Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Style Report: California Love

In case you haven't figured it out by now from reading my blog...I am a California Girl!   Very proudly born and raised in the golden state! Lived all my life in Southern California.  Recently I have noticed a trend of apparel proclaiming love for California.   Seems reasonable to love your state and where your from, there is so much to love about Californian.  We really do have it all in California from the beaches, mountains and deserts.  There isn't anything you can't do or see in my state.  OK I am being a wee bit biased, but who can blame me...when the average weather is about 75 degrees most of the year.  Plus our flag has the best and cutest mascot, a brown bear!   I do love bears, so again being a little biased. Can't help my self gush when I talk about my beautiful California.  So why not show my pride and love with some fun fashions. It all started with this shirt I wore a few months ago. Also this hat I've been obsessing over since I saw it.  So be it a tee, a hat or some jewelry, there are plenty of ways to show some love for the golden state. 

Here are some items I found to proudly display that California Love!  Yes they do come in plus sizes too, just in case you were wondering. :)
California Love, golden state, california girl, southern california, billabong, wetseal plus, plus size fashion

I will forever and always be a California Girl!! 

What state are you from? 
Do you proudly show love to your state with fashion?

Monday, July 28, 2014

4 Simple Steps To Minimize Pores with Neurtogena #NoMasPoros

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with NEUTROGENA® and Latina Bloggers Connect. 
All thoughts and opinions expressed our my own.

Let's talk skincare, mainly how to deal with enlarged pores.  Sad fact of life is getting older for some of us means our pores become more visible.  Visible pores also means our skin doesn't appear as smooth and flawless. Pores get stretched out and will make your skin dull.  Don't even get me started on all the gunk that can get into your pores once they are enlarged...can we say disgusting blackheads!  Ugh!!  Seems like a loosing battle at times, but since I'm not one to give up hope and usually open to try new things.  Like Neutrogena Pore Refining Line, a simple 4 step skin care system which can help minimize the appearence of pores in just 2 weeks.  Thanks to Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect, I have been using the entire Pore Refining Line for a few days.

What does the Neutrogena Pore Refining Line consist of?

  • Pore Refining Daily Cleanser
  • Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Pore Refining Toner
  • Pore Refining Moisturizer
beauty, skincare, beauty, pore refining, no mas poros, latina blogger, visible poros,

In 4 easy steps you can be on your way to a flawless and younger looking complexion. 

Start off with cleansing your skin using the Neurtogena Pore Refining Cleanser which contains alpha and beta hydroxyl to sweep away all the dead skin on your face. 

Next step is to exfoliate with a scrub like Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser to help with rough or uneven patches. Also addressing the darker areas and blemishes. Remember to rinse face with warm water after cleansing.

Third step is to use a toner, which I don't often do. Using the Pore Refining Toner helps remove any traces of dirt and oil that may be left behind from cleansing. Also makes your skin feel fresh and tingly (which I like).  Toner is also Non-comedogenic, which is just a fancy word for won't clog your pores!

Finally step is to moisturize, can't forget to always moisturize. Apply the New Neutrogena Pore Refining Moisturizer (available in August) to help hydrate your skin making plump it and healthy. 

Quick and easy steps to follow for less visible pores and healthy skin.

My results after using the Neutrogena Pore Refining Line

neutrogena, no mas poros, skincare, beauty latina blogger, no more pores, pore refining, latina bloggers connect,
My results from Day 1 to Day 5 of using Neutrogena Pore Refining Line

Although its only been a few days since I started using the Neutorgena Pore Refining Line, I already see results...smaller pores. My skin is usually clear and I don't suffer from breakouts often, but I do have uneven skin tone and large pores.  My skin feels very clean and smooth after each use. One thing I really like about the Pore Refining Line is it doesn't dry out my skin. My skin does not feel tight or dry after using the cleansers and toner.  I haven't used a toner as part of my skin routine in years.  I really see a difference using the toner after cleansing. The toner helps remove any dirt, oils and makeup, which can be left behind even after cleansing. I also really enjoyed using the Pore Refining Moisturizer, which you only need a pearl size amount. The moisturizer doesn't feel greasy or oily when applied and absorbs quickly. I also like the price point, with each item retailing for about $7 each. Its very affordable and reasonably price, you can buy the entire line of all 4 products for about $30.  Its also available almost every where, most big box retailers like Target and Walmart will carry this as well as your local pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. 

