Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Style Report: Fruity Inspired Fashion

The "unofficial" start to summer has begun. Once Memorial day hits, everyone seems to be in summer mode. Summer means, its time to have fun, party, and hanging out at the beach.  With the warmer months ahead, its time to shed some layers and have more fun with your wardrobe.  A new trend has been popping up which seems to be perfect for the summer. Fruit inspired fashion with bold fruity prints and colors.  Seems like every where I turn, there is some type of fruit fashion item, from clothing to shoes and even accessories. This isn't anything new, we've seen cute little fruit prints before, you may have even worn some as a kid...I sure did.   Adding some fruity prints to your wardrobe is an easy way to have a fun and fresh look this summer. This season pineapple seems to be a favorite, along with lemons and watermelons.  You can be bold and wear an allover fruit print or just a subtle hint of fruitiness in some jewelry or small accessories. You can even dress up your smartphone in fruity goodness

Here are some fruit inspired items that won't make you look like Carmen Miranda
Why not add a little bit of your favorite fruit.  Just a little touch of fruity inspired fashion can be fun.   Which fruit is  your favorite? Will you be trying out this trend?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Little Bit of Heaven+Urth: Beelieve Hydration Balm Review

Skin care seems to be one thing I'm more concerned about in the last few years.  Not to say I didn't care before, but now I am more aware of what I use on my skin.  I have always known you have to take care of your skin, by cleansing, moisturizing and using SPF.  And I would, but honestly any product I found within my budget that looked good would go on my skin.  Didn't really pay too much attention to ingredients or labels.  Some products worked OK and others did not.  Now I am much more aware of the ingredients that go into a product and on my skin. Who knew some skin care products had ingredients that were toxic or bad for you.  Well thanks to the ladies from Heaven+Urth for letting me review their Beelieve Hydration Balm. So about a week ago I received a package with this little cute burlap sack, it had a jar and little wooden spoon inside. The packaging alone got me excited, which I guess got me in trouble before with products. What can I say, sometimes the packaging and presentation will do it for me...LOL 

cidstylefile, beauty, natural products, a little touch of heaven, orange county, newport beach, hydration balm, review

Since I am trying to be smarter about the prodcuts being used on my skin, I went to the website to read all about it.  Beelieve Hydration Balm is a natural product, which can be used ALL OVER your body.  From head to toe it can be beneficial to your skin, oh and your hair too. Which is great, I immediately started using it on my most problematic skin, my feet.  Summer is coming, I wear lots of sandals so of course my feet have to look good. For some odd reason, my left foot and heel get very dry and cracked and my right foot does not.  I've been using the Beelieve Balm on my feet and its working wonders!! My feet are already beginning to get smoother and softer.  After seeing the results on my feet, I decided to start using the balm on my face.  I was a little worried since the consistancy is a bit thick it would feel too heavy on my face.  Nope, not at all it went on very smoothly. Yes the balm is kinda thick, that's why the spoon is provided to scoop out of the jar, but once it hits your hands it begins to melt. The natural oils in the balm will start to melt once in contact with your body heat. It will become a smooth, almost velvety texture and easy to apply.  

heaven, urth, skin care, beauty, natural products, oc, a little touch of heaven, beelieve,

I used it on my face at night before bed and in the morning, my skin felt so soft and smooth.  I was really surprised and couldn't stop touching my face. I am loving the Beelieve Hydration Balm, especially since its all natural.  It does not contain parabens , is fragrance free and 100% natural. Although its fragrance free, it does have a subtle scent which actually smells good since it contains natural ingredients. OK so here is what it contains, that makes it so wonderful...
  • Olive Oil
  • Bees Wax
  • Coconut Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Calendula Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Lavender Oil
  • Sweet Orange Oil
Now you see why it has a nice sweet scent, because of the many wonderful and natural ingredients.  I also love that this product was developed by 2 moms who are best friends and estheticians. These ladies work at a local spa in Orange County and developed this product to help their clients. How amazing to be able to work with your best friend doing what you love and helping out others as well. You can learn more about Beelieve Hydration Balm and the creators Crystal and Tanya here from a A Little Touch of Heaven.


