Monday, May 5, 2014

April $100 Shopping Challenge

So its time for another $100 Shopping Challenge, here is my round up of April purchases. Back in March I started a new series where I would challenge my self to shop every month with a budget of $100.  My challenge is to find great deals and fave brands for the best prices.  April was a busy month for me and didn't have as much time to really go out and shop.  I did find some good things, but wouldn't call this my best haul.

betsey johnson, nine west, lucky brand, hello kitty, american rag,
April Shopping - Getting ready for summer

What did I buy in April?

Nine West Espadrilles: A good pair of flats or espadrilles are a summer must have for me.  The canvas and jute material makes this comfortable, also keep your feet cool on those hot summer days.  I love the paisley print on these espadrilles and plan to wear them a lot this summer. I got these at Marshalls for $19.99 which is a great price, compared to the $69.00 retail price. 

Kurtz Oiled Cap: This cap is actually for men, but since I liked it so much and it fit me well it came home with me.  I often find my self finding things in the men's section, I like better than in the women's section. Don't be afraid to check out the dudes stuff, you never know what you may find.  I got the cap at Marshalls as well for $12.99.  Nordstrom currently has it on the website for $32.00.  I saved over 50% off the retail price. 

American Rag Floral Dress:  This dress is from last season, I had my eye on it for several months now. Bought it at Macy's and was shocked to find it on the clearance rack for only $12.99 with an additional 50% off.  This cute floral skater dress only came out to $6.49 from the original retail price of $55.00....Score! 

Lucky Brand Denim Shorts: Who doesn't need a good pair of denim shorts for the summer.  I  do and didn't have any.  These Lucky Brand denim shorts are the perfect length too, since it seems like all you see now are really short booty type shorts.  Umm I'm too old for that, so these worked out great!  I was happy to see these at Marshalls as well, since its only been about a year that Lucky Brand introduced a plus size line. Got these shorts for $29.00 which isn't super cheap, but compared to the retail price of $69.50...its a good deal.

Hello Kitty Watch:  I love watches and have quite a few in my collection. Didn't have a Hello Kitty watch, and for $5.99 at Ross had to grab this one. It normally cost about $14 at Ross but this was in the clearance for $5.99, couldn't pass it up.  It's purple and cute, who could say no! I believe these watches normally are about $40 retail price. 

Betsey Johnson Lunch Bag:  I originally thought it was a makeup bag, but upon closer look, discovered it was a lunch bag.  What better way to express my love for Betsey Johnson and look cute while eating my lunch at work. Found this adorbs lunch tote at Ross and it was on clearance, got it for only $15.99.  The regular price at Ross was $22.99 but these lunch bags retail for $50+ else where.  It was just too cute to pass up! 

Betsey Johnson Hinge Bracelet: As if you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge Betsey Johnson fan. I love all things when ever I see something cute and at a bargain price...its coming home with me.  This Betsey hinge bow/stripe bracelet caught my eye in the display case. I didn't even know it was on sale until the sales lady took it out for me.  Bought it at Ross and it was on sale for $7.49. The bracelet is currently on the Macy's website o sale at $16.99, but retails for $35.

nine west, kurtz,american rag, lucky brand, hello kitty, betsey johnson, shoes, lunch bag, plus size dress, denim shorts, watch

Here is the break down

Nine West Espadrilles - $19.99
Kurtz Oiled Cap - $12.99
America Rag Dress - $6.49
Lucky Brand Shorts - $29.99
Hello Kitty Watch - $5.99
Betsey Johnson Lunch Tote - $15.99
Betsey Johnson Bracelet - $7.49

Total Purchases= $98.93
That's my $100 shopping haul for April.  Adding up the retail cost of all 7 items, I estimate it would have cost about $350.  Since I never pay full price, my total cost for all came out to about $99, that a 72% savings off the retail price.  

What do you think of my haul this month?  

I made it under the $100 limit!! YAY 
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  1. That is an awesome haul you got! I love that floral dress and I also have a Hello Kitty watch that I love. Before LuckyFABB this year, it was my only watch. :)

    You did a great job of bargain hunting this month!

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