Saturday, September 28, 2013

Animal Style

Don't you just love animal print?  I'm a fan of animal print, but never head to toe! Lately I have been noticing more animal print in fashion and actual animals printed on clothes.  Last year the owl was really popular and you saw it on everything. This year I think it's the tiger, been seeing lots of tigers every where. I am always the one to embrace the less popular items in fashion.  So when I saw a zebra on a sweatshirt, I knew it was gonna be mine.  I picked up this top at Macy's, it's from Style & Co Sport. I thought it would be great for the weekends with the zebra on it, also has some rhinestones through out for a little sparkle.  A little sporty with style is what I call this look...animal style and not like the In-n-Out kind. 

Some leggings, my sneakers and a DIY vest completed the look. I also took my new Philip Lim for Target satchel out for spin with this outfit.  Check out the details below. 

animal style ootd

animal style ootd
~Zebra top: Macy's Style&Co Sport ~ Leggings: c/o Catherines ~ Vest: old jack from The Gap ( I cut off the sleeves) ~ 
~Hi-Top Sneakers: Coach via TJ Maxx ~ Bag: Philip Lim x Target Satchel in Gray~

Are you an animal print lover? 
What animal would you wear on your clothing?
I am currently looking for a bear or pig!  :)

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Natural Skin Care Experience with Lunagenics

Now that it’s officially Fall, do you change your skin care regime with the season?  I never really gave it much thought and didn't change how I cared for my skin from season to season.  Now I do notice some products are only to be used during certain season.  Fall is upon us and the weather is changing, perfect time to change some products for your skin.  In the colder months of fall and winter my skin does get dry and can be dull.  I recently started using Lunagenics, which is scientific based company in Orange County, CA.  I received 2 products from Lunagenics to preview which are medical-grade formulas, professional grade sponges and a terry cloth head band to review.  
I started with the Bio Advanced Age Therapy Cream, which nourishes skin for smoother and more youthful appearance. It uses some of the latest technology in skin care and plant extracts. Bio Advanced Age Therapy Cream is clinically proven to smooth wrinkles by rebuilding the skin, even out skin and formulated for the specific skin of the forehead and crows feet area. My forehead is my problem area and have considered Botox. OK so a after using the cream for about 2 weeks, here are my results. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth, just like a baby.  I have noticed my pores appear smaller and my skin looks less blotchy.  Its only been 2 weeks so with further use I hope to see better results. 

I also received the Micro Derm Purifying Treatment, which sloughs off unwanted dry and dead skin cells.  Treatment is enhanced with micro-dermabrasion beads to resurface and remove dead skin while delivering hydration. I used this product only a couple times, as its not meant for daily use. After the first use my skin definitely felt smoother and brighter looking. I could tell the dead skin was removed and resurfaced, leaving me extremely smooth skin. My skin felt like new, with a smoother textured made even my makeup look better.  I did break out, about the 2nd day after using the Purifying Treatment, which is normal when using these type of treatments.  It just means the products is working and cleaning out your pores and skin.   

Both products were very easy to use, with simple directions right on the box.  They both have light pleasant scents and do not contain any parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, GMOs or triclosan.  In other words no gunky stuff that will be bad for your skin.  Overall I am happy with results and ease of use with Lunagenics.  With continued use I hope to see better results and more youthful skin as promised.  
Day One of using products, headband is convenient to keep hair out of your face. 

If your looking for a high-end professional skincare like the ones used by estheticians take a look a Lunagenics.  The price point is a bit higher than most over the counter products, but its like having a spa facial treatment at home.  Investing in your skin is worth the price, especially when you can get a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dreaming of Philip Lim for Target

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm A Finalist

I never expect to win a blogger challenge or contest, but its fun to be a part of, right?

Today I received an email letting me know I was a finalist in the All You & Catherines Denim Debunked Challenge.  Now its all up to you to choose who's denim look you like best.  About a week ago I posted my look and experience shopping at Catherines. You can check out the full post here.

I would love your support and vote for my look, I'm #4 of 5 bloggers selected.

