Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Style Report:Here Come New Ideas for Flatform Sandals

A few days ago on Instagram I came across a picture of Steven Madden Schoolz flatform sandals and fell in love. They totally remind of my teen years in the 90's, you know when we all went through our Spice Girl phase. The chunky and higher the platform the better! Steven Madden was the man who started it all, his chunky platforms were all the rage and every cool wanted a pair...yup even me from the hood in East LA. I totally wore chunky platform shoes and sandals, even if the cholas made fun of me in high school....ha ha ha

Every decade in fashion makes a come back and now it's time for the 90's to resurface. So many brands are designing their own versions of 90's inspired clothing and shoes. This spring, I think the flatform sandals are gonna be hot. Make sure you grab a pair...those Steven Madden Schoolz are gonna be mine. I promise not to go all Scary Spice Wannabe

Did you wear chunky platform shoes in the 90's? 

If you were born in the 90's will you wear platfom/flatform shoes now?

Which pair is your favorite? You already know mine! 

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  1. Too funny. You just have to love the fashion evolution. Yup, back in the 90s....I sure did rock these. #BLMGirl. Thanks for stopping by the blog hun. Love your blog. New follower. TGIF.


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