Monday, June 9, 2014

Style Report: Birks Are Back

Hippies wear them, old ladies wear them and now fashionistas wear them too. Yup those ugly, yet comfy sandals are back. The Birkenstocks have made a come back and now are cool and trendy.  You know when a high end designer like Givenchy and Celine makes a pair of "ugly" sandals they will be hot and trendy.  All the cool kids will be wearing them.  Nothing beats the original Birkenstocks but a few other designer and brands have designed their own version of "ugly' sandals.  I know some of you may be thinking these sandals are too ugly and you wouldn't wear them. I thought the same thing, but like the old saying goes "Never Say Never".  I need a pair of "ugly" sandals to get me through the summer. 

Here are a few styles to help you get on trend this summer.

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I am particularly loving #6 and #9, but #8 is a more sensible option from Target. 

Are you loving or hating this trend? Have you ever own a pair of 'ugly" sandals?


  1. I love my Birks! I have a pair of Gizeh in turquoise. The Wife hates them when I wear them. I'm eyeing a pair of plain old school Birks as well. I didn't think I'd like them that much, but being pregnant, these are one of a few pairs of sandals that are comfortable!

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