Friday, September 27, 2013

Natural Skin Care Experience with Lunagenics

Now that it’s officially Fall, do you change your skin care regime with the season?  I never really gave it much thought and didn't change how I cared for my skin from season to season.  Now I do notice some products are only to be used during certain season.  Fall is upon us and the weather is changing, perfect time to change some products for your skin.  In the colder months of fall and winter my skin does get dry and can be dull.  I recently started using Lunagenics, which is scientific based company in Orange County, CA.  I received 2 products from Lunagenics to preview which are medical-grade formulas, professional grade sponges and a terry cloth head band to review.  
I started with the Bio Advanced Age Therapy Cream, which nourishes skin for smoother and more youthful appearance. It uses some of the latest technology in skin care and plant extracts. Bio Advanced Age Therapy Cream is clinically proven to smooth wrinkles by rebuilding the skin, even out skin and formulated for the specific skin of the forehead and crows feet area. My forehead is my problem area and have considered Botox. OK so a after using the cream for about 2 weeks, here are my results. My skin feels incredibly soft and smooth, just like a baby.  I have noticed my pores appear smaller and my skin looks less blotchy.  Its only been 2 weeks so with further use I hope to see better results. 

I also received the Micro Derm Purifying Treatment, which sloughs off unwanted dry and dead skin cells.  Treatment is enhanced with micro-dermabrasion beads to resurface and remove dead skin while delivering hydration. I used this product only a couple times, as its not meant for daily use. After the first use my skin definitely felt smoother and brighter looking. I could tell the dead skin was removed and resurfaced, leaving me extremely smooth skin. My skin felt like new, with a smoother textured made even my makeup look better.  I did break out, about the 2nd day after using the Purifying Treatment, which is normal when using these type of treatments.  It just means the products is working and cleaning out your pores and skin.   

Both products were very easy to use, with simple directions right on the box.  They both have light pleasant scents and do not contain any parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, GMOs or triclosan.  In other words no gunky stuff that will be bad for your skin.  Overall I am happy with results and ease of use with Lunagenics.  With continued use I hope to see better results and more youthful skin as promised.  
Day One of using products, headband is convenient to keep hair out of your face. 

If your looking for a high-end professional skincare like the ones used by estheticians take a look a Lunagenics.  The price point is a bit higher than most over the counter products, but its like having a spa facial treatment at home.  Investing in your skin is worth the price, especially when you can get a 30 day money back guarantee. 


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