Friday, February 28, 2014

My Styling File: Conference Casual Outfit

Happy Friday! Today I am headed to a blogger conference in San Diego for Women Get Social Bloggy Boot Camp, thanks to If you have ever been to a blogger conference or any conference then you know the dress code is mostly casual. In fact I received an email from the organizers of the conference stating to dress, "cute, comfy and casual". She had me a cute! So all night I was thinking of a outfit to wear, since I'll be driving from Orange County to San Diego, comfy is also key part of my outfit. I will be driving for about 1.5-2 hours and heading straight to the conference, no time for outfit changes.

Conferences are usually held in hotels which are always so cold. It's always a good idea to layer. Easy layers are best to transition from cold to warmer climate from inside to outside of conference rooms. I am finally going to wear my varsity jacket, which I've had for a few months. I'd figured conferences are for learning, so why not go back to my schools days with a varsity jacket. I am adding my favorite pair of Levi's skinny jeans, a chambray shirt and some booties. Comfy shoes are also a good idea, you may have to do some walking around during the conference. Adding a scarf to keep me warm if needed, which will be easy to stash in my big bag. A big bag is also a good idea for conference so you can carry all you essentials. Your cell phone, ipad, note pad, pens and snacks can all fit easily in a large tote or satchel. I am excited for today's conference, if you follow me on twitter you can keep up with my tweets. I will tweet some info from conference, pics and maybe some other cute, comfy and casual outfits from other conference attendees. 

Below is a version of the outfit I will be wearing. If you want to see the actual outfit follow me on Instgram, I'll post a pic later in the day.
varsity jacket, chambray shirt, skinny jeans, plus size fashion
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's Finally Here, GX Collection By Gwen Stefani for ShoeDazzle

Its finally here, the Gwen Stefani for ShoeDazzle collection. The GX Collection released February 26, 2014 is exclusive to ShoeDazzle and not available in any stores. The gx collection includes various shoes and handbags ranging from $69.95 to $110.95, a little more than the usual ShoeDazzle selections, but it is Gwen Stefani after all. This collection is not affiliate with her LAMB or Harajuku Girls which are Gwen Stefani other fashion lines. 

The gx collection is influenced from tribal to punk, in a graphic palette of black,white, red and cobalt. Almost every shoe and handbag is available in multiple colors. All the shoes have very high heels, wedges and platform soles. Gwen is known to wear and love high heels, even while preggers she would rock a stiletto! I am not a fan of high heels, so I will not be buying any of the shoes. The handbags I love and will compensate for not buying high heels with buying lots of handbags.  One of these bags is gonna be mine.  

Below is just a sample of the gx collection, to see the full collection go to ShoeDazzle is a membership site, you need to join in order to purchase.  If your not a member you can join via my invite code here (ShoeDazzle Invite).  If you use my code I will get points credited to my account.  Which means free shoes for me!  Thanks

gwen stefani, shoes, purse, shoedazzle, fashion, gx
Newly released gx collection by Gwen Stefani (photos: Shoedazzle)
Are you a fan of Gwen Stefani? What do you think of her new gx collection with ShoeDazzle?

Monday, February 24, 2014


This weekend Covergirl cosmetics launched the #GirlsCan campaign. They enlisted all their Covergirl spoke models (Pink!, Queen Latifah, Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Becky G and Ellen DeGeneres) to help spread the message. Girls can do and be what ever they want and can achieve their dreams, no matter what.  Growing up I heard a lot of negative feedback about my career goals, mainly telling me I was crazy to have those dreams.  From being a lawyer, to going to fashion school and becoming a stylist. The consensus was "estas loca" I was crazy for believing a young Mexican-American girl from the ghetto like  my self could ever achieve those dreams.  I wish there was more positive reinforcement and support for young Latinas to believe in themselves.  I didn't believe in my self enough to go after my dream as a young girl.  Now in my 30's my dream is still there and have never really let go it. Working in the fashion industry, is still a goal I am trying to achieve. Which is why I started this blog in the first place, every day I get closer to my dream.