Denim Debunked by All You Magazine

Go the All You Blog (link here) and select #4 then click finish survey and viola!  You voted for me!!!  I appreciate your vote and support, you can vote more than once.  Thank you for taking the time to vote, results will be announced mid October. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lucky Friday, Who's Ready for Philip Lim

Just quick post this Friday the 13th, its never been a bad luck day for me.  In fact usually get good news or awesome things happen on this day.  Are me and Taylor Swift the only ones who like #13?

So this weekend is the launch of the Philip Lim for Target Collab.  I am big fan of designer collaboration with Target, since its a price point more suited to my budget.  Many people seem to complain and may disagree with me about these Target collabs.  All I know is come Sunday morning I will front and center at Target to shop!!  Hey a regular Philip Lim 3.1 bag cost nearly $1000, so if I can get one for $50 from Target Collab, why not!   I'm not the type to do the fake designer stuff, so why not do the next best thing. Lower priced designer collab, for the fashionista on a budget.

Here are some items I hope to score this weekend from the Philip Lil for Target collection.

Totally love this sweatshirt and sweat pants in french terry, hope they have my size!! Top & Pants $29.99

The faux leather details on this dress are so hot, perfect for the fall. I want! Dress $49.99

The whole outfit is so ideal and totally my style. LOVE the leather jacket (its real leather btw) Tank $26.99, Pants $39.99 & Jacket $249.99

Must have at least one bag from this collection. Tote is purple/navy (can't tell from pic) Bag $54.99

Minin satchel in gold is just like the bag from his 3.1 collection. Bag $34.99

Who else is heading to Target bright and early on Sunday? You can see more of the Philip Lim for Target Collection here. The collection will also include stuff for your guy, so he can get in on the shopping too! 

You can follow me on instagram @CidStyleFile to see what I buy on Sunday. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Catherines Denim Challenge

This is a sponsored post in collaborations with All You & Catherines. 

When All You Magazine contacted me about a denim challenge, I did not hesitate to say yes.  When it comes to denim, I could wear it everyday. I love denim and think it a classic fashion staple that should be in every ones closet. Denim is much more than just a pair of jeans, nowadays you can wear denim everything.  

All You sent a me a gift card to shop at Catherines and explore their new denim collection, for a blogger contest and chance to win a $500 gift card.  I have to admit Catherines is not a store I shopped in ever. Being this was a challenge, I was not discouraged by not being familiar with this retailer.  I found the closest store to me, to conquer this denim challenge. 

When I arrived at Catherines, the staff was all very friendly and welcoming.  Quickly greeted and asked if I needed help. Since I was not familiar with the layout and sizing of store, I took the help.  Headed straight for the denim section and grabbed a few items to try on.  A couple jeans, some shirts and leggings were all in my stack of clothes.  After trying on several items, I left with the dip-dye denim shirt below. It caught my attention because of the dye effect, which looks cool.  I love a good denim shirt and this one had that little extra special something with the ombre effect.  Denim is more than jeans, and a denim shirt can be a versatile piece for your wardrobe.  I already have many ideas on how to wear this shirt, with pants, skirts, shorts and even dresses.  

Today I had the day off and was running around town doing some shopping.  I wore the denim shirt with some leggings also from Catherines. 

I paired the shirt with a polka dot cami underneath to stay cool since it was a warm day, and wore my fave sandals too.  

Overall I think this is a fun casual outfit that is comfortable but still looks stylish.  I know being comfy is an important part for me, but try to do it with out looking sloppy.  

Catherines is not my typical spot to shop in, but adding it to my list of stores. Being a plus size woman, my choices are limited where I can shop. Having another option is always great and I have come to be the type of shopper to look at all stores as options.  You don't have to buy all your clothing from one retailer or brand, its best to mix it up and get the best pieces for you from each store.  If you haven't checked out Catherines, give them a look.  I found they have great basic pieces for any wardrobe like the denim shirt and leggings I am wearing. 

Disclaimer I was provided a $100 gift card to Catherines along with an issue of ALL YOU in exchange for a shopping experience, product reviews and as a part of a contest for the chance to win a $500 gift card to Catherines.
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