Sunday, August 31, 2014

#UntamedStyle Challenge: Fall Trends

Time for another #UntamedStyle Challenge, this time around its Fall trends. Yup, summer is practically over and time to get into Fall state of mind. 

Well this outfit challenge was a bit challenging for me, since in California we really don't get Fall weather till about October. Its still 90 degrees and I am not even thinking about Fall!! Our Fall's are mild and not as cool as other parts of the country so my fall look is probably not what most would expect.  Fall to me also means going back to school, although its been many years since I was in school.  I loved doing back to school shopping when I was younger, even in college.  Some thing about starting a new school year with new clothes and often times a new style was so exciting to me.  Even now, working in education I still do my back to school shopping and get a couple new outfits.  Fall fashion seems more exciting to me, you can wear boots, coats, sweaters and accessorize with hats, scarves and gloves.  Layering your clothes and adding more elements than you would in spring and summer.  I also feel Fall fashion looks more chic than in any other season.  So what are the trends for Fall 2014; on the runway we saw lots of chunky knits, sixties mod, plaid, velvet, fur and tailoring.  All these trends are not necessary new to fashion, but each year designers find new and creative ways to interpret these styles. That is what #UntamedStyle challenge is all about, taking these trends and making then our own and interpreting them with our own style. My Fall Trend choice is actually a combination of trends, plaid and bit of sixties mod influence and some 90's grunge thrown in for fun.  Well I am not one to jump on the band wagon of any trend.  If I like a trend I'll wear it, and incorporate it into my wardrobe some how.  I am not about wearing anything just because its all the rage in fashion, hello did you see me wear a crop top ever!  Nope and you never will! 

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So here is my Fall Trend look, its nothing too exciting and probably something you have seen before.  I have always loved plaid and am totally embracing all the plaid styles currently available.  Plaid is such a classic print and will be around forever, I am sure one day my kids will be wearing it too.  A plaid shirt is very versatile, every one should have a good plaid shirt in their closet.  I currently have 2 plaid shirts and probably adding more. OK maybe just one more, promise not to go over board with this trend. 

Added an A-Line dress, which has a 60's silhouette and my black mod inspired boots.  Actually now that I look a this outfit, feels like a school girl outfit.  Which I love this look as well, guess my style is young at heart! Some black tights and few fun accessories finish off my outfit.  Maybe this look isn't exactly what is on trend for Fall, but its definitely what I will be wearing this fall.  I especially love my fancy silver sheer socks.  So this fall find a trend that you like and make it work for you and your style.  If not, just keep rocking your own style and say F-U to the trends!  After all "Our hearts will not be tamed and our style shall not be shamed" is the motto the ladies of #untamedstyle live by.  We are making our own fashion rules, and not apologizing for it!  

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Outfit Details
Roll Cuff Plaid Shirt: WetSeal+ 
Black A-line Dress: Rachel Pally (old)
Black Tights: Unknown
Fancy Silver Socks: Kate Spade
Mod Boots: H &M
Belt: Lacoste (old)
Star Necklace: c/o Capwell
New Fave Lipstick: c/o Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick (shade 69)

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Hope you are enjoying these #UntamedStyle challenge post. Go read all the other blogs and show them some love too!  Are you a fashion blogger who is 35+ and want to join the #untamedstyle monthly challenge? Email me or tweet me for details! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My First Facial at Hylunia Wellness Spa in Costa Mesa

Do ever wish you could be transported to another place just for one day and escape your busy and/or hectic life!  I sure do and that's exactly how my visit to Hylunia Wellness Spa felt, a getaway to an exotic location.  I was invited to experience a spa treatment at the newly opened Hylunia Wellness Spa in Costa Mesa, CA by Mary from The Recessionista.  I have to admit this was my first real spa treatment ever.  I've had mini treatments done or visited spas for events, but never had the full spa treatment done.  

