Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wear What Makes You Happy

Summer time here in California can be pretty great, we have some awesome weather. Warm sunny days with cool breezy nights, perfect weather to wear dresses and sandals.  I've had this dress for a few months and finally decided to wear it.  I bought it super cheap back in April, remember it was part of my shopping challenge. Although its black, the cotton fabric kept me cool.  Black for me is a year round color and no matter what any one says I love to wear black and will forever!  The red flowers on this dress gave it a pop of color, so it made it more "appropriate" for the season.
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Speaking of dressing appropriately, I received a comment on a instagram picture the other day that got me thinking.  Some one said they wanted to dress me up "grown and sexy" because I would have a better chance of catching a hubby. Initially the comment, rubbed me the wrong way, but then it made me think...I already have a man and don't need to dress "sexy" for any one.  My style is more casual and relaxed, you will rarely see me in high heels or tight "sexy" outfits. It's just not my style to dress "sexy" and feel most comfortable the way I dress. In my opinion, when you dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable you will be more confident and that is what makes you "sexy". 

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Sometimes I'm a bit of rebel, so when my ideals get challenged I go against the grain. I like to dress for me and what I like, not what any one else likes, a man or even what is on trend.  Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it's bad to dress how your man likes, but if it goes against what you like then that's a NO go for me. Usually my BF likes what I wear and this outfit he liked. He commented, I looked good and likes when I dress this way.  It makes me happy to hear him compliment me, but even if didn't like this outfit...I would still wear it.   

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I don't think as woman we need to dress to please others, we have enough pressure from society to be perfect.  I never understood the idea of always trying to look "sexy" in the way you dress from your clothes to your shoes.  Even Halloween costumes have to be sexy now.  I find it difficult enough to be a woman, who is a minority, who is plus size and now I need to worry about being "sexy"  Nope!  That is just not who I am and who I want to be.  Absolutely nothing wrong with woman being or looking "sexy" some just naturally are...others are not.  I am more of a goofy, clumsy, geeky kinda girl, not "sexy" at all and I am totally OK with that.  My BF obviously was attracted to me for some reason and that's all that matters.  After 10+ years of being together, not once has he complained about me not being "sexy" or wanting me to dress in a different manner.  Doesn't mean I won't take any ideas from him on what I wear.  I'm not a total bitch and don't care about his opinions. Over the years, I have just learned to care more about what I like and who I want to be. 

Not all woman have to look or act like "sex kittens" to get a man and what makes you attractive is being confident in your own skin. It has taken me many years to be more confident and happy with who I am, which is way more important to me than being "sexy".  I wear what I like, and dress for my self, which makes me happy.  If it makes other around me happy, great! 

plus size style, skater dress, betsey johnson sunglasses, c wonder sandals, rebecca minkoff, curvy girl style
Outfit Details
Skater Dress: American Rag via Macy's
Sandals: C Wonder
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff via Nordstrom Rack
Sunglass: Betsey Johnson via Ross
Watch: Coach

Do you wear what makes you happy?  
Is dressing "sexy" important to you?

*Pictures takes in Downtown Santa Ana Arts District by


  1. CONFIDENCE is Sexy and you wear it well. I so agree. . .wear what fits your personality and wear what you Love to see in your mirror! Kudos. . . .

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  3. work it! I love your style. and well said. Wear what you love...but yes, you look HOT! ;) xoxo


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