Friday, April 4, 2014

Curly Hair Be Gone, My First Blow Out!

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Before Blow Out

Spring is my favorite time of year, reason #1 my birthday is coming up. Second reason is spring time means Lucky FABB conference time.  Lucky magazine puts on a blogger conference specially for fashion and beauty bloggers every spring in Los Angeles.  The 2-3 days are filled with fashion, beauty treatments and lots of celebs.  Today Lucky FABB held several pre-conference events.  I was able to one event at the Blow Me Away Dry Bar and received a complimentary blow out c/o of Wendy's.  I never ever, do a thing to my hair, don't dye it, don't blow dry it or straighten my hair.   I was excited to get a blow out today and see my super duper curly hair transformed.  Kelly the stylist did a great job, she totally blew out and flat ironed my hair in only 45 minuets.   I personally was totally impresses and amazed with the results.   This is a rare occasion for my hair to be straight and I just had to share here on the blow.   Wendy's (yes the fast food chain) invited bloggers to get a new look with a blow out and try out their new salad collection.  

Here is the results, the stylist gave me straight hair with a few big bouncy curls on the ends.  I almost look completely different with straight hair. Hope it can survive at least another day and I can enjoy having straight hair for one more day.  I am going to sleep sitting in a chair...LOL  Any tips on how to make it last for more than one day?  

What do you think, should I blow out my hair more often?

lucky fabb, blow me away, dry bar, blow out, cid style file, lucky magazine
After Blow Out
Thank you to Lucky Magazine, Wendy's and Blow Me Away Dry Bar for this fabulous blow out!  Follow me on twitter and instagram for more Lucky FABB updates and pictures. 


  1. Yes, you should. It looks FABULOUS!

  2. That depends on how much you love or hate your natural curl pattern... I have straightened my hair since forever. I am a diy blow out expert (I have a youtube video on how to do it if you want to try this yourself at home, just search my video on youtube, Rebequita Rose, How to Blow Dry - and no I'm not trying to spam you, I'm just letting you know if you should want some tips). Anyway, it does look good, but after a while it can take it's toll on your natural curls and actually weaken and destroy your natural curl pattern, which is what has happened to me. If I wash and go, some bits will curl, others will stay straight and maybe friz, while other bits will sort of wave. I have a gazillion curl activating products which work if I apply them to my hair when it's damp. These days I take every chance I get to put moisture in my hair, as it makes the world of difference. Especially since I am growing my hair out. Personally, I prefer how you look with the blow out, but what I think of how you look doesn't matter. What matters is how you feel, and what you want to do next. Blow outs take longer than 45 mins if you are going to go DIY, and if you are starting out, it will certainly take a lot longer. I'm looking forward to finding out what you decide to do :) xxx

  3. Lindisima! To make your blow out last longer, use dry shampoo once your natural oils start to flatten the front, you can use a dry conditioner too, just sparingly to not kill all your curl because the curl gives it bounce and you don't want to lose it!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  4. One crazy thing I've done to keep my blow out for longer is to add dry shampoo as mentioned above, but after adding dry shampoo, putting my hair into the large velcro rollers and covering it with a shower cap to sleep. It's not very comfortable initially, but once I forget about it and fall asleep, I don't mess up my hair by accident.

  5. I'm so scared to blow out/flat iron my natural tresses. Weave it is! ;-)


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