Monday, March 31, 2014

Wearing Fancy Sweatshirts, Looking Cute & Being Comfy!

We all have those days when all we want to wear is something comfy and casual! Sometimes those comfy, causal outfits include sweats. I have to admit, I'm guilty of running out of the house in my sweats looking a mess.  Sometimes you can't help it, especially certain times of the month.  You get it right? Sweats are just so comfy, cozy and make you feel good. Although they don't make you look good, its a vicious trap! 

ootd, fancy sweatshirt, leggings, slip ons, coach, comfy, cute

Well thank goodness for a new trend in fashion...the fancy sweatshirt.  The name alone is kinda funky, but hey lets go with it.   I am all about dressing, comfy and cute.  Most "fashion" people hate the word comfy associate with style. But guess what "I Don't Care"!  If its not comfy and cute, I won't wear it. There's no reason fashion can't be comfortable, who wants to wear clothes that makes you uncomfortable. NOT ME! 

Take a cue from Rachel Zoe, who is the top celebrity stylist, and just published a new book about "Living in Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour". Recently she was interviewed and said she gets it now that she's a mom.

"It’s about being a mom who deals with diaper duty, and being a businesswoman who attends corporate meetings, all the while maintaining a seamlessly glamorous look, and approach, to life."

coach bag, leggings, fancy sweatshirt, pilmsolls, outfit of the day, casual outfit

I get it, you don't have time to get dressed up and be glamorous, but it can only take 5 minutes to add some lipstick, wear some leggings with a cute top and boots.  Just a few little simple things can make the difference from looking cute or messy.  If you want to hear more from RZ, check out the full interview with AP (here).

I have to agree with Rachel, sometimes those little simple things can make you look better, which in turn will make you feel better.  I don't think anyone ever feels cute in sweats and a t-shirt, with no make up. Well at least I don't, so this is one of my alternative outfits to "sweats". I still felt cute, and comfortable, with leggings and my fancy sweatshirt.  We all have busy lives and never seem to have enough time, but remember just a few extra minutes on your self can make the difference on how you feel!

h and m, costco, coach, leggings, fancy sweatshirt, slip on sneakers,
Outfit Details
Fancy Sweatshirt: Design History via Marshalls
Burgundy Leggings: Mattie M via Costco
Slip-On Sneakers: H & M
Sunglasses & Bag: Coach Factory Outlet

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I've Been Blogging For 5 Years and Still Going!

Where did the time go?  I am still in shock my blog has been around for 5 years!!  Yup, this month is the 5 year blog anniversary for Cid Style File.  Time sure flies when your having fun, isn't that what they say? Yes, I had and am having lots of fun with my blog.  I've come a long way from day one, learned many blogging lessons and have met many great people.  Sure there are also times when I considered quitting and not blogging any more.  I am sure most bloggers go through this phase. Blogging isn't always fun events and free it can be a lot of work, you do for FREE! No one pays you to stay up all night writing and editing pictures.  No one pays you to be a photographer or web designer. No one is paying you to mange and maintain all the social media outlets to engage with your followers.  It can be like a second full time job, which you do for the love of it.  Some people have been blessed to become full-time bloggers and get paid.  Some of us are still hustling to balance our real jobs with our blogging. Why would we do all this for free? Its something I get asked frequently, simple answer is....I love to blog!  

Maybe one day I will also be able to quit my "real" job and make blogging my primary source of income, maybe  I won't. Regardless of the outcome I love blogging and sharing my fashion, beauty and shopping finds with you all. Hope you enjoying reading about it as well.

My blog may not be the most popular, nor am I the most stylish fashion blogger. I blog because its an outlet for me to express my self via my fashion and style. Growing up a chubby Latina girl in LA, I was not encourage to follow my dream of attending fashion school.  I didn't feel accepted nor did I believe in my self enough to follow my dream.  It wasn't until I discovered fashion blogs and more specifically plus size fashion blogs, that it became clear to me. I found a place that would allow me to follow my dreams and be a part of the fashion world.  Even if it's just a my own little corner of the web, I am now a part of fashion. 

