Saturday, March 15, 2014

How To Wear A Nirvana T-Shirt At Any Age

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Do you remember when the band Nirvana came on the music scene?  I was a teenager in high school, long long time ago, but seems just like yesterday. Nirvana was one of those bands once you heard their music you were either an immediate fan or not. I obviously became a fan immediately, Smells Like Teen Spirit was like nothing else on the radio at the time. Nirvana's music and lyrics spoke to my generation in the early 90's.  The grunge scene was in full effect and I wanted to be in it from head to toe.  I was that one kid in school who didn't seem to go with the flow or status quo in music or fashion. Back in high school I was the chubby kid, so trying to find a rock tee that fit well, was kinda almost impossible. Plus size fashion was practically non-existence or just plain fugly! There was no Hot Topic or Torrid where you could buy your rock t-shirts or alternative clothes.  I would usually end up buying men's t-shirt or borrowing my bothers concert tees.  Men's clothes may have fit in size, but the cut did nothing for my chubby girl body.  

When I found this Nirvana t-shirt at Wet Seal Plus, I squealed with glee. Finally a women's cut t-shirt in plus size, of my favorite band ever!! Wet Seal introduced a plus size line several months ago and they have plenty of rock t-shirt.  I also bought a Blondie tee, both shirts get plenty of wear, but haven't been shared on the blog until now.  I love wearing rock tees, but try to wear them in a way that won't make me look like I'm 18 years old.  You can still show your love for your favorite band with out looking like you just never grew up.  I avoid wearing it with jeans and docs.  Although at times I wish my dr. martens were still around. They never seem to go out of style. 

This is how I wore my Nirvana t-shirt last weekend.  We had some unseasonably hot weather and took advantage to wear some shorts and t-shirt.  I added a denim vest to give my look some character and wore the leopard slip on sneakers from my shopping challenge post. Over all I liked my outfit, showing off my Nirvana t-shirt with out looking too young and hopefully, not looking too old either. 

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Outfit Details
Nirvana T-Shirt: Wet Seal Plus
Black Shorts: Avenue (old)
Denim Vest: American Rag Plus via Macy's
Leopard Slip-Ons: H&M 
Sunnies: American Eagle via Ross

Do you wear any t-shirts of your favorite bands?  
If so, how do you style it? 

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**Thanks to my god-daughter Sydnie for taking these pictures. She's learning photography and I was her willing and able model. :)


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