As of publishing this post I've been using the entire Pore Refining Line for only 5 days.  Neutrogena claims you'll see results in 2 weeks, I will continue to use the line and update on instagram, so make sure to follow me there. 

Overall the Neutrogena Pore Refining Line seems to be working well and I'm looking forward to even better results with further use.  For the price and ease of use I really think its worth a try. As with any product results may vary, but from my experience with most Neutrogena products seem to work well and do not damage my skin.  Give it a try and see how it works on your skin.  I am definitely happy to see "No Mas Poros" (no more pores) in my future. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

#UntamedStyle Challenge: My Style Icon

So one day in a Facebook group for style bloggers over 35, we started chatting about the lack of older style bloggers.  There is plenty of young, pretty style bloggers of all size, but where are the older style bloggers? In their 30's, 40's, 50' they exist? Sure they do.  Does our age make us invisible?  Are we not as stylish and relevant in the blogging world as bloggers under 30? We didn't think so, and one day the #UntamedStyle challenge was created.  We don't let our size or age determine our style and wanted to share our stories with the blogging world. Society can't tame our style and we wear what we like!  Myself along with 4 other style bloggers came up with this challenge, every month we will select a theme and create a outfit based on the theme. This month we are debuting our #UntamedStyle challenge with our style icon.  Can you guess who my style icon is?

wwd, magic, betsey johnson, fashion, style icon, untamed style, plus size fashion,

Yup! Betsey Johnson...not only is she my favorite fashion designer, I also love her style.  I've had pleasure to actually meet and chat with Betsey Johnson twice in my lifetime. This was a total dream come true, who gets to meet their style icon 2 times....ME!!   So why do I love Betsey Johson - because she is awesome! OK there is more reason, even before meeting her, I knew she had a great spirit. After meeting her it was confirmed.  Betsey Johnson was so sweet, as you can see in the picture.  She gave all her fans a big hug and always had a big smile. 

andy worhol, betsey johnson, fashion, style icon,

Betsey is full of passion for what she does, design funky, feminine and whimsical fashions. No one but Betsey can pull off wearing a tutu and cartwheel down the runway at the age of 70.  Even after battling breast cancer and going bankrupt, she is still kicking butt.  Now that is the type of woman I admire and consider an icon.  Betsey Johnson is the only runway show where I see the models smile, dance and have fun.  Her brand is about empowering woman and having fun with your style. She wears funky color combos, dresses with pants, tons of accessories and always looks happy in what she wears.  No apologies from Betsey for who she is and her style.

marilyn monroe, betsey johson, style icon, fashion, desginer

My outfit is not about trying to look like Betsey Johnson, but more so about embodying her spirit.  To me Betsey's style is a mix of rocker chick meets hippie.  Her style is fun, flirty and with a little edginess thrown in.  She mixes prints, wears lots of funky accessories and ALWAYS wears her signature NYC belt. You will also always see Betsey with her red lipstick!

betsey johnson, style icon, plus size fashion, latina blogger, untamed style, cidstylefile

OK I will admit this isn't exactly the outfit I wanted to wear for this challenge.  A few of the items I couldn't find or were in the laundry basket...Oopsie!  So like my other fave person Tim Gunn would say "Make It Work...I live by this motto.  

style icon, betsey johnson, plus size fashion, wet seal plus, kimono, black skinny jeans, latina style blogger

After a few outfit changes I ended up with this number. It's actually a body con dress used a shirt. Added the floral lacy kimono with fringe and my fave black skinny jeans.  I like mixing prints, stripes and floral are my faves. The fringe on the kimono makes its fun and flirty and the stripes adds a little edge.  Wore my go to booties, that I wear with everything and threw on tons of jewelry with some Betsey Johnson accessories...of course.  In the end I really like this outfit, made me feel a little sassy.  It's comfortable which is key for me, but also shows my style and personality. As you can see from the pictures, I had tons of fun taking these pictures. Thanks to for being my photog.

