikes for a new profile pic.

  12. LOL.. love this post.. and love how you created the moving pic with all the poses.

    This week, when back home, I noticed a certain pose my sisters always do when they're getting their pictures taken.. lol

  13. You are so spot on with this!


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