*Disclaimer: I received a sample of product for review purposes, no other compensation. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Hair Transformation by Nelson J Salon

Why is it that woman obsess about their hair?  We never seem to be satisfied with what nature gave us. I know I'm one of those hair is naturally very curly.  As you can imagine I have always wanted straight hair. Yet oddly enough I have never really done much to get my hair straight.  I have taken the natural approach to my hair for over 10 yrs, no dye, no straightening or blow-drying.  I am the wash and go type of gal when it comes to my hair.  Mostly due to the side affects of damage, I have seen in others when they over style their hair. My curly hair is already prone to be dry and can get very damaged, so I just let it be in its natural state for many year., nelson j salon, natural curls, new hair color, brunette
My hair before the Nelson J touch, natural color and curls
After all these years of just having my hair in it's natural color and curls, decided I needed a change. May be its getting a year older and the mid life crisis has begun, but this year I took a leap and made a big change (for me) to my hair.  I was invited to the Nelson J Salon for a little hair make over. So imagine after so many years of not doing a single thing to my hair, I was quite nervous and excited.  Had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair or what to expect. My appointment was confirmed at Nelson J Salon, no turning back now.

nelson j salon, beverly hills, aveda hair color, cid style file, new hair color, red head, natural salon
Welcome to Nelson J Salon in Beverly Hills, CA
OK so let me start off by telling you that beside not having done anything to my hair for about 10 yrs, I haven't gone to a salon for a cut either.  My last visit at a salon was very bad and ever since then its been my mother or my self who trimmed my hair. I know sounds silly, but believe me its not as easy as you think to find a good hair stylist to cut curly hair.  So I was totally nervous about my salon visit. Especially when I found out the salon is located in the heart of Beverley Hills! Eek!! 

To be honest I was expecting to arrive at a snobby Beverly Hills salon and anticipating an uncomfortable visit.  Can I just tell you that it was the complete opposite of what I had imagined. Once I arrived at the salon the staff welcomed me and were all very nice and friendly.  I was greeted immediately and taken to a chair, they even offered me anything I wanted to drink. Nelson J came to introduce him self and we talked about what color would be best for my hair. I really didn't know what I wanted, but with Nelson's expertise chose a color he felt would look good on my hair.  Him and an assistant worked on my hair and added the hair dye.  I was relieved to know the Nelson J salon is certified Aveda Salon, which means the products used are naturally derived and better for your hair.  The color used on my hair was Aveda Hair Color in Auburn, which is 99% derived from plants and did not smell awful like most other hair dyes. After my time was up another assistant rinsed off the hair dye and washed my hair using Nelson J's own hair care products.  She used Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask in Pomegranate Scent, which smells so good.  It totally made my hair feel so soft and shiny.  After my wash and treatment, back to the chair for a blow out.   Between Nelson J and his assistant stylist they manged to get my crazy curls super smooth and straight.  The end result of color and blow out was AMAZING!!  I was shocked at the results and could not stop looking at my self in the mirror, so vain of me!  Couldn't help it, my hair looked so good and I owe it all the magic of Nelson J and his staff. 

So here are the results of my hair transformation

red hair, new hair, blow out, nelson j salon, beverly hills,
After my new hair color and blow out at Nelson J Salon, red hair, new color, nelson j salon, blow out, no more curls, aveda color
Back view of my hair after color and blow out
While I was at the salon I met a lady who drove from Redondo Beach (its far from BH) to get her hair dyed by Nelson J.  She told me he was the best and worth the drive in LA traffic.  I do have to agree with her now, after over 7 days my hair still looks good. The color has not faded, and my hair shows no signs of damage. I've been getting ton of compliments on my hair, Nelson J did a great job and his staff was pretty awesome. If your in need of a new look or want a new color, you should definitely check out Nelson J Salon. Tell'em Cid Style File sent you! :)

nelson j salon, beverly hills, aveda salon, hair transformation, red hair, no curls, blow out
Me with the one and only Nelson J! 

*Disclaimer: I was invited to receive a complimentary salon visit by Nelson J Salon. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flowers In Bloom!

asos, curve, plus size, fashion, floral, shirt, distressed jeans, outfit, ootd

Last week I celebrated my birthday, it was a quiet celebration with no fuss. Just me and my man going out to dinner and spending time together doing what we love....eating and drinking coffee! Seems like the older you get the less you want to celebrate.  I know your probably thinking, how old could I be?  I don't feel old and been told I look younger than I really am. Since I know your probably curious, I tell you my secret....I am 39 years young! 

floral top, jeans, casual outfit, topshop sandals, coach, sunglasses, jessica simpson

Can't believe I actually said that out loud...LOL  I am secure in my self and age, never had a problem letting anyone know my age.  No reason to hide it or deny it...right?  Which brings me to dressing your age. Never really thought it would be an issue for me, since I don't know what that really means.  You hear this a lot in fashion, how to dress your age.  How does one know what your age should dress or look like.  I get the concept that certain clothing might not look right on certain people but really if you feel good in what you wear, does your age matter? 