Let start off by saying the location of this spa feels like you are in a resort, with the building surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful fountain.  Also being very close to Newport Beach you can feel and smell the ocean breeze.  The setting is relaxing as soon as you arrive to the spa.  When you walk into the spa you get the feeling of a exotic tropical location.  The theme and decor is inspired by Bali, which much of the furniture  is imported straight from Bali.  The main hall way is dark, but lit up by a starry and twinkling light display on the ceiling. 

costa mesa, orange county, hylunia, wellness spa, holistic, bali, facial, massage, spa treatment
A few pics from inside the Hylunia Wellness Spa, I was too relaxed and excited and didn't get better pics.

The spa has a very nice locker room, with lockers and keys to put away your purse and other personal belongings.  Inside the locker you will find a white fluffy robe with slippers for each guest. Only negative thing about the robes is, it didn't fit me. I did let the management know it would be nice to have different size robes for larger bodies.  They agreed it was needed and informed me its something they are working on improving.  So lets get to the good stuff the actual spa treatment.

We had the choice of a massage or facial, I opted for the facial. My skin was in need of some TLC.  It was my first real facial, so I was excited but also a bit nervous.  I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from this experience. It started off with a 15 minute relaxation and meditation with visuals.  You lay in a room with a giant screen displaying images to help you relax, then you're given a pair of glasses with ear buds to see and listen to a guided meditation.  Once you're done with the meditation a spa therapist will come get you and take you to the treatment room.   The facial I received started off with a foot cleansing and slight rub down.  The spa therapist also used some elements of Ayurveda during the facial. The facial consisted of cleansing, exfoliation and a mask.  All the products used are natural or derived from organic and natural sources, non-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients and pure USP ingredients.  I also received a massage during the facial of every limb, arms, hands, feet and shoulder/neck.  It was heavenly and so relaxing...almost didn't want it to end.  My first spa and facial experience was excellent and Hylunia Wellness Spa is great place to experience a spa treatment.  They also carry their own line of skin care treatments you can purchase, along with offering other services such as yoga, cooking classes and happiness coaching!  Go to the website for more details on Hylunia Wellness Spa and book your own spa treatment.

Hylunia Wellness Spa also offers a membership for only $50 (one time fee) with lots of great benefits.

Join on your first visit to the Spa and your membership is only $50 (a one-time payment with no monthly fees or annual dues). 
As a Spa member, you enjoy:
  • 10% off all spa services and retail products
  • 50% off yoga classes
  • 50% off any one service on your birthday (excludes spa packages)
  • Advance notification of all scheduled workshops, activities and promotions
  • Complimentary Wellness Seminars and Cooking Classes
  • and much more!

Until September 30, 2014 Hylunia Spa wants to offer Cid Style File  Readers a 20% discount on membership. On your first visit use code: BLOGGER2014, in return you may schedule any one service you choose for free! (Maximum 75 minutes, up to a $130 value).  Now that's a great deal, if  you're in Southern California take advantage of this special and tell them Cid Style File sent you! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shine Bright Like A Sunflower

Sunflowers have always been my favorite flower.  Although not the prettiest of flowers, there is something magical about them. I can't help but smile when I see them, their big bright yellow petals and dark seeded centers are so beautiful to me.  Maybe its the earth sign in me, I have always been attracted to nature, and feel a sense of peace when I am outdoors.   Sunflowers make me happy and just the sight of them will lift my mood. This top from Asos Curve had my name all over it!  I received the Sunflower Polka Dot top courtesy of Asos.  Initially I loved the print, but had second thoughts once I ordered it online. Once my package came in, I was in love with the sunflowers once again.  Sunflowers and polka dots...some of my favorite prints all in one.  Yay!

ootd, sunflowers, polka dot, asos, curve, plus size fashion, boyfriend jeans, old lady chic

So at first I did have "old lady" blouse in mind when trying on the top.  But that thought soon went out the window, the more I admired my sunflower top.  Wearing it made me happy and smile, so that's all it took for me to love this top.  I had blogged about wearing what you love before, and the older I get the more this rings true.  I really don't care any more what others may think of say about how I dress.  My happiness and well being is all that if wearing an "old lady" blouse with sunflowers and polka dots makes me happy....I am gonna rock the heck out of this blouse!  