I want to celebrate this mile stone with out making a big fuss. It's about showing my appreciation to you the readers, who keep me going and inspire me to become a better blogger. I am going to give away (1) $50 gift card to a reader who enters the giveaway. You will get to choose from one of my favorite stores. Simply enter below for a chance, using the Rafflecopter widget and a winner will be chosen randomly.

Winner can choose from one of the following, which will be provided by me (not sponsored)  

My top 5 favorites places to shop are:

nordstrom, macys, tjmaxx, marshalls, h and m, giveaway, blog anniversary, cid style file, favorite stores, 50 dollars

Thank you for entering, I'm hoping to have more giveaways soon. Winner will be announced here on the blog, so make sure you keep reading!! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mani Monday: Color Blocking Nail Art

sally hansen, loden green, acrylic paint, nail art, nail polish, cid style file

Hi everyone! I’m back! So I sit here and think to myself, wow where does the time go? It seems like it just yesterday I was putting on a scarf and heavy coat to head out the door, and now it’s all tank tops and sandals. Which of course got me thinking…spring is in the air!!!! I know, I know it comes EVERY year so really what is there to get excited about right? So wrong! I love the spring for many reasons, but mostly because it means mani/pedi time! We get to wear our cute sandals and shoes that expose our freshly painted toes! Unfortunately that blog will have to be for another day, because in this blog, I will be walking you through a simple color blocking technique that just about anyone can do. Of course this wonderful blog post is courtesy of Cid Style File, who so graciously allowed me to use her as a guinea pig for this simple tutorial. So without further gibber jabber, let’s get started! 

Step 1: Gather your supplies. For this manicure, I used 3 colors. Green nail polish, white acrylic paint, and black acrylic paint, nail polish remover, cotton balls, paint brushes, and of course a base and top coat. 

Step 2: Prep the nails with a base coat. For our manicure we used Sally Hansen Base & Top Coat all in one. It doesn't matter what base coat you use, but it is important to always use a base coat before painting you nails. 

nail polish, loden, green, sally hansen, fall 2013, khaki, army, green,
base color - sally hansen - loden green (photo source
Step 3: Paint your nails with a coat of the nail polish of your choice. Our base color is Loden Green, from Sally Hansen/Prabal Gurung collection . You can choose to do two coats if you like. This particular polish we chose was a two coater. Depending on the brand, some will require more or less. 

Step 4: Use your imagination! The beauty of color blocking, is that you have the ability to get as creative as you like. Decide on the pattern you want for your nails, do you want the pattern to be the same on all fingers? Do you want to mix it up with the blocking technique and do different or similar patterns on all the nails? The choice is yours! 

Step 5: Next I prepared a small amount of black acrylic paint on a surface and with a fine paint brush I dipped it in the color and made a second diagonal line on the opposite side of the nail. Once I got the line the way I wanted it, I filled in that portion with the black. Do this for the rest of your nails. I applied the second color. I prepared a small amount of white acrylic paint on a surface and with a fine paint brush I dipped it in the color and made a diagonal line across the nail. Once I got the line the way I wanted it, I filled in that portion with the white.

Give your nails a few seconds to dry and put a clear top coat on them. Make sure you don’t forget the clear top coat, if you don’t put a clear top coat on your nails the design will wash off. Allow your nails to dry and voila you have created the color blocking technique! 

acrylic paint, nail polish, brush, 3 colors, sally hansen, cid style file, nail art
color block design before top coat 
We decided that we were going to mix it up with similar patterns of the 3 colors. After the 2 top coats dried (took about 10 minutes)  I am sure a question popping up in your mind at this moment is acrylic paint on your finger nails? The answer is simply YES! 

Here are the basic pros with using acrylic paints on your nails. Acrylic paint comes off with water, so if you mess up your design you can just wash it off and not damage your base color. Another pro to using the paint, you can use various size paint brushes to help you better detail your designs from simple to intricate. Getting back to this step, make sure you follow this step to all of your nails to cover a portion of all your nails and allow to dry (this should take a few seconds). You can take a q-tip and dip it in water to straighten the lines to make your color blocking more angular. 