plus size fashion, latina style blogger, wet seal plus, g stage, style icon, untamed style, cid style file
Outfit Details
Stripe Dress: G Stage
Floral Fringe Kimono: WetSeal Plus
Black Skinny Jeans: Levi's via Ross
Booties: c/o Naturalizer
Wristlet: XOX by Betsey Johnson
Leopard Print Sunnies: Betsey Johnson via Marshalls
Jewelry: Various random pieces
betsey johnson, wet seal plus, fringe kimono, g stage dress, black skinny jeans, cid style file, latina style blogger,

So there you have it my outfit inspired by my style icon Betsey Johnson. Now go click over to my #UntamedStyle buddies and check out their style icon post.  I promise you won't be disappointed and will love their outfits.

Michelle from Zaftig Times

Aarti from Curves Becomes Her

Margot from Margot Meanie

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed collaborating with these awesome ladies.  Stay tuned for next months #UntamedStyle challenge.

Who is your Style Icon?

Are you a blogger over 35? Would like to join and participate in this style challenge...then send me over an email and I will give you more details. Contact me at or on twitter @CidStyleFile

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beach Day with Total Sun Block Umbrella

I enjoyed a beach day with all my nieces, two of them are home from college, so we wanted to spend a fun day at the beach and soak up the California sun.  Nothing beats a day at the beach and ending it with a bonfire and S'mores!  I packed up my gear along with my new Total Sun Block umbrella sent to me by *Rio Brands.  I really don't go to the beach as often, even though I live fairly close to the Pacific Ocean. One main reason is my skin is very sensitive to the sun.  I burn easily and never ever tan, my skin will just burn and turn red.  No fun in burning with out having a tan afterwards.  Most summers I usually avoid the beach and spend minimal time in the sun.  The Total Sun Block Umbrella claims to protect you from the 99% UVA and UVB rays which are basically the bad rays from the sun.

rio beach, total sun block, umbrella, review, sponsored, beach day, cid girls, cid style file, bolsa chica, orange county
Enjoying the last minutes of sun under the Total Sun Block Umbrella

The umbrella is easy to assemble with handy handles and cork screw to anchor to the sand or any other soft surface. It also has a tilt feature to help with coverage where needed. Having an umbrella was nice to get some relief from the sun when it got too hot.  We also liked having it as point of reference on the beach, no matter how far we wandered we knew where our spot was with this umbrella.  The Total Sun Block Umbrella lived up to its claims and protected us from the sun burns to report. The umbrella also came with a storage bag and strap making it easy to carry around.  Now I am ready for more beach days or summer picnics with the Total Sun Block Umbrella.

total sun block umbrella, maxine of hollywood, swimsuit, h and m, kimono, plus size fashion, cid style file
Splashing in the waves, wearing Maxine of Hollywood swimsuit and H&M Kimono as cover up. 

I had a great day at the beach with my nieces, splashed around in the waves, took plenty of pics and ended our night around a bonfire making S'mores. It was a much needed day of relaxation and fun.  Days like these are always great when you have the right equipment to make it easy and fun.  Between the sunscreen and umbrella we had plenty of protection and were able to enjoy longer periods out in the sun.

bonfire, s'mores, hersheys, bolsa chica, beach day, latinas, cid style file
#CidGirls enjoying the warmth from the bonfire and yummy S'mores

I love making memories with these girls, and we'll always remember the summer of 2014. Hope your having a great summer too!

What kind of sun protection do you use at the beach?
Have you ever used a beach umbrella?

