Friday, February 14, 2014

Betsey Johnson Fall 2014

New York Fashion Week is coming to a close and there is only one runway show I be would have loved to attend.  No has a more fun, bright and girly runway show than Betsey Johnson. In case you haven't noticed from reading my blog, Betsey Johnson is my all time favorite designer.  She is one of those designer that you can immediately identify as "Betsey".   Her fun colorful prints and edgy looks are her signature.  This year for her Fall 2014, Betsey didn't disappoint.  I couldn't make it to NYC for her show, but did get to see it live via MB Fashion Week live streaming.  Betsey's Fall 2014 collection is full of sparkle, colorful prints and furs.  Just what every cool girl wants for fall!  I love watching Betsey's runway shows, they are always fun, flirty and end with Betsey doing her famous splits. 

Here is just a glimpse of what you can expect from Betsey this fall.  I am loving the bags, shoes and faux furs, actually I am loving it all! 

betsey johnson, new york fashion week, green sequin dress, striped knee hi socks, blue, faux fur, vest, floral dress, new york fashion week,

pink leopard, black sequin dress, pink beanie, knee hi socks, new york fashion weekyellow, black, faux fur, zebra stripes, black beanie, new york fashion week

gold dress, black, faux fur, long coat, new your fashion week, sparkly dressmin dress, blue, black boots, new york fashion week, black, faux fur, short coat

purple, sequin dress, long, sparkly dress, new york fashion week,red boots, yellow, floral dress, red tote bag, new york fashion week, black, faux, fur vest

coral pants, black, white, faux fur, striped vest, new york fashion week,purple, floral, mini dress, knee hi, striped socks, new york fashion week,

To see more of Betsey Johnson's Fall 2014 Collection you can visit


  1. I love Betsey Johnson her line is so fun and eclectic.


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