You can do various versions of this technique.  Your imagination and practice is key when it comes to this technique. Using the acrylic paints is a little less time consuming, and can also lend to a better learning experience when it comes to trying out the color blocking techniques because if you mess up you can wipe and start over without ruining the entire manicure. The paints are also pretty inexpensive; I picked up a few of basic colors (black, white, and red) at a Wal-Mart for less than a dollar a bottle. I challenge you to give this technique a try with the twist of acrylic colors! I look forward to seeing some of your work! Remember practice makes perfect, and the more you practice the basics, the better you will get! 

What spring colors will you try? 
I would love to hear and or see! Until next month, keep them painted!

By Guest Blogger: Sirenz

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How To Wear A Nirvana T-Shirt At Any Age

plus size fashion, tshirt, rock tee, nirvana, nevermind, denim vest, plus size blogger, leopard slipons,

Do you remember when the band Nirvana came on the music scene?  I was a teenager in high school, long long time ago, but seems just like yesterday. Nirvana was one of those bands once you heard their music you were either an immediate fan or not. I obviously became a fan immediately, Smells Like Teen Spirit was like nothing else on the radio at the time. Nirvana's music and lyrics spoke to my generation in the early 90's.  The grunge scene was in full effect and I wanted to be in it from head to toe.  I was that one kid in school who didn't seem to go with the flow or status quo in music or fashion. Back in high school I was the chubby kid, so trying to find a rock tee that fit well, was kinda almost impossible. Plus size fashion was practically non-existence or just plain fugly! There was no Hot Topic or Torrid where you could buy your rock t-shirts or alternative clothes.  I would usually end up buying men's t-shirt or borrowing my bothers concert tees.  Men's clothes may have fit in size, but the cut did nothing for my chubby girl body.  

When I found this Nirvana t-shirt at Wet Seal Plus, I squealed with glee. Finally a women's cut t-shirt in plus size, of my favorite band ever!! Wet Seal introduced a plus size line several months ago and they have plenty of rock t-shirt.  I also bought a Blondie tee, both shirts get plenty of wear, but haven't been shared on the blog until now.  I love wearing rock tees, but try to wear them in a way that won't make me look like I'm 18 years old.  You can still show your love for your favorite band with out looking like you just never grew up.  I avoid wearing it with jeans and docs.  Although at times I wish my dr. martens were still around. They never seem to go out of style. 

This is how I wore my Nirvana t-shirt last weekend.  We had some unseasonably hot weather and took advantage to wear some shorts and t-shirt.  I added a denim vest to give my look some character and wore the leopard slip on sneakers from my shopping challenge post. Over all I liked my outfit, showing off my Nirvana t-shirt with out looking too young and hopefully, not looking too old either. 

leopard plimsolls, h and m, american rag, avenue, wet seal plus, spring style, curly hair, plus size fashion, nirvana, rock tshirt

Outfit Details
Nirvana T-Shirt: Wet Seal Plus
Black Shorts: Avenue (old)
Denim Vest: American Rag Plus via Macy's
Leopard Slip-Ons: H&M 
Sunnies: American Eagle via Ross

Do you wear any t-shirts of your favorite bands?  
If so, how do you style it? 

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**Thanks to my god-daughter Sydnie for taking these pictures. She's learning photography and I was her willing and able model. :)