I love to wear jeans, and lately they have been distressed or boyfriend jeans with t-shirts.  Some may say a woman who is almost 40 shouldn't wear ripped jeans. I say wear what you love and makes you feel good. For me this look is what I would wear all the time.  I love casual looks with jeans and a cute shirt and shoes.  I am not the glam and girly type, so putting on a dress and heels doesn't happen often. I am more down to earth with a bit of boho and rocker chic sort of gal. This outfit made me feel good and was comfortable, which is another "big no" in fashion. My fashion rules are simple, wear what you love, wear what makes you feel good, wear what your comfortable in and wear what makes you confident. 

Don't follow any ones fashion rules but your own!     
asos, ootd, floral, shirt, curves, jeans, betsey johnson, coach sunglasses, plus size, new hair color,
Outfit Details
Floral Tee: c/o Asos Curve
Jeans: Jessica Simpson via Marshalls
Sandals: Topshop Nation Cleat via Nordstrom
Sunglasses: Coach via Factory Outlet
Watch: Betsey Johnson (similar)
Earrings: H&M (only $1.00)
New Hair: c/o Nelson J Salon, plus size fashion, jeans, asos curve, casual outfit, plus size jeans,
Asos sent me this shirt as well to review and I love it. The fabric is soft and very comfortable. The floral design makes it look feminine and the cut out in the back give it a little edge. I will probably wear this shirt a lot, with jeans, shorts or even a skirt. 

Does this outfit look age appropriate? May it does for some or may it doesn't for others. Regardless of your age, make sure you love what you wear and you will look fabulous!! 

Disclaimer: I was sent this shirt and other items courtesy of Asos for review.  All opinions expressed are my own 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide For Your Type of Mom

Are you ready to celebrate and honor the most important woman in your life? Yup its Mother's Day this weekend and if your a procrastinator like still haven't gotten anything for your mama.

Well don't worry or stress out you still a few days to get out and get a little something for your mom, or any other mom you may want to celebrate. Maybe you are the mom and want to treat you self to something nice, after all you deserve it!  Here is my quick little guide to some gift ideas that are little bit different, but I am sure that special mom will love.

1. Earthy/ Vegan Mom:  For the vegan, natural product loving mom, why not get her a subscription to Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  Every month Vegan Cuts will send that mom, a box full of natural/organic/vegan beauty products to try out and enjoy.  She will receive 4-7 ranging from cosmetics to hair care and skin care. 

2. Sophisticate Mom: Do you have or know a mom who is sophisticate and loves specialty boutique products.  Why not get her a special fragrance, because you know some general mall perfume will just not cut it. Give her a Dossage fragrance with unique scent inspired by natural beauty, exotic travel, and passionate romance. She will smell great and feel so special having a unique fragrance that no one around he will be wearing. 

3. Chic Stylish Mom: This is for fashion loving chic mom, who is always stylish and up to date on the trends. She will love this Susu Handbag clutch with chain, ready for a evening night out with her man or just hanging out with her girlfriends (moms need a GNO too).  This clutch is not only sleek and chic but fits all she needs for a night out. (comes in variety of colors) 

4. Glam Mom: Is your mom the glamours mom who is always dressed to impress from head to toe.  Then she needs a glamours statement necklace. Buy her a Prima Donna necklace, she will love it and look oh so glamours wearing it.  Mom will definitely get noticed with this statement necklace and you get all the praise for giving it to her.

5. Edgy Mom: Now if your mom is more on the edgy adventurous side when it come to make up, she will love this eye palette.  Urban Decay Electric eye shadow palette will wow your mom.  She will look like a rock star turning heads with these bold eye colors. If  she's edgy and not afraid to express her self with makeup, this is perfect for her. 

