Saturday, March 8, 2014

Style Report: 5 Overalls in Plus Size

Believe it or not Overalls are making a come back.  Some of you may hate overalls, and the last time you wore them you may have been 12 years old. I started noticing overalls making a comeback last summer.  It started with a few celebrities showing up on fashion websites wearing them. I had a pair or two of overalls in my day, they were my fave!  I wore them for comfort mostly not for fashion purposes.  I wasn't always considered fashionable...if you can believe that! 

The year more designers and retailers are carrying overalls and you can even find them in plus size!!! Although it seems like plus size fashion is at least a season or two behind in fashion. Some how the fashion industry thinks if your plus size you have to wait longer to wear a certain trend.  It really sucks we have to wait almost a full year in some cases to catch up with straight sizes in fashion.  Being plus size doesn't mean you are not stylish or fashionable, when is the fashion industry going to get it!  Well that's another post for another day.

Well lets now dwell on the negative and enjoy this new trend. Today's overalls are way more stylish and cute.  You can find then in not only the typical denim, but other fabric choices, prints and styles.  My favorite has always been the short overalls.  You can rock overalls in pants, shorts and even skirt styles.   Below are 5 overall styles in plus size for you to enjoy. I am loving the dress overalls in #5 and need to add it to my spring/summer wardrobe. 
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Did you ever wear overalls?   Would you wear overalls now? Which style is your favorite?

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