Watch the video and help spread the message to young girls and woman every where that yes you can be and do what ever you want.  Being a girl isn't a road block, just means you have to work a little bit harder to prove you can do it!  #GIRLSCAN

I am sharing this video because I believe in the message.  I was not asked or compensated to post this on the blog.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

My Favorite 5 Beauty Products Under $5

Beauty bargains we all love them but sometimes they don't work well or do the job right!  How many "cheap" products have bought and then end up buying another because you didn't like it or was not what you expected.  I don't so many times and always think to my self, I should have just spent a little more money for a better product.  That is not to say that some cheaper priced products are not good.  I have found some that are great, and actually love more than the more expensive similar type beauty products.  Today I am sharing 5 of my favorite beauty products I been buying for many years and love. All under $5 so we can all afford to at least try them out! 

1. Rimmel London Gentle Eye Makeup Remover:  I have been using this for years.  I love it because it works well with water proof mascara and leaves no greasy or oily residue. I usually buy it at Target for about $4.50.

2. ELF Essentials Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara:  I love this clear mascara for my eyebrows, never use it for my lashes. Since I have fuller busy eyebrows this gel is great for keeping combed and in place.  Being 2 sided you have double the amount to use and for only $1.00 you can't go wrong! 

3. New York Color Ultra Moist Lipwear:  NYC makeup is kinda new to me, know about for years but never really tried it. This past Halloween I needed a bright red lipstick for my costume, so I figured why not just get a cheap lipstick.  Initially I just used it for my Halloween makeup but realized it was a pretty good lipstick.  It long lasting and the color was great, a little matte but not too dry.  It was just $1.00 and totally worth the price. I am now a fan of NYC lipsticks. 

4. EOS Lemon Smooth Sphere Lip Balm SPF15:  There is nothing I hate more then dry cracked lips.  When I discovered EOS lip balm it was the fun round/sphere shape that caught my attention. They have many fun colors, once I tried it and found out it worked great.  My lips get the moisture they need and protected with the SPF 15.  The sphere shape is great too and makes it easy to find in your purse. $3.29

5.  ELF Essentials Slat Tweezers:  Why is it so hard to find a good pair of tweezers?  I have bought expensive tweezers and some don't work so well.  Also hate how they get lost so easily, so paying $25-30 for tweezers is not fun.  The ELF tweezers are really good, they have slanted point which makes it great for even those tiny hard to reach hairs. I always buy 2-3 at a time and have then on stock, because I know I am bound to lose them.  For $1.00 you can buy as many as you want and never go with out having tweezers. 

Hope you enjoyed my 5 Favorite Beauty Products Under $5.  Do you have any fave products under $5? Please share in the comments and if you enjoyed my blog post please share it! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Style Report:Here Come New Ideas for Flatform Sandals

A few days ago on Instagram I came across a picture of Steven Madden Schoolz flatform sandals and fell in love. They totally remind of my teen years in the 90's, you know when we all went through our Spice Girl phase. The chunky and higher the platform the better! Steven Madden was the man who started it all, his chunky platforms were all the rage and every cool wanted a pair...yup even me from the hood in East LA. I totally wore chunky platform shoes and sandals, even if the cholas made fun of me in high school....ha ha ha

Every decade in fashion makes a come back and now it's time for the 90's to resurface. So many brands are designing their own versions of 90's inspired clothing and shoes. This spring, I think the flatform sandals are gonna be hot. Make sure you grab a pair...those Steven Madden Schoolz are gonna be mine. I promise not to go all Scary Spice Wannabe

Did you wear chunky platform shoes in the 90's? 

If you were born in the 90's will you wear platfom/flatform shoes now?

Which pair is your favorite? You already know mine! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mani Monday: L'Oreal Riche Gold Dust Polish (Guest Post)

Hi everyone it's Sirenz! It’s been a while since I have had the pleasure to guest blog for Cid, but I was asked by the fabulous Cid from Cid’s Style file to review a couple of nail polishes. Now if anyone knows me, they know that I may not know a whole lot about fashion, but polishes…NOW THAT’S A WHOLE OTHER MONSTER! I think I may have a serious nail polish/nail art addiction! With that said, here is just a little tid-bit on what I thought about these polishes. 

