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#UntamedStyle Challenge: My Style Icon

So one day in a Facebook group for style bloggers over 35, we started chatting about the lack of older style bloggers.  There is plenty of young, pretty style bloggers of all size, but where are the older style bloggers? In their 30's, 40's, 50' they exist? Sure they do.  Does our age make us invisible?  Are we not as stylish and relevant in the blogging world as bloggers under 30? We didn't think so, and one day the #UntamedStyle challenge was created.  We don't let our size or age determine our style and wanted to share our stories with the blogging world. Society can't tame our style and we wear what we like!  Myself along with 4 other style bloggers came up with this challenge, every month we will select a theme and create a outfit based on the theme. This month we are debuting our #UntamedStyle challenge with our style icon.  Can you guess who my style icon is?

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Yup! Betsey Johnson...not only is she my favorite fashion designer, I also love her style.  I've had pleasure to actually meet and chat with Betsey Johnson twice in my lifetime. This was a total dream come true, who gets to meet their style icon 2 times....ME!!   So why do I love Betsey Johson - because she is awesome! OK there is more reason, even before meeting her, I knew she had a great spirit. After meeting her it was confirmed.  Betsey Johnson was so sweet, as you can see in the picture.  She gave all her fans a big hug and always had a big smile. 

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Betsey is full of passion for what she does, design funky, feminine and whimsical fashions. No one but Betsey can pull off wearing a tutu and cartwheel down the runway at the age of 70.  Even after battling breast cancer and going bankrupt, she is still kicking butt.  Now that is the type of woman I admire and consider an icon.  Betsey Johnson is the only runway show where I see the models smile, dance and have fun.  Her brand is about empowering woman and having fun with your style. She wears funky color combos, dresses with pants, tons of accessories and always looks happy in what she wears.  No apologies from Betsey for who she is and her style.

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My outfit is not about trying to look like Betsey Johnson, but more so about embodying her spirit.  To me Betsey's style is a mix of rocker chick meets hippie.  Her style is fun, flirty and with a little edginess thrown in.  She mixes prints, wears lots of funky accessories and ALWAYS wears her signature NYC belt. You will also always see Betsey with her red lipstick!

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OK I will admit this isn't exactly the outfit I wanted to wear for this challenge.  A few of the items I couldn't find or were in the laundry basket...Oopsie!  So like my other fave person Tim Gunn would say "Make It Work...I live by this motto.  

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After a few outfit changes I ended up with this number. It's actually a body con dress used a shirt. Added the floral lacy kimono with fringe and my fave black skinny jeans.  I like mixing prints, stripes and floral are my faves. The fringe on the kimono makes its fun and flirty and the stripes adds a little edge.  Wore my go to booties, that I wear with everything and threw on tons of jewelry with some Betsey Johnson accessories...of course.  In the end I really like this outfit, made me feel a little sassy.  It's comfortable which is key for me, but also shows my style and personality. As you can see from the pictures, I had tons of fun taking these pictures. Thanks to for being my photog.

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Outfit Details
Stripe Dress: G Stage
Floral Fringe Kimono: WetSeal Plus
Black Skinny Jeans: Levi's via Ross
Booties: c/o Naturalizer
Wristlet: XOX by Betsey Johnson
Leopard Print Sunnies: Betsey Johnson via Marshalls
Jewelry: Various random pieces
betsey johnson, wet seal plus, fringe kimono, g stage dress, black skinny jeans, cid style file, latina style blogger,

So there you have it my outfit inspired by my style icon Betsey Johnson. Now go click over to my #UntamedStyle buddies and check out their style icon post.  I promise you won't be disappointed and will love their outfits.

Michelle from Zaftig Times

Aarti from Curves Becomes Her

Margot from Margot Meanie

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed collaborating with these awesome ladies.  Stay tuned for next months #UntamedStyle challenge.

Who is your Style Icon?

Are you a blogger over 35? Would like to join and participate in this style challenge...then send me over an email and I will give you more details. Contact me at or on twitter @CidStyleFile


  1. ♥ this!! So glad to have found you and your blog! Great outfit, Great Atitude, Great Lawd I've found Hermanas!!!! Gonna check out the other ladies now. Your newest follower- Bohemian Babushka sends BB2U.

  2. I love different pieces/styles from each of the designers. I like Tory Burch, DVF, Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, I like some of Betsey J as well. I like a little of everything interwoven to my personal style and esthetique. Glad you had fun meeting her in person!

  3. babe central! Love that Betsey is your style icon. I love her too! :) You did an amazing job at this style challenge. :) Your outfit is rockin'! Love everything about it. Great job. xoxo


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