Saturday, August 24, 2013

Covergirl Moment with Becky G

Sometimes I have to pinch my self to make sure what I am experiencing is real. Last weekend I was invited by Covergirl to attend the H20 Music Festival in Los Angeles.  Me and a few other Latina bloggers were invited as media to meet the newest Covergirl Becky G.  If you haven't heard of Becky G I suggest you go Google her and get acquainted.  She'a about to blow up!!  Becky G is a 16 year old Latina from Los Angeles who was discovered on YouTube!  Yes, it has happened again, a young star is born on the internet.  What's so special about Becky G is her roots, she's a Mexican-American girl from Los Angeles, who not only has a record deal but also is the new face of Covergirl.  WOW!   

Being a Latina from Los Angeles my self, I am so proud of this young girl who represents not only my city but my cultural as well. Growing up I didn't have any role models in the entertainment industry who I felt represented me.  It's totally refreshing to see this young Latina live her dreams and represent her culture and roots very well.  I was one of the lucky bloggers who met Becky G at the H20 Music Fest and watched her perform.  She's so cute and petite but has a very powerful presence on stage.  I will be following her career and can't wait to see her take over the world!  

Check out my pictures from the Covergirl's Easy Breezy Block Party bus and meet/greet with Becky G. We were treated to mini makeovers, manis from Covergirl and red carpet interviews with Becky G.

Becky G in the media tent before her performance.
Me with Becky G on the red carpet, she's adorable and reminds me of my niece Ally.
Having my Covergirl moment at the Easy Breezy Block Party Bus. 
Becky G looked so cute and fresh in Covergirl Makeup.

Here is how to recreate her Covergirl look from the H20 Music Fest.  

Becky G’s look was inspired by the city of Los Angeles, where she grew up and calls home. The city inspires her lyrics and cool beats, but most of all her style. The young COVERGIRL is known for her urban and fun style, and that was the inspiration behind the GLAM makeup she rocked for her performance at the H20 Music Festival.  Her look consisted of bold gold eyes and soft pink lips that pop!
Face Start out by applying COVERGIRL Clean Whipped CrΓ¨me Foundation. To accent the cheek bones apply COVERGIRL Clean Glow Blush in Roses #100.
Eyes Apply the COVERGIRL Flamed Out Shadow Pots in Charcoal # 335 around the crest. Then use the Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Gold Flame #330 to add gold shimmer to the look. Then apply the Ink It! in Black Ink # 230 by making a thick line that will make your eye pop! Finish this eye look by adding volume to your eyelashes for a bold look, with Flamed Out Mascara in Very Black 
Lips Finish the look with a soft nude, pinkish lip with first applying COVERGIRL Lip Perfection in Spellbound #325 and then the COVERGIRL Smoochies in Sweet Tweet # 255 on top.

Big Shout out to Covergirl for inviting me and introducing me to a beautiful talented young Latina artist.

*Disclaimer: I was invited as media to attend H20 Music Fest courtesy of Covergirl and did not receive any compensation.  Views expressed are my true and honest opinions


  1. aw! I have to pinch myself sometimes too! :) I can't believe we got to meet her. so cute. :) Love your pictures and also so happy that we FINALLY got to meet in person. Hope to see you again soon. xoxo

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