I had the opportunity to review L’Oreal’s Riche Nail Gold Dust polish line. The polishes are very shimmery! These polishes don’t require more than one coat, anything more and they can appear lumpy instead of chic…one of the best parts is they dry so quickly! They can be the one coat brush‘em and go polish when you’re in need of a quick nail polish and you don’t have the time. I have never really been a big fan of polishes with a whole lot of shimmer because removing it can be pain, but these seem to be come off with less rubbing than most. I had the opportunity to try c/o L’Oreal; “Diamond in the Rough”, “Pop the Bubbles “, and “Too Dimensional?” polishes. They actually went pretty well together for some of the quick manicure ideas I had on the spot. 

nail polish, manicure, l'oreal, gold dust, diamond in the rough, pop the bubbles, too dimensional
Mani/Nail Art by Sirenz using L'Oreal Riche Gold Dust Polish
In one of the manicures I did, you will see that I used “Diamond in the Rough” as a primary coat and used the Pop the Bubbles to accent the nails with a few polka dots. Those two colors went pretty well together. I will say that if you are looking to use these polishes for anything more than a single color (alone they look great btw), the next best thing would be to accent something that you would like to stand out. To attempt to create any designs that require a little more detail like a flower or such, they may not work very well (see attempted flower in one of the pictures). These polishes work best for single color manicures and/or maybe as an accent nail. As for how long they last, well I will have to do a follow up on exact time frames, but they claim to last 2 weeks. I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me you don’t have a maid or a butler to clean up after you or your family; so the variation of time for that perfect manicure may not last the intended time. I will surely put them to the test! Hope you all found this review helpful; it’s only my opinion of course! Have you tried any of these polishes from the L’Oreal’s Gold Dust polish line? If so, how did they measure up for you? I would love to hear about it! 

(Guest Blogger: Sirenz )

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but was provided the polish from L'Oreal to preview. These are my own thoughts and opinions of the product.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Betsey Johnson Fall 2014

New York Fashion Week is coming to a close and there is only one runway show I be would have loved to attend.  No has a more fun, bright and girly runway show than Betsey Johnson. In case you haven't noticed from reading my blog, Betsey Johnson is my all time favorite designer.  She is one of those designer that you can immediately identify as "Betsey".   Her fun colorful prints and edgy looks are her signature.  This year for her Fall 2014, Betsey didn't disappoint.  I couldn't make it to NYC for her show, but did get to see it live via MB Fashion Week live streaming.  Betsey's Fall 2014 collection is full of sparkle, colorful prints and furs.  Just what every cool girl wants for fall!  I love watching Betsey's runway shows, they are always fun, flirty and end with Betsey doing her famous splits. 

Here is just a glimpse of what you can expect from Betsey this fall.  I am loving the bags, shoes and faux furs, actually I am loving it all! 

betsey johnson, new york fashion week, green sequin dress, striped knee hi socks, blue, faux fur, vest, floral dress, new york fashion week,

pink leopard, black sequin dress, pink beanie, knee hi socks, new york fashion weekyellow, black, faux fur, zebra stripes, black beanie, new york fashion week

gold dress, black, faux fur, long coat, new your fashion week, sparkly dressmin dress, blue, black boots, new york fashion week, black, faux fur, short coat

purple, sequin dress, long, sparkly dress, new york fashion week,red boots, yellow, floral dress, red tote bag, new york fashion week, black, faux, fur vest

coral pants, black, white, faux fur, striped vest, new york fashion week,purple, floral, mini dress, knee hi, striped socks, new york fashion week,

To see more of Betsey Johnson's Fall 2014 Collection you can visit

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mad for Plaid

So while most of the United States is being invaded by snow and super cold weather via the polar vortex, California is not. Our winters are really mild compared to most other states.  It's actually been a little warm and haven't been able to wear my winter coats or jackets. This past weekend we had some cooler weather and I was excited to finally wear this new jacket.  I actually bought it last year during a shopping event with Stylist Reah Norman.  That was like over 2 months ago and its just been staring at me hanging in my closet.  I am glad the weather finally decide to act like its winter.  I wore the jacket for a evening art walk in my town.  

