Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Warby Parker: Meridian Collection Exclusive

It's summer time and whats the must have accessories for the season?  Sunglasses! At least for me it is, I can't live with out my sunglasses.  Especially since I need prescription sunglasses for driving. Since I need to wear glasses for driving, might as well make them cool glasses.  Warby Parker has you covered on the cool part.  Warby Parker is an online retailer for prescription eye wear.  They have plenty of modern frames to choose from at ridiculously affordable prices.  The best thing about Warby Parker is they care about the customer and give back to the community. Warby Parker has a buy one give one program, you know like that one shoe company. For every pair sold they distribute a pair and partnered  with the organization VisionSpring. 

Today Warby Parker launches its new collection called Meridian and you get the first look here on Cid Style File.  The Meridian Collection has a rebel vibe, the look of a renegade traveler into a wearable adventure. Each of the three new frames feature dramatic details with just the perfect amount of metallic shade. The collection is named after the geographical mark that pilots use to determine their longitudinal degree.  Here is the Meridian Collection! 

Exley’s charm lies in its shape: 
a flattering take on the teardrop, 
rimmed with a just-right metallic 
shade that offsets both the fairest 
and most sunburned of tones.
Exley in Jet Silver
Exley in Polished Gold 

Raskin with its larger lens and 
wider frame, the Raskin is 
a sharp companion for 
on-the-road affairs.
Raskin in Jet Silver
Raskin in Polished Gold 

Flannery both mavericks and traditionalists 
will appreciate the classic, polished 
Flannery—a medium-fit pair perfect 
for playing hooky or completing 
more stately activities.
Flannery in Jet Silver
Flannery in Polished Gold

So what do you think of The Meridian Collection?  I can totally picture wearing these on a summer day, driving down Pacific Coast Hwy in a sweet convertible. Ah eternal summer moment! It's so James Dean! ;)

Non prescription glasses are only $95 and prescription glasses are $150.  In case your not sure how these will look on you, they have a Home Try On program. Yup you get to try before you buy!  Get more info and details on this collection and more Warby Parker glasses here

Great deal for cool, quality glasses if you ask me! 

*This is not a sponsored post, I am not being compensated in any way. Just helping Warby Parker introduce the new collection. 


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