Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Style Report: Fruity Inspired Fashion

The "unofficial" start to summer has begun. Once Memorial day hits, everyone seems to be in summer mode. Summer means, its time to have fun, party, and hanging out at the beach.  With the warmer months ahead, its time to shed some layers and have more fun with your wardrobe.  A new trend has been popping up which seems to be perfect for the summer. Fruit inspired fashion with bold fruity prints and colors.  Seems like every where I turn, there is some type of fruit fashion item, from clothing to shoes and even accessories. This isn't anything new, we've seen cute little fruit prints before, you may have even worn some as a kid...I sure did.   Adding some fruity prints to your wardrobe is an easy way to have a fun and fresh look this summer. This season pineapple seems to be a favorite, along with lemons and watermelons.  You can be bold and wear an allover fruit print or just a subtle hint of fruitiness in some jewelry or small accessories. You can even dress up your smartphone in fruity goodness

Here are some fruit inspired items that won't make you look like Carmen Miranda
Why not add a little bit of your favorite fruit.  Just a little touch of fruity inspired fashion can be fun.   Which fruit is  your favorite? Will you be trying out this trend?


  1. I love all these pieces!!! They are so cute!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment! You can be so happy to call CA your home! ;) Love these outfits! I need to spice up my closet, I have only boring stuff!

    1. By the way, which widget do u use for the comments? I love it!!

    2. Catherine, its just the comments fr9m widget.

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