6. Organized Mom: This one is really for any mom, but you may have the organized timely mom who is never late for anything.  She likes to be on time and making sure she never misses a beat.  This La Mer wrap watch will keep her on time for all her appointments while also looking stylish.  Adding a touch of rose gold in metallic to her outfit will make her feel and look good.  So make sure you get her the gift on time! 

So now you have no excuse not to run out and get that special mom a great gift.  These gifts won't break the bank either and can be an unexpected surprise.  Good luck and Happy Mother's Day to all you Beautiful Mamas!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

April $100 Shopping Challenge

So its time for another $100 Shopping Challenge, here is my round up of April purchases. Back in March I started a new series where I would challenge my self to shop every month with a budget of $100.  My challenge is to find great deals and fave brands for the best prices.  April was a busy month for me and didn't have as much time to really go out and shop.  I did find some good things, but wouldn't call this my best haul.

betsey johnson, nine west, lucky brand, hello kitty, american rag,
April Shopping - Getting ready for summer

What did I buy in April?

Nine West Espadrilles: A good pair of flats or espadrilles are a summer must have for me.  The canvas and jute material makes this comfortable, also keep your feet cool on those hot summer days.  I love the paisley print on these espadrilles and plan to wear them a lot this summer. I got these at Marshalls for $19.99 which is a great price, compared to the $69.00 retail price. 

Kurtz Oiled Cap: This cap is actually for men, but since I liked it so much and it fit me well it came home with me.  I often find my self finding things in the men's section, I like better than in the women's section. Don't be afraid to check out the dudes stuff, you never know what you may find.  I got the cap at Marshalls as well for $12.99.  Nordstrom currently has it on the website for $32.00.  I saved over 50% off the retail price. 

American Rag Floral Dress:  This dress is from last season, I had my eye on it for several months now. Bought it at Macy's and was shocked to find it on the clearance rack for only $12.99 with an additional 50% off.  This cute floral skater dress only came out to $6.49 from the original retail price of $55.00....Score! 

Lucky Brand Denim Shorts: Who doesn't need a good pair of denim shorts for the summer.  I  do and didn't have any.  These Lucky Brand denim shorts are the perfect length too, since it seems like all you see now are really short booty type shorts.  Umm I'm too old for that, so these worked out great!  I was happy to see these at Marshalls as well, since its only been about a year that Lucky Brand introduced a plus size line. Got these shorts for $29.00 which isn't super cheap, but compared to the retail price of $69.50...its a good deal.

Hello Kitty Watch:  I love watches and have quite a few in my collection. Didn't have a Hello Kitty watch, and for $5.99 at Ross had to grab this one. It normally cost about $14 at Ross but this was in the clearance for $5.99, couldn't pass it up.  It's purple and cute, who could say no! I believe these watches normally are about $40 retail price. 

Betsey Johnson Lunch Bag:  I originally thought it was a makeup bag, but upon closer look, discovered it was a lunch bag.  What better way to express my love for Betsey Johnson and look cute while eating my lunch at work. Found this adorbs lunch tote at Ross and it was on clearance, got it for only $15.99.  The regular price at Ross was $22.99 but these lunch bags retail for $50+ else where.  It was just too cute to pass up! 

Betsey Johnson Hinge Bracelet: As if you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge Betsey Johnson fan. I love all things when ever I see something cute and at a bargain price...its coming home with me.  This Betsey hinge bow/stripe bracelet caught my eye in the display case. I didn't even know it was on sale until the sales lady took it out for me.  Bought it at Ross and it was on sale for $7.49. The bracelet is currently on the Macy's website o sale at $16.99, but retails for $35.

nine west, kurtz,american rag, lucky brand, hello kitty, betsey johnson, shoes, lunch bag, plus size dress, denim shorts, watch

Here is the break down

Nine West Espadrilles - $19.99
Kurtz Oiled Cap - $12.99
America Rag Dress - $6.49
Lucky Brand Shorts - $29.99
Hello Kitty Watch - $5.99
Betsey Johnson Lunch Tote - $15.99
Betsey Johnson Bracelet - $7.49

Total Purchases= $98.93
That's my $100 shopping haul for April.  Adding up the retail cost of all 7 items, I estimate it would have cost about $350.  Since I never pay full price, my total cost for all came out to about $99, that a 72% savings off the retail price.  

What do you think of my haul this month?  

I made it under the $100 limit!! YAY 
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