Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beach Day with Total Sun Block Umbrella

I enjoyed a beach day with all my nieces, two of them are home from college, so we wanted to spend a fun day at the beach and soak up the California sun.  Nothing beats a day at the beach and ending it with a bonfire and S'mores!  I packed up my gear along with my new Total Sun Block umbrella sent to me by *Rio Brands.  I really don't go to the beach as often, even though I live fairly close to the Pacific Ocean. One main reason is my skin is very sensitive to the sun.  I burn easily and never ever tan, my skin will just burn and turn red.  No fun in burning with out having a tan afterwards.  Most summers I usually avoid the beach and spend minimal time in the sun.  The Total Sun Block Umbrella claims to protect you from the 99% UVA and UVB rays which are basically the bad rays from the sun.

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Enjoying the last minutes of sun under the Total Sun Block Umbrella

The umbrella is easy to assemble with handy handles and cork screw to anchor to the sand or any other soft surface. It also has a tilt feature to help with coverage where needed. Having an umbrella was nice to get some relief from the sun when it got too hot.  We also liked having it as point of reference on the beach, no matter how far we wandered we knew where our spot was with this umbrella.  The Total Sun Block Umbrella lived up to its claims and protected us from the sun...no sun burns to report. The umbrella also came with a storage bag and strap making it easy to carry around.  Now I am ready for more beach days or summer picnics with the Total Sun Block Umbrella.

total sun block umbrella, maxine of hollywood, swimsuit, h and m, kimono, plus size fashion, cid style file
Splashing in the waves, wearing Maxine of Hollywood swimsuit and H&M Kimono as cover up. 

I had a great day at the beach with my nieces, splashed around in the waves, took plenty of pics and ended our night around a bonfire making S'mores. It was a much needed day of relaxation and fun.  Days like these are always great when you have the right equipment to make it easy and fun.  Between the sunscreen and umbrella we had plenty of protection and were able to enjoy longer periods out in the sun.

bonfire, s'mores, hersheys, bolsa chica, beach day, latinas, cid style file
#CidGirls enjoying the warmth from the bonfire and yummy S'mores

I love making memories with these girls, and we'll always remember the summer of 2014. Hope your having a great summer too!

What kind of sun protection do you use at the beach?
Have you ever used a beach umbrella?

*Disclaimer: I received a Total Sun Block Umbrella from Rio Brands for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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  2. I live fairly close to the Pacific Ocean. One main reason is my skin is very sensitive to the sun. umbrella


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