Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift Guide For The Last Minute Shopper

Only about one week left before Christmas and I haven't even started my shopping.  I know what your thinking, what is wrong with me?  Well you know how it is, you get busy working and with life.  I am not worried, usually do my shopping last minute anyway. So decided to do a little gift guide with some ideas for last minute gifts.  All gifts are under $50 and can easily be purchased online or in-store.  Your friends and family will think you spent lots of time and thought into their gifts. Best of all these gifts are one size fits all and no one needs to know it was a last minute gift! 

  • Monogram Mug: Make it personal with out spending too much money.  Everyone needs a cute mug with their initial. (I use mine everyday!)
  • Designer iPhone Case: Mara Hoffman iPhone case from Incase, great for the social media obsessed fashionista in your life. 
  • Bluetooth Speaker: It's small, cute and the music lover will be impressed with this gift.  
  • Makeup Brush Set: Get the new year started with a new set of brushes, the makeup diva will thank you.
  • Alice + Olivia Gift Set: This bearista and tumbler from Starbucks in collaboration with designer Alice + Olivia is too cute and the coffee stylish girl (like me) is gonna flip over it! 
  • Coach Key-chain: This is one would be great for the shoe lover and you don't even need to know her size. 
  • Fancy Macarons: Not sure what to get, a box of fancy macarons can be a delightful and delicious surprise. 
  • Everyday Tote: This tote is cute and great for everyday use, give a designer bag without the designer price. 

P.S.  I would love any of these gifts underneath my Christmas tree. :)


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  2. That bluetooth speaker looks really neat =) and of course, you just have to say macarons and my ears perk ;)

    1. Jaime I totally want a Bluetooth speaker, can't work with out music. This Sony one is cute, compact and I'm sure sounds great!

  3. What a cute gift guide! Especially like the make up brush suggestion. :)

    1. I think makeup brushes are an excellent gift, most woman use them and I am sure need a new set. Mine are over 2 yrs old!


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