Saturday, January 18, 2014

Style Report: Ankle Strap Flats

A few years ago I had a bad ankle injury while wearing some wedge heels. Ever since then its been nothing but flats for me. I do wear high heels for a special occasions, but nothing over 3 inches and only for a few hours. What's a girl to do, I really don't want to risk injuring my self permanently over shoes. I have never been great at walking in very high heels, plus the pain can be excruciating and not worth it for me. Luckily there is some super cute and stylish flats. Recently I have been loving ankle strap flats and have purchased a few pairs in the past months. Ankle straps are very on trend and look oh so chic. If you absolutely have to wear flats might as well make them stylish! Here are few I found online and loving. I personally have #6 and one day I have the Valentino "rockstud" flats. At the moment they are wee bit out of my budget, but are definitely my dream ankle strap flats. Oh did I forget to mention I love studs even more than ankle straps!! 


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