Monday, February 24, 2014


This weekend Covergirl cosmetics launched the #GirlsCan campaign. They enlisted all their Covergirl spoke models (Pink!, Queen Latifah, Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Becky G and Ellen DeGeneres) to help spread the message. Girls can do and be what ever they want and can achieve their dreams, no matter what.  Growing up I heard a lot of negative feedback about my career goals, mainly telling me I was crazy to have those dreams.  From being a lawyer, to going to fashion school and becoming a stylist. The consensus was "estas loca" I was crazy for believing a young Mexican-American girl from the ghetto like  my self could ever achieve those dreams.  I wish there was more positive reinforcement and support for young Latinas to believe in themselves.  I didn't believe in my self enough to go after my dream as a young girl.  Now in my 30's my dream is still there and have never really let go it. Working in the fashion industry, is still a goal I am trying to achieve. Which is why I started this blog in the first place, every day I get closer to my dream.

Watch the video and help spread the message to young girls and woman every where that yes you can be and do what ever you want.  Being a girl isn't a road block, just means you have to work a little bit harder to prove you can do it!  #GIRLSCAN

I am sharing this video because I believe in the message.  I was not asked or compensated to post this on the blog.  


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