Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Time at Knotts Berry Bloom

Spring is one of my favorites seasons, not only because of the beautiful weather we have in Southern California, but also because of all the fun activities available. Last weekend I was invited to attend Knotts Berry Bloom, a spring time festival to celebrate all the wonderfulness of the season. We ate lots of special boysenberry treats.  I even ate fried alligator and it was good!  Sampled wine and beer at the Wilderness Dance Hall. Enjoyed the rides and special treat of meeting Snoopy! Dance the night away at Bloomination and had a blast! 

Here is what you can look forward during Knotts Berry Bloom:

  • Boysenberry Food Festival In Ghost Town
  • Live Entertainment
  • Peanuts Party in the Park
  • Bloomination Dance Park 
  • Easter Beagle's Enormous Egg Hunt for the little ones (3-11)
You can enjoy all this fun and more until April 27, 2014...still plenty of time.   You can get more details and special priced tickets on the Knotts Website

Here's a little video of my day at Knotts Berry Bloom.  Hope you like it and subscribe here to my YouTube channel for more videos

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