Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide For Your Type of Mom

Are you ready to celebrate and honor the most important woman in your life? Yup its Mother's Day this weekend and if your a procrastinator like still haven't gotten anything for your mama.

Well don't worry or stress out you still a few days to get out and get a little something for your mom, or any other mom you may want to celebrate. Maybe you are the mom and want to treat you self to something nice, after all you deserve it!  Here is my quick little guide to some gift ideas that are little bit different, but I am sure that special mom will love.

1. Earthy/ Vegan Mom:  For the vegan, natural product loving mom, why not get her a subscription to Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  Every month Vegan Cuts will send that mom, a box full of natural/organic/vegan beauty products to try out and enjoy.  She will receive 4-7 ranging from cosmetics to hair care and skin care. 

2. Sophisticate Mom: Do you have or know a mom who is sophisticate and loves specialty boutique products.  Why not get her a special fragrance, because you know some general mall perfume will just not cut it. Give her a Dossage fragrance with unique scent inspired by natural beauty, exotic travel, and passionate romance. She will smell great and feel so special having a unique fragrance that no one around he will be wearing. 

3. Chic Stylish Mom: This is for fashion loving chic mom, who is always stylish and up to date on the trends. She will love this Susu Handbag clutch with chain, ready for a evening night out with her man or just hanging out with her girlfriends (moms need a GNO too).  This clutch is not only sleek and chic but fits all she needs for a night out. (comes in variety of colors) 

4. Glam Mom: Is your mom the glamours mom who is always dressed to impress from head to toe.  Then she needs a glamours statement necklace. Buy her a Prima Donna necklace, she will love it and look oh so glamours wearing it.  Mom will definitely get noticed with this statement necklace and you get all the praise for giving it to her.

5. Edgy Mom: Now if your mom is more on the edgy adventurous side when it come to make up, she will love this eye palette.  Urban Decay Electric eye shadow palette will wow your mom.  She will look like a rock star turning heads with these bold eye colors. If  she's edgy and not afraid to express her self with makeup, this is perfect for her. 

6. Organized Mom: This one is really for any mom, but you may have the organized timely mom who is never late for anything.  She likes to be on time and making sure she never misses a beat.  This La Mer wrap watch will keep her on time for all her appointments while also looking stylish.  Adding a touch of rose gold in metallic to her outfit will make her feel and look good.  So make sure you get her the gift on time! 

So now you have no excuse not to run out and get that special mom a great gift.  These gifts won't break the bank either and can be an unexpected surprise.  Good luck and Happy Mother's Day to all you Beautiful Mamas!!


  1. This is cool! I love Dossage - 24 is my favorite!

  2. I'm loving that necklace! Super pretty and I can think of a few outfits I can wear that with. May need to drop a hint somewhere! ;)

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