INC, Macy's, moto jacket, jessica simpson, distressed jeans, plus size fashion, fashion blogger, Latina style blogger, dolce vita shoes

I actually love this jacket, it caught my eye at Macy's back in November and it had to come home with me.  The color and style is exactly what I was looking for in a jacket.  Although its faux leather, it's still really soft and looks real.  Loving the color, the tag says it "dusty teal" and has perforation on the lapel and sleeves.  So happy I found an alternative to my usual black jacket.  This jacket is already my fave, you will definitely see many more outfits with it.  

plus size, skinny jeans, faux leather jacket, plus size fashion, daniel rainn, plaid top, nordstrom rack, latina style blogger, orange county blogger

I paired the jacket with another new fave, these distressed jeans and of course an all time fave plaid top. I've been a little mad over plaid lately and want to buy every cute plaid top I see. I've had to restrain my self while shopping, but can't promise you won't see more plaid outfits.

plaid shirt, INC, plus size moto jacket, silver jewelry, anaheim, art crawl experience, orange county, fashion blogger, plus size style,

~ Moto Jacket: INC via Macy's ~ Top: Daniel Rainn via The Rack ~ 
~Jeans: Jessica Simpson via Marshalls ~ Shoes: Dolce Vita via The Rack ~ 
~ Earrings/Necklace via street vendor ~

Friday, February 7, 2014

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel Lacque 1-2-3 System Review

I sure do love a good manicure, it always feels good to have my nails done and polished. Sadly getting a mani at the nail salon isn't always convenient for me and my wallet. I especially like to get the gel manicure because of the long lasting results. I also love that it dries quickly and don't have to worry about smudging or ruining your polish as you drive home from the nail salon. One thing I don't like about the gel polish is the pain it can be to remove. Once I finally manage to remove it my self, not paying extra at salon to have it removed (I was charged extra once) it's also damaging to my natural nails. So my gel manicures have been lesser and lesser in the past year. I normally don't do my nails at home, mainly because I suck at it and won't last more than a few days. 

About 2 weeks ago L'Oreal Pairs invited me to a party in Beverly Hills introducing all the new products being launched for 2014. (you can see pics from party on my instagram @CidStyleFile). One of the new products for 2014 is the L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel Lacque 1-2-3 System, which is now available in stores. This is basically a gel-like polish you can use at home, with out the need of a UV lamp. The 3 step syste is claimed to give you gel manicure results at home. At the L'Oreal party celebrity nail manicurist Tom Bachik talked about this new system, and how it will give you super glossy nails that will last longer than a regular polish. The easy to use system will give you salon results at home. I was excited to try this 3 step polish and test it out for my self. 

So here it the deal with the 3 step system, steps 1 & 3 together. Step 1 is the gel primer and step 3 is the top glaze. Step 2 is the color gel polish which is sold separately. I was given a gift bag at the L'Oreal party which contained the Extraordinaire Gel Lacque 1-2-3 System. Here are my thoughts and results after using this 3 step system.

l'oreal nail polish, gel lacque system, nails, polish, gel manicure, diy manicure,
Step 1 & 3 come packaged together in this little gold box. Average cost $12.99
nail polish, l'oreal polish, gel lacque, do it your self,  gel manicure
Step 2 is the Extraordinaire Gel Lacque Polish.
I used #705 Fashion's Finest. Average cost $7.99

Since I suck majorly at doing my own nail polish and my cuticles were a mess, I went to the nail salon for a manicure. I brought along the Extraordinaire Gel Lacque System for the manicurist to use. I normally like to bring in my own nail polish any way, so this was a perfect way to try out this new system. The manicurist commented on the color and said she liked the brush and polish was very smooth and easy to apply. She completed steps 1-2-3 on my nails. 