15 Tips for Gorgeous Skin, Hair and Nails

The Style Glossy: Beauty Counter

15 Tips for Gorgeous Summer Skin, Hair and Nails

By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy
beauty, nails, hair, summer, spring, best tips, sponsored, pantene, hair products,
What’s more beautiful than a sunset on a summer’s eve? You! Just follow these easy tips to warm-weather gorgeous.
1. Try the wet look. 
This straight-from-the-runway ‘do is perfect for a summer weekend: Simply apply your favorite hair gel to your roots and comb through the crown of your head.
2. Explore the alphabet.
Try a new BB or CC cream. These multitasking foundations provide light coverage with sunscreen and skin treatment ingredients. You can find lots of choices that won’t bust your budget on drugstore shelves.
3. Reconsider bronzer.
If you have pale skin, why not follow the example of stars like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Cate Blanchett and embrace your peaches-and-cream loveliness. Skip the bronzer and simply apply a pop of blush in a summery peach or apricot on the apples of your cheeks.
4. Try a new polish combo.
Instead of painting your toenails and fingernails the same color, opt for a playful combo like navy and white, silver and lavender, gold and coral. Which shade to wear on hands and which on feet? Anything goes!
5. Pump up wilted hair.
Fight summer’s limp locks with these tips from Jet Rhys, a San Diego salon owner and stylist. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner daily. Follow with a root-lifting spray. When you dry your hair, lift roots with a small round brush. Aim the nozzle of your dryer at this section, and hold a few seconds before releasing the brush.
6. Hide sunburn.
Trying to cover sunburn with foundation will only draw attention to your scorched skin. Instead, first smooth flaking skin with an aloe vera gel. Then, suggests New York makeup artist Raychel Wade, neutralize redness and shine with a gold hue. Use a golden body lotion on your body and a sheer bronze tinted moisturizer on your face.
7. Smudge on some silver.
The smoky eye has been replaced with a hint of silver. Smudge a silver eye shadow on your lid, right next to your lash line
8. Choose bright hues in sheer formulas.
Wearing summer makeup shades like peach, tangerine, melon and coral can be scary, unless you opt for a sheer wash of color. Apply a bronze or apricot blush in a cream formula to the apples of your cheeks. Play up your eyes with peachy shadows that have a slight shimmer. Finish your look with lip gloss in your favorite citrus shade.
9. Brush on an artsy topcoat.
You may not have the patience or the skill set for nail art. But you can still achieve an artsy do-it-yourself manicure with the new special-effects topcoats that offer finishes like velvet, neon crackle and graffiti.
10. Sun-proof your smoocher.
Keep your lips kissable this summer by using a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher. Balms that contain glycerin are especially moisturizing, and you can find lots of tinted versions at the beauty counter.
11. Go for cream shadow and blush
When powder collides with sweat you can end up with a cakey mess. A better summer pick: blush and eye shadow in creamy formulas.
12. Tuck blotting sheets into your purse.
Got a shiny T-zone? Roll a sheet of blotting paper gently over your face. It will pick up the shine and leave your makeup intact.
13. Lighten your scent, along with your makeup.
Keep your perfume on your vanity table and switch to an all-over body mist. Tuck a purse-sized spray in your handbag for a midday cool-me-down and pick-me-up.
14. Exfoliate all over once a week.
To keep your faux tan from looking streaky and your pores from getting clogged with sunscreen and sweat, exfoliate body and face at least once a week. Choose a facial scrub with micro-beads and apply a light touch to avoid injuring your skin.
15. Protect your lashes. 
The upside to waterproof mascara: It won’t run down your face when you sweat. The downside: It’s tricky to remove, and tugging too hard can cause lashes to fall out. Minimize the downside by choosing a makeup remover especially formulated for waterproof makeup.

Monday, March 10, 2014

$100 Shopping Challenge for March 2014

rebecca minkoff, monogram pouch, leopard plimsolls, stud flats, slouchy pants, shopping challenge,

Shopping is my cardio, no really I get a good workout.  It's a thrill for me when I am shopping and find a great bargain.  So I decide to do a shopping challenge on the blog.  I have been wanting to do this for over a year now, and just never got around to do it.  Well starting this month which happens to be my 5 year anniversary of the blog, (more on that later) I will do a monthly shopping challenge. The challenge will consist of shopping on a $100 budget every month. I will try to find the best deals and bargains around with out going over my $100 budget.  I know it sounds like its easy to just spend $100 every month, but I don't plan to just buy cheap items at like Target or Forever21. Nothing wrong with shopping at these stores, because I do all the time.  But this challenge is to prove you can find great quality, designer fashion at affordable prices.  

So now that you have an idea of what my shopping challenge is all about, lets get started with this months items.  Above are the items I bought within the last month. I do have to admit, I did go over my $100 budget this month. After adding up all the items my total came out to about $110, which is not bad considering this is my first attempt. 

