Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's Finally Here, GX Collection By Gwen Stefani for ShoeDazzle

Its finally here, the Gwen Stefani for ShoeDazzle collection. The GX Collection released February 26, 2014 is exclusive to ShoeDazzle and not available in any stores. The gx collection includes various shoes and handbags ranging from $69.95 to $110.95, a little more than the usual ShoeDazzle selections, but it is Gwen Stefani after all. This collection is not affiliate with her LAMB or Harajuku Girls which are Gwen Stefani other fashion lines. 

The gx collection is influenced from tribal to punk, in a graphic palette of black,white, red and cobalt. Almost every shoe and handbag is available in multiple colors. All the shoes have very high heels, wedges and platform soles. Gwen is known to wear and love high heels, even while preggers she would rock a stiletto! I am not a fan of high heels, so I will not be buying any of the shoes. The handbags I love and will compensate for not buying high heels with buying lots of handbags.  One of these bags is gonna be mine.  

Below is just a sample of the gx collection, to see the full collection go to ShoeDazzle is a membership site, you need to join in order to purchase.  If your not a member you can join via my invite code here (ShoeDazzle Invite).  If you use my code I will get points credited to my account.  Which means free shoes for me!  Thanks

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Newly released gx collection by Gwen Stefani (photos: Shoedazzle)
Are you a fan of Gwen Stefani? What do you think of her new gx collection with ShoeDazzle?


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