*Disclaimer: I received a Total Sun Block Umbrella from Rio Brands for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wear What Makes You Happy

Summer time here in California can be pretty great, we have some awesome weather. Warm sunny days with cool breezy nights, perfect weather to wear dresses and sandals.  I've had this dress for a few months and finally decided to wear it.  I bought it super cheap back in April, remember it was part of my shopping challenge. Although its black, the cotton fabric kept me cool.  Black for me is a year round color and no matter what any one says I love to wear black and will forever!  The red flowers on this dress gave it a pop of color, so it made it more "appropriate" for the season.
floral dress, skater dress, plus size fashion, american rag, macys, plus size dresses, c wonder sandals

Speaking of dressing appropriately, I received a comment on a instagram picture the other day that got me thinking.  Some one said they wanted to dress me up "grown and sexy" because I would have a better chance of catching a hubby. Initially the comment, rubbed me the wrong way, but then it made me think...I already have a man and don't need to dress "sexy" for any one.  My style is more casual and relaxed, you will rarely see me in high heels or tight "sexy" outfits. It's just not my style to dress "sexy" and feel most comfortable the way I dress. In my opinion, when you dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable you will be more confident and that is what makes you "sexy". 

santa ana, plus size style, america rag dress, rebecca minkoff, ootd, macys

Sometimes I'm a bit of rebel, so when my ideals get challenged I go against the grain. I like to dress for me and what I like, not what any one else likes, a man or even what is on trend.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it's bad to dress how your man likes, but if it goes against what you like then that's a NO go for me. Usually my BF likes what I wear and this outfit he liked. He commented, I looked good and likes when I dress this way.  It makes me happy to hear him compliment me, but even if didn't like this outfit...I would still wear it.   

outfit of the day, what i wore, wear what makes you happy, plus size dresses, curvy girl style, red clutch,

I don't think as woman we need to dress to please others, we have enough pressure from society to be perfect.  I never understood the idea of always trying to look "sexy" in the way you dress from your clothes to your shoes.  Even Halloween costumes have to be sexy now.  I find it difficult enough to be a woman, who is a minority, who is plus size and now I need to worry about being "sexy"  Nope!  That is just not who I am and who I want to be.  Absolutely nothing wrong with woman being or looking "sexy" some just naturally are...others are not.  I am more of a goofy, clumsy, geeky kinda girl, not "sexy" at all and I am totally OK with that.  My BF obviously was attracted to me for some reason and that's all that matters.  After 10+ years of being together, not once has he complained about me not being "sexy" or wanting me to dress in a different manner.  Doesn't mean I won't take any ideas from him on what I wear.  I'm not a total bitch and don't care about his opinions. Over the years, I have just learned to care more about what I like and who I want to be. 

Not all woman have to look or act like "sex kittens" to get a man and what makes you attractive is being confident in your own skin. It has taken me many years to be more confident and happy with who I am, which is way more important to me than being "sexy".  I wear what I like, and dress for my self, which makes me happy.  If it makes other around me happy, great! 

plus size style, skater dress, betsey johnson sunglasses, c wonder sandals, rebecca minkoff, curvy girl style
Outfit Details
Skater Dress: American Rag via Macy's
Sandals: C Wonder
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff via Nordstrom Rack
Sunglass: Betsey Johnson via Ross
Watch: Coach

Do you wear what makes you happy?  
Is dressing "sexy" important to you?

*Pictures takes in Downtown Santa Ana Arts District by

Monday, July 14, 2014

Less Is More: Minimalist Jewelry by Don Roberto

When it comes to jewelry I believe in less is more. Accessories such as jewelry are a great way to add your personal style to an outfit.  There are many trends in jewelry, at some point I have tried them all.  One trend or look I always come back to is the minimal look, small and simple jewelry.  Through the years I have realized minimal jewelry seems to be the kind I wear over and over again.  Never been a fan of big or huge earrings, necklaces or tons of bracelet.  Small and simple is what reflects my style the best.  I also have always been more partial to silver or white gold over yellow gold.  As a teenager I never wore gold jewelry, only taste in jewelry hasn't changed much since then. Like with fashion, my style in jewelry is classic, choosing pieces that will look great through the years. Don Roberto Jewelers has great women's selection of jewelry in silver, white gold and yellow gold. Here are a few of my favorite minimalist pieces from Don Roberto Jewelers.