The results: Immediately after my nails were done, they looked super glossy and shiny...just like a gel manicure. The following day my friend asked me if I had gel polish on my nails. The look is very shiny and gives your nails a nice shape. Now I was excited to see if they polish would last longer than just a few days.

cid style file, wearing gel lacque, gel manicure, fashions finest, loreal nail polish,
This is 2 days after initial manicure, forgot to take picture day of mani.
Nails still look shiny and smooth., no chips or cracks. 
loreal polish, results after 10 days, chipping, nail polish, gel manicure,
This is my nails 10 days later, they are chipping and losing the shine from gloss.
Nails started to chip slowing around day 5, and gradually got worse. 
after using polish, easy to remove, loreal gel nail polish, results after 10 days
This is my nails after I removed polish 10 days later, no damage to my nails like with a salon gel manicure.  Polish was very easy to remove with regular polish remover.
In fact my nails grew quite a bit since my manicure and have not broken. 

My overall review of the L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel Lacque 1-2-3 System is good. I loved the initial results, but was disappointed it didn't last longer. I think maybe if I had added another layer of the glaze (step 3) the polish would have not chipped as soon as it did. Currently the system has only about 20 colors available and for the total cost of about $20, it's still cheaper than going to a nail salon for a gel manicure.  I could have touched up the chips on my nails since I had the polish at home, but wanted to test out how long it would last.  That is one benefit of doing a mani at home you have the steps and polishes at home to touch up your nails as needed.  Also I liked the fact the polish was very easy to remove with just one cotton pad and some polish remover. Normally a gel manicure is very difficult to remover at home and takes way to much time.  The gel manicure from a salon is also more harmful to my nails. After a gel mani, my nails are thin and brittle.  Also no UV lamps which can cause damage to the skin on your hands.  So in conclusion, I do like this 3 step system from L'Oreal, and look froward to trying out other colors. I can't say the polish is as long lasting as a gel polish, but it does last a bit longer than regular nail polish.  If you like doing your own manicures at home, you should check out L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel Laque 1-2-3 System.  I feel it's worth the $20 investment which you will get many manicures out of vs. paying $25-$30 for a one time gel manicure at the salon. 

Have you tried this L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel Lacque 1-2-3 System?  What were your results and thoughts of the product? 

I love hearing your feedback, leave me a comment! 

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this review, but was provided the polish from L'Oreal to preview.  These are my own thoughts and opinions of the product. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's Talk Turkey...Tacos

*Sponsor Post*

No seriously let's talk about turkey...turkey tacos that is.  I have shared here before post relating to food, and recently I was asked to try out the new turkey tacos from Del Taco.  I have been a fan of Del Taco for a long time, so trying out a new menu items is always exciting.  Del Taco introduced the turkey taco in January, and is the first Mexican fast food chain to have turkey option on the menu.   With many people trying to eat healthier, its nice have options like turkey when eating at fast food chains.  Del Taco provided me with a gift card to try out the new ground turkey options on the menu.   The new options are a turkey crunchy taco or soft taco, with grated cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and fresh pico de gallo for $1.29.  You can also get a turkey Crunchtada Tostada, with same as taco, except they add beans.  Both options are tasty and filling.  I really enjoyed the turkey taco, I always get the crunchy taco. The turkey was flavorful and the pico de gallo added a nice fresh taste.  If you like tacos and want to try something new and a little healthier, check out Del Taco and the new turkey options.  It will be my new go to lunch options when I want a crunchy taco, with less calories and great taste.  Del Taco has the Turkey Taco Meal, priced at $5, includes two tacos, chips with fresh pico de gallo salsa and a drink. When paired with a diet drink, the Turkey Taco Meal has only 430 calories. That's not bad for a lunch under 500 calories, the turkey tacos are good size portions and will definitely fill you up. 

Turkey Taco I ate from Del Taco

Have you tasted the new Turkey Taco at Del Taco?  Did you like it?  Is it a good options for those who don't eat or like beef?

Disclaimer: I was provided a gift card from Del Taco to experience their new menu items. Opinions are my own, and yes I really did like the turkey taco! 
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