Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Catherines Denim Challenge

This is a sponsored post in collaborations with All You & Catherines. 

When All You Magazine contacted me about a denim challenge, I did not hesitate to say yes.  When it comes to denim, I could wear it everyday. I love denim and think it a classic fashion staple that should be in every ones closet. Denim is much more than just a pair of jeans, nowadays you can wear denim everything.  

All You sent a me a gift card to shop at Catherines and explore their new denim collection, for a blogger contest and chance to win a $500 gift card.  I have to admit Catherines is not a store I shopped in ever. Being this was a challenge, I was not discouraged by not being familiar with this retailer.  I found the closest store to me, to conquer this denim challenge. 

When I arrived at Catherines, the staff was all very friendly and welcoming.  Quickly greeted and asked if I needed help. Since I was not familiar with the layout and sizing of store, I took the help.  Headed straight for the denim section and grabbed a few items to try on.  A couple jeans, some shirts and leggings were all in my stack of clothes.  After trying on several items, I left with the dip-dye denim shirt below. It caught my attention because of the dye effect, which looks cool.  I love a good denim shirt and this one had that little extra special something with the ombre effect.  Denim is more than jeans, and a denim shirt can be a versatile piece for your wardrobe.  I already have many ideas on how to wear this shirt, with pants, skirts, shorts and even dresses.  

Today I had the day off and was running around town doing some shopping.  I wore the denim shirt with some leggings also from Catherines. 

I paired the shirt with a polka dot cami underneath to stay cool since it was a warm day, and wore my fave sandals too.  

Overall I think this is a fun casual outfit that is comfortable but still looks stylish.  I know being comfy is an important part for me, but try to do it with out looking sloppy.  

Catherines is not my typical spot to shop in, but adding it to my list of stores. Being a plus size woman, my choices are limited where I can shop. Having another option is always great and I have come to be the type of shopper to look at all stores as options.  You don't have to buy all your clothing from one retailer or brand, its best to mix it up and get the best pieces for you from each store.  If you haven't checked out Catherines, give them a look.  I found they have great basic pieces for any wardrobe like the denim shirt and leggings I am wearing. 

Disclaimer I was provided a $100 gift card to Catherines along with an issue of ALL YOU in exchange for a shopping experience, product reviews and as a part of a contest for the chance to win a $500 gift card to Catherines.


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