Minimalist Jewelry, silver, white gold, don roberto, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, hearts, monogram jewelry, cid style file

Lately I've been really loving jewelry with hearts.  The small delicate jewelry has character and can be worn by any one for any occasion.  A puffy heart necklace looks great with dresses for spring or summer. While a personalized heart charm bracelet can be worn all year long and is a great conversation starter.   A pair of delicate small diamond cluster earrings are also great for daily use to wear to the office. Maybe my ears are sensitive, but I usually prefer smaller earrings on a regular basis because larger heavy earrings hurts my ears.  For a special occasions you can wear a fashionable silver XO design pave bracelet.  My favorite trend right now is monogram jewelry like the "love" necklace or create your own with Don Roberto's custom name plate.  I'm receiving a @CidStyleFile name plate necklace in white gold from Don Roberto, satisfying my love for minimal jewelry and embracing the monogram trend. 

If your loving any of these jewelry pieces, Don Roberto Jewelers wants to offer Cid Style File readers a special discount to receive 25% off your first purchase with code BP25FP.

What type of jewelry is your favorite? 

Are you a minimalist or do you like bigger jewelry pieces?

*Disclaimer: The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them.  I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Things You Never Knew - Until Now - About How to Apply Mascara

The Style Glossy: Beauty Counter

5 Things You Never Knew - Until Now - About How to Apply Mascara

By SHELLEY LEVITT for The Style Glossy
pantene, mascara, makeup tips, how to apply mascara, the style glossy,

If you’re like most women, mascara is one of your top two or three can’t-live-without beauty products. But even though you may think you know everything there is to know about applying mascara, you can probably still learn a trick or two. Here are five new twists on how to apply mascara from a couple of top pros.

1. The best method for applying mascara is a two-step method, says Andrea Q. Robinson, a onetime Vogue beauty editor, beauty industry exec and author. Step one: Hold the wand close to the lid horizontally and in a quick back-and-forth -- almost vibrating motion -- move the brush from the roots to the ends of the lashes. This will give you coverage. Step two: Change the wand to a vertical direction and move back and forth like a windshield wiper. This is for separation and will help prevent clumps.

2. Waterproof formulas are too tough on your lashes for everyday use, Robinson says. You’ll have to rub hard to loosen the color, and in doing so you risk breaking your lashes. Save the waterproof mascara for those times you know you’ll be tearing up -- like a weepy movie or your best friend’s wedding. And keep in mind that most regular formula mascaras will wear well throughout the day without smudging, and are easily removable with soap and water or makeup remover.

3. Do you have droopy lashes that won’t stay curled? Try curling them twice, suggests Hollywood makeup artist Brett Freedman. First curl them before you apply mascara and then give your lashes a second curl after your mascara is on (and dry).

4. If you’re going to pump up your lashes with individual false lashes, apply them after the first coat of mascara.
“That way you can see exactly where you want a little extra fullness and length,” Freedman says. “Then apply another coat of mascara to marry your real and false lashes together.”

5. Colored mascara looks gorgeous in candlelight. Purple, blue or emerald mascara “reads black,” Freedman says, until you get next to light, when your lashes show a touch of hue. It’s subtle, but it gives your lashes a little more interest. Use a coat or two of your regular black mascara, then layer just the tips of your lashes with a colored mascara. Tip: Deep blue mascara looks good on every eye color.

Shelley Levitt, managing editor of The Style Glossy, is a former West Coast editor of Self and senior writer at People.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

5 Beauty Essentials To Survive The 4th of July

Happy Independence Day to all my beautiful American friends. 

Fourth of July is one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. Between the BBQ's, picnics, beach outings and of course the fireworks your bound to get a little tanned, frizzed out or look a mess.  No worries, I have some beauty essentials to help you keep cool, look great and stay fresh! 

beauty, skincare, nail polish, miss denim collection, l'oreal, urban decay, suncare, meaningful beauty, cindy crawford,

Eyes: Try Urban Decay eye shadow. A little blue shadow in Evidence to get you in the patriotic mood, add some simmer in a pearly white Zephyr to sparkle. You can definitely wear blue eye shadow, just make sure to be subtle. You don't want to end up looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey show.

Nails: A great way to show your patriotic pride is with your manicure. L'Oreal nail color comes in a rainbow of shades, with the new Miss Denim Collection you are sure to find the perfect shade of blue. Inspired by our beloved jeans this collection is textured and only available for a limited time.  Get creative and do your own version of Red, White and Blue, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.

