Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flowers In Bloom!

asos, curve, plus size, fashion, floral, shirt, distressed jeans, outfit, ootd

Last week I celebrated my birthday, it was a quiet celebration with no fuss. Just me and my man going out to dinner and spending time together doing what we love....eating and drinking coffee! Seems like the older you get the less you want to celebrate.  I know your probably thinking, how old could I be?  I don't feel old and been told I look younger than I really am. Since I know your probably curious, I tell you my secret....I am 39 years young! 

floral top, jeans, casual outfit, topshop sandals, coach, sunglasses, jessica simpson

Can't believe I actually said that out loud...LOL  I am secure in my self and age, never had a problem letting anyone know my age.  No reason to hide it or deny it...right?  Which brings me to dressing your age. Never really thought it would be an issue for me, since I don't know what that really means.  You hear this a lot in fashion, how to dress your age.  How does one know what your age should dress or look like.  I get the concept that certain clothing might not look right on certain people but really if you feel good in what you wear, does your age matter? 

I love to wear jeans, and lately they have been distressed or boyfriend jeans with t-shirts.  Some may say a woman who is almost 40 shouldn't wear ripped jeans. I say wear what you love and makes you feel good. For me this look is what I would wear all the time.  I love casual looks with jeans and a cute shirt and shoes.  I am not the glam and girly type, so putting on a dress and heels doesn't happen often. I am more down to earth with a bit of boho and rocker chic sort of gal. This outfit made me feel good and was comfortable, which is another "big no" in fashion. My fashion rules are simple, wear what you love, wear what makes you feel good, wear what your comfortable in and wear what makes you confident. 

Don't follow any ones fashion rules but your own!     
asos, ootd, floral, shirt, curves, jeans, betsey johnson, coach sunglasses, plus size, new hair color,
Outfit Details
Floral Tee: c/o Asos Curve
Jeans: Jessica Simpson via Marshalls
Sandals: Topshop Nation Cleat via Nordstrom
Sunglasses: Coach via Factory Outlet
Watch: Betsey Johnson (similar)
Earrings: H&M (only $1.00)
New Hair: c/o Nelson J Salon, plus size fashion, jeans, asos curve, casual outfit, plus size jeans,
Asos sent me this shirt as well to review and I love it. The fabric is soft and very comfortable. The floral design makes it look feminine and the cut out in the back give it a little edge. I will probably wear this shirt a lot, with jeans, shorts or even a skirt. 

Does this outfit look age appropriate? May it does for some or may it doesn't for others. Regardless of your age, make sure you love what you wear and you will look fabulous!! 

Disclaimer: I was sent this shirt and other items courtesy of Asos for review.  All opinions expressed are my own 


  1. LOVE that top! So pretty for spring!
    You're a better person than me regarding age...I was fine with admitting my age until I hit a certain number! ;) I don't know what will happen when i reach my next decade! ;)

    1. Ha ha thanks Gracie, im already cringing at the thought of my next bday and next decade. But for now im going with it and having fun!

  2. You're adorable! Super cute outfit!

  3. OK twinsie vibes because I was just thinking of caving in on the ripped jeans thing myself and getting a pair! I think for me, I'm 'reversing' as my previous life was very 'corporate' I dressed the part, super conservative, now that I'm a writer I've put myself way more out there!

    By the way, is that your door? I love that door! (I can't help but notice architectural type details...)

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    1. Thanks Tracy, that door is from a church across the streert from my building. Never noticedit till recently and thought it was beautiful.

  4. Love the cut out in the back of the shirt. That is something I'd definitely wear. I'm all about comfort.

  5. I've always felt that true luxury is being about comfort. Lately, I am trying to be much more cognizant of what clothes make me look and FEEL good. I love your view that anything that makes you look and feel good about yourself should be worn frequently regardless of age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. You look incredible! I cannot believe you are look like you are in your twenties. :) Go girl! and I love your hair like this! love! the shoes and shirt are fabulous as well. xoxo

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