Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Blog & More Social Meida Outlets

It's Saturday and most of you are probably enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Well at least I hope your having great weather where ever you may be.  Just want to do a quick post to let you know about a new blog I started.  This blog will be solely lifestyle (no fashion/beauty) where you find food, tech, travel, entertainment and blogging post.  I will also blog about local events and happenings around Orange County and my new city of Anaheim, CA. Come check out to read about my other interest and happenings.  Don't worry I am not giving up Cid Style File, this is my baby and always will be my #1 blog.  After 4+ years of blogging I found my self wanting to share more than just fashion and beauty.  I attempted to include other topics on this blog but found the readers didn't seem to respond as well.  So was born...come take a look and check out the new blog.  There is also a link on top of blog to take you directly from one blog to another.   

Along with the new blog I also have joined Keek and Vine to share some quick videos with you.  Follow me on both to see where I'm going, what I'm buying, what I'm wearing even what I'm eating. I will follow back as well if you have Keek and/or Vine accounts. Also please subscribe to CidStyleFile on YouTube where I am adding more videos weekly.  Below I will post all the links and hope to see your videos as well.   Thanks for reading and hope to see over on as well.  

Follow Me on 
Vine - user veronicacid  
(not the one from puerto rico)

Have a great weekend!!!


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