Skin: Fourth of July is usually spent outdoors, whether you are at the beach, the park or in the pool make sure to protect your skin.  Try New L'Oreal Quick Dry Sheer Finish Spray.  It goes on sheer and weightless, with an easy spray -on applicator and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.  If you need some extra coverage for your face, the New Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion should do the trick. Protect your delicate facial skin with a tinted BB moisturizer and you won't even need to add any foundation. 

Hair: Your going to need a cute hair style to go with that cute outfit. I usually go with a braid or bun to keep my hair out of my face and stay cool.  Use Matrix Biolage Agave Nectar Control Gel, it will help maintain shape and control fizz while nourishing your hair. 

Face: You can't forget about your gorgeous face, make sure to use a moisturizer with SPF to keep your skin protected from the elements.  Give you face a daily boost of anti-aging goodness with Meaningful Beauty Antioxidant Day Cream with SPF 20.  It will clarify, brighten and even your skin tone to give you a fresh dewy look.  

Now your ready to conquer the 4th of July and look great doing it!  These products will help you survive the fourth and the entire summer.

Have a wonderful holiday and show your American Pride with style!

*Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were sent to CSF for review purposes.  No compensation was received and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How Clothes Hoarding Can Keep You from Missing The Party

Are you a clothes hoarder? 

Some may call it being a "fashion collector" which sounds much nicer.

I have to admit to being a clothes hoarder.  I buy clothes and don't wear it, keep it in my closet because you never know when you will need it.  Well my clothes hoarding ways payed off this past weekend. My cousin had party for her big 4-0 birthday, and of course I had nothing to wear. Sometimes I feel guilty saying "I have nothing to wear" when my closet and hamper are overflowing with clothes. My normal reaction would be to go buy something to new wear, because by now all my family knows I blog about fashion. Like my BF tells me "You are a style blogger, you have to represent!" No pressure right!!  So instead of going out and buying a new outfit, I shopped my closet instead. I knew there had to be something new or an outfit I had not worn.  I dug deep into my closet and scored! Found a new dress with tags still on it, which I had bought for another party last year. These are the times I say to myself, "see good thing you had that dress in your closet, ready for any occasion." My other excuse is I never pay full price and buy things on sale or clearance and get great deals on everything.  I know sounds like I am in denial, but that's my only vice...Shopping! 

LBD, ootd, plus size dress, outfit, clothes hoardig

Having a basic little black dress (LBD) is a fashion essential

Finding this LBD dress in my closet, renewed my fashion spirit. I was able to come up with a decent outfit for the party.  As basic as this LBD is, I felt good in it and was able to add a few accessories to jazz it.  I am not the type to over do it with accessories and do prefer simple and minimal look. Since the dress has some faux leather details on the shoulders and collar, I skipped the necklace just wore simple earrings with a bracelet and ring. 

Plus size outfit, lbd, susu handbags, party outfit, fashion essential, torrid belt, jms tights,

Shop in your own closet, before you go shop at the mall

I also found a new pair of tights to complete my outfit. Sometimes being a clothes hoarder has its advantages, don't you agree?  Since the invitation stated to bring your "dancing shoes" I opted for a more sensible pair of flats instead of heels. My cousin likes to dance so I knew her party would not disappoint with 2 live bands.  Overall I was happy with my look and glad it didn't cost me any extra money.  Lesson learned, always shop your closet before I go out and buy a new outfit. I knew it was likely there was something new with tags hanging in my closet, ready for me to wear.  Now I have a little black dress to save me from any future outfit dilemmas. You can never go wrong with a LBD!

plus size dress, LBD, party outfit, one clothing, dolce vita, torrid, betsey johnson, Jami Ezra, latina blogger
Outfit Details
LBD: One Clothing via Ross
Shoes: Dolce Vita Ankle Strap Flats via The Rack
Tights: c/o Just My Size
Belt: Torrid
Clutch: c/o Susu Handbags
Watch: Betsey Johnson via Ross
Earrings: c/o Jami
Ring: H&M

I'm not alone right? Is there other clothes hoarders out there. So let me hear it...Are you a hoarder? 
What's does your "collection" consist of?

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