Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lucky FABB 2014 Day One Highlights

It's been over a week since Lucky FABB, and I haven't been able to post about it. Been having some personal things going on so I've been lacking in the blogging department.  Mostly due to the damn toothache, its no joke...the pain, not sleeping well and then not being able to eat!  Yeah that's the worst part, not able to eat, most foods are too tough to chew, which sucks cuz I love to eat! LOL Any how, you're here for fashion not my dental issues, but do take care of your teeth its not cool having to go through the pain and on top paying for the dental work due to not having insurance, and less money for shopping...It all sucks! 

OK enough ranting, this was my 3rd time attending the Lucky FABB conference for fashion and beauty bloggers.  Lucky Magazine has held this conference in LA for 3 years now.  It's all the rage among fashion and beauty bloggers, since its one of the few if not the only blogging conference exclusively for fashion and beauty bloggers. Lucky FABB usually host a few pre-conference events which I also attended, (see my post on my first blow out).

Day 1 consisted of keynote speakers and panels/session. Nicole Richie, Coco Rocha and Sophia Amoruso from Nasty Gal were the primary speakers.  All the women spoke about their careers in fashion and how they got started. Giving us bloggers motivation and inspiration for blogging and/or pursing careers in the fashion industry.  The panels  were related to the usual blogging stuff; SEO, working with brands, how to get an agent, vlogging and etc.  I didn't really attend many panels since the good ones filled up quickly and even though you were assigned what panels to attend most people didn't follow the agenda. One session I was able to attend was hosted by P&G Beauty and MUA Kirin Bhatty, teaching some make up tricks to recreate those fab instagram filter looks in real life (#instabeautyIRL).  It was actually really fun and informative, Kirin was hilarious.  Love a girl with skills and sense of humor. The rest of the day consisted of networking and meeting other bloggers.  I also was able to visit the VIP gifting suite, which will be a separate post. 

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Some highlights from Lucky FABB, Beauty Session, Speakers and fab blogger wearing this tee "You Can't Blog With Us" Loved it!! 

Over all this years Lucky FABB, was really not as fab as the 2 previous years. Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed and the vibe was just not the same. Don't get me wrong it wasn't awful and I still had fun and enjoyed my time, just didn't live up to the past 2 conferences.  Several other bloggers I spoke with also felt the same.  The whole conference seemed rushed and was not as well organized.  Not sure what it was, but hope Lucky FABB returns with more fabulousness for next year.  The best is always the time I spend with my blogger buddies, which some I only get to see once a year at the conference.  Ana from Scorching Style is a blogger I met at the very 1st Lucky FABB West in Santa Monica. Every year since, we reunite at Lucky FABB and always have great time catching up and chatting about what else...fashion and blogging!  

Ana from Scorching Style, Me and Elle from Survive Wedding Season...Loved seeing these sweet and beautiful ladies. 

These are the things that make attending conferences special, the people you meet and friendships you build.  This alone is worth attending the conference every single year! 

OK so more post to come about Lucky FABB later this week. Even though my whole experience was not as great as I hoped, there are still some really cool and great individual things I want to share.     Here is what I wore, which is not the original outfit I had planned, but it didn't work out so this was Plan B outfit. Which was not really planned either, but hey I had to get dressed and make it work.  It took me a an hour and half to drive from Orange County to Beverly Hills, had no time to waste on outfits!

floral pants, forever 21, c wonder, lane bryant, plus size fashion, latina blogger, #LuckyFabb, FabbHair, SLS Hotel
Outfit Details
Floral Pants: Forever 21 Plus
Fishnet Top: Lane Bryant
Lace Cami: Target
Sandals: C Wonder
Necklace: H&M
blow me away, dry bar, #luckyfabb, sls hotel, plus size fashion, latina blogger, lucky magazine, straight hair

More Lucky FABB post coming soon.  Did you attend Lucky FABB? If so leave me a link to your post.  I would love to read other bloggers recaps.


  1. Sorry to hear it wasn't as fab as the past conferences had been! And I hate being 'assigned' panels or folks cramming ones they didn't RSVP for so you can't get in, definitely not cool. But you worked that outfit girl! I hope we get to meet in person soon!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  2. I love your recap! And I love that you posted the pic of me photobombing you! While I agree with your assessment of the conference in relation to the previous 2 years, I will probably go again just because it's the only chance I have to see you all year! LOL!

    1. @Ana, I know that's the best part seeing all my blogger buddies... I am sure it will get better and yes I will be there too!! :)

  3. That looks like SOOO much fun! I've tried to go for years, but never got selected. I enjoyed looking at it through your eyes! Thanks!!!

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