brea mall, asos, curve, plus size blogger, ps fashion, topshop, lane bryant, boyfriend jeans, ootd

Actually I received many compliments on this blouse while out and about shopping doing my errands. Guess I'm not the only one who loves sunflowers and polka dots combined.  I kept it simple with my fave boyfriend jeans and platform sandals. Played around with a top bun and off I went. This outfit gave me a 90's vibe, I don't know if its more grungy or hippy-ish. Sometimes the simplest of outfits turn out the best and make me feel the most confident. 

asos curve, sunflower, polka dots, coach, sunglasses, topshop, platform sandals, top bun hairstyle,
Outfit Details
Sunflower Polka Dot Top: c/o Asos Curve
Boyfriend Jeans: Lane Bryant (old)
Platform Sandals: Topshop via Nordstroms
Sunglasses: Coach
Horn Necklace: c/o Julie Vos
Gold Ezra Earrings: c/o Jami

What do you think of this Sunflower top?
Is it "old lady" chic or fabulously floral & fun?

Monday, August 4, 2014

City Chic Australian Retailer Comes to the US!

Seems just like yesterday I was a plus size teenager who loved fashion, but had no where to shop.  It was very sad trying to shop for any type of clothes, we had no shops for young trendy, modern and stylish girls. There we maybe 2 stores that catered to plus size, but it wasn't the type of fashion I wanted and yearned for.  I use to either shop in the men's department or have my mom make me some clothes.  Thinking back my options for clothing were quite pitiful and sad. And to think I was much smaller in size than I am now and it was still difficult to find clothing I loved. Well now about 20 yrs later, the shopping options for plus size fashion have tremendously improved.  Some may argue there is still much more improvement needed in plus size fashion, but compared to what I had in my teens it's pretty darn good.

city chic, westfiled, culver city mall, plus size fashion, Australian plus size store

Last week I witnessed one of those fabulous plus size fashion moments. The Australian fashion retailer City Chic opened its first ever US store. I had known about City Chic for a few years and was thrilled when they launched a US online store. Now we call all shop in their fab stores. OK well not everyone just yet, but City Chic is opening 6 new stores in Southern California. Last year City Chic became available in select Nordstrom stores and online. Slowing they will expand to more retail stores and made available in more Nordstrom as well. Another options for fashion in sizes 14+!! YAY!! There is no better feeling than shopping in a boutique, being able to touch all the pretty clothes and trying them on. As much as I enjoy online shopping, nothing beats the feeling of shopping in store.

The new City Chic store are essentially boutiques, carrying contemporary fashion and intimates in sizes 12-24. From the second you walk into City Chic you know this is not an ordinary plus size store. The decor is very well chic and modern, with beautifully displayed clothing and even a section just dedicated to jeans. The dressing rooms feel like your in some awesome huge closet, just playing dress up trying on clothes. The whole feel and vibe of the store is unlike any I've experienced in any type of store. I am really excited for this new store and the experience it will offer for woman who love fashion who happen to be plus size. That is where City Chic sets its self apart, they are a fashion boutique who sells clothing sizes 14+ not a plus size store. It's all about fashion and style not about the size.

plus size fashion, city chic, cid style file

city chic, plus size fashion, trendy plus size, Australian retailer

city chic, plus size cocktail dresses, cid style file, westfield culver city

city chic, plus size fashion, floral dress, Australian plus size retailer

city chic, polka dot dresses, plus size fashion, curvy girl style, cid style file

If you live in Southern California you need to check out City Chic for you self.  The first store opened on August 1, 2014 at the Westfield Culver City Mall, all customer can get 25% the entire store to celebrate. Next store to open is at my local mall in Brea, CA.  Go to the City Chic website for details of all the store openings.  

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