What did I get for $100 this month?

rebecca minkoff, monogram, jody pouch, the rack, nordstrom, red, b monogram, black, c monogram, fashion bargain

I have been a fan of Rebecca Minkoff for a while, but most of her items a wee bit out of my budget. So when I found these pouches at the Nordstrom Rack, I was ecstatic!  Immediately I grabbed both pouches from the clearance rack. The red tag was a clue these were already reduced even greater from the regular Rack price. I am always on the look out for those red clearance tags! The Jody monogram pouch retails for $95 each and is still available on the Rebecca Minkoff website for a reduced price of $65.  I scored each monogram pouch for $31, which is about a 66% saving off retail. #WIN I had to buy both, the C for Cid and the B pouch for blogger.  So that is about $62 of my $100 budget.  I am already getting lots of good use out of these pouches.

What else did I buy with the rest of my budget?

bobeau, slouchy pants, report, stud, black, flats, h and m, leopard print, canvas, sneakers, plimsolls, ross

Found some slouchy pants with an abstract animal print at Burlington's from Bobeau for $16.99.  This brand is usually sold at Nordstrom and the price is about 50% off retail.  The shoes are not really a big bargain find, but I love things with studs.  The studded t-strap flats are from Report and I found them at Ross. Only paid $16.99, so for that price I couldn't resist a cute studded flat, for everyday use with pants, skirts and even shorts.  Lastly I bought the leopard print slip on sneakers from H&M. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my picture asking which shoes to buy.  I was debating between these leopard print or a snake print pair.  After reading the comments and a couple minutes debating with my self, I had to go with the leopard print.  For only $14.95, these canvas slip-ons are going to get some good use this spring.  Who knows by summer time I may need a new pair. You can never go wrong with leopard print shoes!  

There you have it, my shopping challenge purchases.  This month was a bit from February and some purchases from this month March.  Next time I will update you with my April Shopping Challenge purchases. 

Here is the price break down on each item:

Rebecca Minkoff Pouch (B) $31.00
Rebecca Minkoff Pouch (C) $31.00
Bobeau Slouchy Pants       $16.99
Report Studded Flats         $16.99
Leopard Slip On Sneakers  $14.95
Total Purchases                 $110.93

I did go a little bit over my budget, but over all very happy with my purchases. Make sure you follow me on instagram as I always post my finds while I'm out shopping.  Follow me here (

So what do you think of my bargain fashion finds? 
Are you a good bargain shopper?  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Style Report: 5 Overalls in Plus Size

Believe it or not Overalls are making a come back.  Some of you may hate overalls, and the last time you wore them you may have been 12 years old. I started noticing overalls making a comeback last summer.  It started with a few celebrities showing up on fashion websites wearing them. I had a pair or two of overalls in my day, they were my fave!  I wore them for comfort mostly not for fashion purposes.  I wasn't always considered fashionable...if you can believe that! 

The year more designers and retailers are carrying overalls and you can even find them in plus size!!! Although it seems like plus size fashion is at least a season or two behind in fashion. Some how the fashion industry thinks if your plus size you have to wait longer to wear a certain trend.  It really sucks we have to wait almost a full year in some cases to catch up with straight sizes in fashion.  Being plus size doesn't mean you are not stylish or fashionable, when is the fashion industry going to get it!  Well that's another post for another day.

Well lets now dwell on the negative and enjoy this new trend. Today's overalls are way more stylish and cute.  You can find then in not only the typical denim, but other fabric choices, prints and styles.  My favorite has always been the short overalls.  You can rock overalls in pants, shorts and even skirt styles.   Below are 5 overall styles in plus size for you to enjoy. I am loving the dress overalls in #5 and need to add it to my spring/summer wardrobe. 
plus size overalls, denim overalls, style, trend, plus size fashion, plus size overalls, denim overalls, alloy plus, fashion trends, forever 21, overall dress, plus size overalls, desert cool, wet seal plus, shortalls, floral overalls, plus size fashion, trends asos, asos curve, denim overall dress, acid wash, plus size overalls, skirtalls, asos, curve, pant overalls, plus size trend, black floral overalls,

Did you ever wear overalls?   Would you wear overalls now? Which style is your favorite?

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